What’s In Your Kingdom Wallet?

Our declaration of faith in Jesus Christ our Savior is what has given us access into the Kingdom of God as His adopted children. As citizens of His Kingdom, we need to know how to operate successfully here since we are no longer of this world. Like any responsible citizen, we should have a wallet. Huh?

Our number 1 motivation to get full of faith for God’s Word is to please Him as we have already addressed. BUT, there is another huge motivation for us: the currency of God’s Kingdom is faith. Without faith in His Word and promises, we won’t be able to bear fruit or stand in victory over the forces of darkness or fully enjoy the abundant life that Yeshua came to give us.

When we expressed our faith in Christ, His blood cleansed us of all unrighteousness, and we became “just” or right in God’s eyes. So how are we to live in God’s Kingdom? The just shall live by faith as we are told in Hab 2:4, and again in Rm 1:17  and again in Gal 3:11. We are to live day-to-day by faith.

Wow, this is so important. Let this sink in. Next time you pull out your wallet or purse, think about your faith level. Faith is how we are to accomplish everything we do in God’s Kingdom. So, what’s in your wallet?


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