What Does Passover Mean For Christians?

What Does Passover Mean If You’re A Christian?

Passover began almost 3500 years ago for the Jewish people to commemorate God delivering them from the slavery of Egypt. It is an awesome story but what does Passover mean for Christians?

You are about to discover the amazing spiritual blessings that will be released into your life when your family begins to celebrate the Passover feast. We even have a simple and delicious guide to help you do it. 

Passover is the first of the Biblical feasts mentioned in the Old Testament. God instructed Israel to celebrate this feast to help them remember how powerful He was and that He had awesome plans for their lives once they were free from Egypt.

That’s fine for Jewish people but what does Passover have to do with Christians receiving blessings from God? Bear with us please and we will answer the question of whether there is any significance of a Christian Passover.

Passover Meal

The central element of this feast is the Passover or seder meal. We will not attempt to cover how to celebrate Passover here. There are three items, however, that I will mention that deserve special attention.

These three items of the Passover meal are the roasted lamb, the matzo (unleavened bread), and the grape juice or wine.

The Lamb

An unblemished lamb was to be kept by the family for four days and then killed and roasted. Its blood was placed on the doorposts of the house so that the
angel of death would “pass over” the house.

As you know, Jesus was referred to as our Passover and the lamb many times in the New Testament.

Our Heavenly Father’s plan from the start was for the male lamb, with no blemish, to represent the Jesus in the Passover, who would come to our rescue about 1500 years later .

There are many unmistakeable connections between Passover holiday and the person of Jesus. It is about Jesus the Lamb of God, shedding His blood, so the penalty of our sin could pass over us. This truth is amazing!

The Matzo

The matzo is the unleavened bread that must be used in this feast. It is broken into 3 pieces which represents the tri-une God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The middle piece is wrapped up in a napkin or cloth and then hidden for the children to find. Does this sound familiar?

The Juice/Wine

The Passover celebration also has 3 instances in which juice or wine is consumed. Together with the matzo, they form the central items used during the Last Supper which Jesus celebrated with His disciples.

These two items became the centerpieces of every Christian’s covenant with Christ which is referred to as communion in many Christian circles.

Passover History

Celebrating the Passover holiday opens the doors of God’s grace in some awesome ways. Here come some amazing things that you probably are not aware of.

The early Christian church celebrated Passover throughout the Roman empire until the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. Yes, the early Christians observed the Passover celebration for almost 300 years. It was here that the Emperor Constantine prohibited the observance of Passover by Christians.

A study of early church history reveals that the occurrence of miracles and wonders ceased close to this time. This time basically lines up with the start of the Dark Ages. Is this a coincidence? I think not, since these kinds of miraculous signs and wonders are becoming more commonplace in the modern Church as Christians are beginning to recognize the significance of Passover.

St. Patrick?

Let’s quickly move to Ireland and Britain where the Christian Celtic Church was established shortly afterwards. More church history records document powerful men of the Lord such as Patrick and Columba.

The Lord continued to use these men for numerous miracles such as healings and people being raised from the dead. How could this happen? The Celtic Church was able to stay isolated from the restrictions of the Roman Church for quite a while.

But guess what happened in 664AD? The Council of Whitby convened and outlawed the observance of Passover. The Church died in Britain shortly afterwards. Is this just another coincidence?

Our Personal Experience

Finally, let’s move to the year 1994AD. That is when our family started celebrating Passover. We were invited to an event conducted by a group called the Jews for Jesus. I’ll never forget how moved excited I was afterwards. We have observed Passover ever since.

Eighteen years later, we are a family of 12. Our children never get sick and we never have doctor’s bills. All our physical needs have been met and more. We are regularly able to help others and generously support Godly ministries.

We are far from perfect but we are experiencing God’s awesome blessings in so many ways as we enjoy the fun of this Passover holiday and follow God’s calendar and His cycles of blessing.

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