We Share Abundance Review For Best Crypto Community

We believe that most people have lost sight of the true purpose of cryptocurrency – which is to establish a growing community for economic security. It is our privilege to introduce you a thorough We Share Abundance review for the best cryptocurrency community.

We Share Abundance (WESA) has created a very unique community where you get pad in tokens for just participating.” This amazing online community platform utilizes the WESA token.

Just to give you a beginning strong point on this, the guaranteed minimum value (GMV) was at 12 USD in May of 2020 and it was at 249 USD by the end of December 2020. That is some incredible progress, don’t you think? But let’s move on because there is more to consider than these skyrocketing token values.

ALERT: If you do not have a total of 100 USD ONLY 1 TIME to participate in the members pools described below, this community is not for you. CLICK HERE to watch this very short video first:

To get started with you own account, click the link below:


What Does The Best CryptoCurrency Community Provide?

Pay close attention to the We Share Abundance review highlights below:

1)      We already mentioned an increasing token value, but what about a guaranteed minimum value? Part of the community’s Charter includes maintaining a minimum value on the platform.

2)      Weshareabundance.com is user friendly with plenty of video instructions on how to set up an account, how to get started with your waves exchange wallet, and how to participate in the 6 pool levels to generate additional tokens.

3)      The Waves Exchange which is decentralized (where there is no central authority and facilitates secure peer to peer trading) and this is where you will make your trades between tokens, whether that is WESA or BTC or several other crypto options.

4)      The WESA administration take an active and assertive approach in directing members to avoid the snares of greed and adhere to the charter guidelines for the overall health of this growing community.

5)      This like-minded community is looking for members who want more than just material abundance, but also place a high value on sharing and service to others and a sense of spiritual gratification through philanthropic endeavors.

6)      WESA has partnered with the decentralized Waves Exchange for trading purposes and you can easily register for your free account with them.

7)      At this point in time, there are a maximum of 6 pools that you can participate in for the monetary benefits and receive a 50% return every month by SIMPLY LOGGING IN DAILY and following your progress. The growing value of the WESA tokens occurs as new members arrive and purchase tokens to join the different pools.

8)      The administrator of the best cryptocurrency community, Graham Frame from the UK,  is live most days on the group Facebook page to provide updates and plans for the future of our community.

9)      To purchase your pool positions, you can use switchere.com (optional) to buy BTC using your credit card which you direct to your waves exchange wallet. You can then purchase your WESA token(s) to then cover the cost of your 6 pool positions.

We Share Abundance Review Extras

There are Monthly Bonus Rewards that all active members are eligible for. To be active for the month, you have to be participating in one of the available pools. Each of the 6 pools have a name randomly drawn to produce the recipients of the monetary rewards which range from several hundred USD to several thousand USD.

Members are also eligible to receive Referral Commissions when they share this community and someone joins the pools. The commission is 10% of the value of each pool that they join.

This cryptocurrency community has its token trading on the Waves Exchange and you can experience the Practical Value of this token by selling it for other cryptocurrencies there, to use as you wish.

The WESA token will continue to grow in value as more people join (current membership is over 60,000). At some point in the near future, there will be e-commerce opportunities available to the members.

Talk to us – we are ready to help. We hope you have found this We Share Abundance review to cause great excitement for you.

Here’s to our prosperous future,

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