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What Is The Roman Calendar – Why Should Christians Pay Attention?

What Is The Roman Calendar?

What is the Roman calendar and why should you be interested? The Roman calendar is the basis for the calendar that the western world lives by. Our current calendar is called the Gregorian calendar. What Is The Roman Calendar

Why should Christians be interested in this? Everyone lives their lives by calendars.

In fact, to a large degree, we are defined by how we view time. You learned about the days of the month and the days of the week when you were just a little guy.

We all grew up spouting off Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday along side March, April and May without giving it a second thought. Do you know where these names came from?

What is the Roman calendar? This calendar has been traced back to the mythical founder of Rome in 750B.C. who was Romulus. He and his brother Remus were the offspring of the god Mars.

According to the story they were abandoned as children and suckled by a she-wolf. Romulus later founded the city of Rome by legend and established a calendar with 10 months.

What Is The Roman Calendar –
Who Is The Real Author?

Let us step back for a second here. Who is the creator of time? Who established the first calendar?

What is the Roman calendar? It is a perversion of time. Someone wanted to pervert God’s creation of time and mankind’s opportunity to be in God’s timing.

The names of the months of the Roman calendar were names for 4 Roman gods: martius, aprilis, maius, and iunius. The remaining 6 months were taken from Latin terms for five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

The Romans later used their worship of the sun and moon and planets to name the days of the week. Later worship of several Norse gods were introduced like thor (Thursday) and frigg (Friday).

What Is The Roman Calendar – Does It Honor God?

Are we suggesting that Christians should stop using the Roman calendar and its terms which originate in the worship of false gods?

We are only asking you to take a look at this and ask the Lord what your response should be.

Is it being fanatical to want to honor the Lord in everything you do? Titles and names that we use every day to describe the days and months that we are living in are a simple way to bring glory to our Heavenly Father.

What is the Roman calendar? Is it just a bunch of silly names? Does a name hold any significance?

How would you feel if someone used a derogatory name for your dog?
You would probably be ready to fight.

Next time you have to say or write down a date, remember who the real author of time is.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT IS THE ROMAN CALENDAR to Christians who are surrounded by a pagan culture? Find out how you can “redeem the time” in a way that is fun and honors the Lord at the link above.