What Is The Word of God To Families Under Daily Attacks?

What Is The Word of God

What is the Word of God to a family or a person who is constantly being bombarded with attacks against their health, their finances, and their emotional well-being? It is the weapon that will bring them victory over all these schemes. What Is The Word of God

A huge area that most people miss when it comes to God’s Word is that the Word of God is living. There is a mighty spiritual life force in God’s Word because He spoke it forth.

You might say the Bible is no different than any other history book written by a collection of authors. You are wrong evolution-breath. The Bible is the Word of God.

There are many prophecies that were written in the Old Testament and became reality in New Testament times. There is also much historical evidence that confirms the Biblical accounts to be true.

What Is The Word of God?

What is the Word of God? It is the living force or blessing force from God that produces victory over all kinds of destructive influences.

The full release of that life force was given to us by our Heavenly Father in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Word of God is more powerful than destructive agent we can ever face.  Cancer and poverty must bow to God’s Word.

Your neighbor’s barking dog and pornography on the internet must give in to the Word of God.

Marital conflict and worry must bow to God’s Word. Confusion and rage must submit to the Word of God.

What is the Word of God when Christians fall to these attacks? Is it powerless? Is it no longer useful for today?

If God’s Word is more powerful than any of these common ailments and stresses that people face, why do most people fall in the face of these attacks?

What Is The Word of God – A Failure?

All these people have failed to get themselves established on the truth and living grace found in God’s Word. The problem has never been with God’s Word.

When we fail to see His Word releasing victory in our circumstances, the issue must be with us or the spiritual atmosphere around us.

Just like a soldier can’t be expected to win on the battlefield without much training and preparation, you can’t expect to gain victory over cancer or a hemorrhoid if you haven’t been exercising and training in God’s promises of health and healing.

We must stop seeing God’s Word as only words that express or explain a concept. His Word is alive!

What is the Word of God? His Word is a seed that can be planted. When it is planted in good soil, it will spring to life and beat up the bad boys we have already mentioned.

We have to decide whether we are going to be good soil or rocky ground. Our past hurts or negative experiences can result in our hearts becoming cold and hard.

God’s Word can change that hard heart to good soil if you hide it in your heart and mind continually.

Get a Word partner to help you in this adventure.

Michael and Charleen

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