What Are Natural Cosmetics In a Chemical Laden Cosmetic Industry?

What Are Natural Cosmetics?

What are natural cosmetics when the cosmetics industry uses 175 known toxic chemicals in its products? It is a breath of fresh air and having chemical free skin. What Are Natural Cosmetics

The chemicals used in today’s cosmetics  are regulated by the “highly regarded” Cosmetic Ingredient Review Committee. Highly regarded in this case means it holds profits in high regard.

This committee is funded by the cosmetics industry which does 50 billion dollars a year. Studies have indicated that 89% of the chemicals used in cosmetics have not been tested for safety concerns.

What are natural cosmetics? It appears they are a preventative to some serious health concerns for women.

European studies have shown a pretty scary connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease  and breast cancer.

What are two chemical culprits in deodorants? Aluminum and propylene glycol or in other words, ant-freeze.

Here is the real scary statistic. Anti-perspirant and deodorant sales increased by 14000% during the span from 1945 to the year 2000. During this same period, breast cancer rates TRIPLED.

Why in the world would you want to cover yourself with toxic chemicals every day? Start using natural cosmetics and put these fools out of business.

What Are Natural Cosmetics
To Brad Pitt?

What are natural cosmetics against the huge cosmetics industry? We have a very very short Chanel video featuring Brad Pitt here. We think he may have been smelling perfume for too long.

Over 3000 chemicals have been identified in today’s perfumes and over 900 of those are known to be toxic. Women need to stop falling for these ridiculous ads.

What Are Natural Cosmetics?

What are natural cosmetics in this chemical world we live in? More companies are starting to use herbal ingredients. One awesome and exciting example of this is  Dead Sea cosmetics.

These cosmetics contain natural Dead Sea minerals that are so abundantly found in the Dead Sea sediments and water. These natural minerals are food for your skin and have become widely known as one the premier beauty treatments available.

We have put together three amazing Dead Sea cosmetic packages for your skin to enjoy.

Charleen and Michael

P.S. WHAT ARE NATURAL COSMETICS? They are the natural answer to your skin’s needs. Try one of our three packages at the link above.

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