What Is The Kingdom of God Connection To Your Finances?

What Is The Kingdom of God

The answer that I will give to what is the kingdom of God connection to your finances can explode your bank account out of the water. You don’t have to
be an accountant or a savvy Wall Street investor for this to happen. What Is The Kingdom of God

All it takes is some Godly faith and willingness to back that faith up with some action.

This connection starts with someone who is willing to seek first the kingdom of God and His way of doing things. That means following His blueprint.

We all have a choice of how to handle our finances. Either do things the way we see the world doing it or the way God says to do it.

These are tough economic times for many people. They are a bit like the times that Isaac, Abraham’s son, was faced with when there was a famine across the land.

When finances are tight, the world tells you to hold onto the little you have with all your strength. God’s way to financial blessing is through sowing and reaping.

Isaac was operating under the blessing of his father Abraham when he obediently sowed where the Lord told him to.

What he sowed was multiplied by one hundred. Not a measly 1.5% like many banks give you for a CD. This all happened in the midst of a famine.

So what does does Mr. Isaac have to do with my financial situation right now? Everything.

What Is The Kingdom of God Connection To Finances?

What is the kingdom of God connection to your finances? The truth of sowing and reaping is that supernatural connection.

What is the world’s way, the way that the vast majority of families are handling their finances? They work for a salary and spend it all every week to cover
their living expenses.

How can I sow when I don’t make enough to cover my expenses? You start by seeking your financial stability first in the kingdom of God through tithing. You
honor God with your finances and He will honor you.

Barna research shows that there has been an obvious decrease in church giving. That should not be so. A Christian’s ability to give and support ministry work should always be increasing!

What is the kingdom of God connection to your money? Your salary is your seed bank to sow from.

As you tithe and sow from your salary, God says you can expect increase. God doesn’t want His children poor.

He wants us to live abundantly in every area of our lives, including our finances. From our harvest, we are able to bless others and sow more into His kingdom work.

What is the kingdom of God connection to your finances? Give and expect to receive from the Lord’s limitless storehouse. That’s giving by faith and we are
called to do all things by faith and love.

How else can God’s people be in a position to lend only, and not have to borrow? (Deut.28:12) Working two jobs and not having anytime for your family or the church is definitely not the answer.

Michael and Charleen

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