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What Are Permissive Parents In A World of Character-Eating Bacteria?

What Are Permissive Parents?

What are permissive parents when our culture is full of destructive influences waiting to attack our children? Permissive parents are a luxury that children can no longer afford to have. What Are Permissive Parents

While it is possible that there can be such a thing as over-protective parents, there is too much at stake when it comes to the protection of our children. Protective parents need to make a comeback in today’s society.

A protective parent can do a lot to help their children avoid many of the scars and abuses that have the ability to make their lives in the future so much
more difficult.

Your children’s protection is a serious matter. Please allow us to get in your face a bit on this issue. Do you think we are being a bit over-dramatic?

What has become commonplace events in the lives of our young men and women?

The evening news gives us the grim picture of drug and alcohol addiction, of gang activities and rape, of teen pregnancy and abortion, of human trafficking and pornography, and of internet verbal abuse and bullying.

What are permissive parents? Does this sound like the types of things that parents can easily dismiss? These troubles don’t occur overnight.

Much of it begins with rebellion-inducing music, drug peddling in our schools, super-sexualized entertainment, mind-numbing computer games, and internet predators.

And that’s just the mild stuff. All of these things are nothing more than character-eating bacteria ready to prey upon our children.

What are permissive parents to do in this face of all of this? They need to make some real changes.

What is a permissive parent? This is a parent that avoids making those tough calls and drawing the necessary lines to combat those influences just mentioned.

First of all, our children, no matter how old, still need some level of protection by their parents as long as they live in our homes.

Please DO NOT ALLOW your children to be at the mercy of these destructive influences. This same advice goes for you, too.

What Are Permissive Parents To Do?

Here are 2 things you can do as concerned parents:

1) Closely monitor your children’s choices when it comes to music, TV, and internet surfing. Share with them your concerns for their well-being and how these media sources can influence them.

There are several excellent internet filters available for purchase to protect your children from internet filth and predators.

Have an honest discussion with your children about their music choices and draw a line.

An action step could be to allow TV and internet viewing ONLY in a group area like the living room or kitchen.

2) Just as you would not allow strangers to walk in your front door, spend time getting to know your children’s friends. Make sure that there is parental supervision when your children are visiting at their friends’ homes.

Another action step could be to plan simple family events that their friends can participate in.

What Are Permissive Parents To Prepare For?

Be prepared for some resistance from your precious loving children but stay firm. Be willing to work out some compromises with your older children if necessary.

You may need to introduce these changes slowly but stay committed to these new protections.

What are permissive parents to do with this mission impossible? Give these simple guidelines a chance to make it mission possible.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT ARE PERMISSIVE PARENTS to do to protect their children? Don’t be afraid to take these simple steps. On-line Men’s Courageous Destiny teams are forming now to give you the support you need at the link above.