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What Is Healthy Living For Today’s Busy Families?

What Is Healthy Living Today?

What is healthy living to families that are always on the go? Committing to some simple healthy living tips is not out of reach for the busiest of families nowadays. What Is Healthy Living

We have for you, with a cinnamon roll – I mean a drum roll please, 3 great tips for healthy living. If you work these 3 amazing changes into your normal family routine, you will see your family’s health transformed.

The key here is to create a habit, and most research indicates good habits can be formed within 20 days if they are repeated daily. Why is it that bad habits can be formed almost overnight but the good ones take a lot more effort?

These 3 tips are the answer to what is healthy living for families on the go. Parents can use them to challenge their family to take the path to better health. And we are NOT talking about eating at Subway for the next 3 months.

What Is Healthy Living Questionnaire

Here are 2 quick questions before we introduce you to this challenge.

1) Are you tired of those costly medical bills and time-consuming doctor visits? Please indicate with a yes or a no.

2) If there was a fun and effective challenge for your family to accept which guaranteed improving your health, WOULD YOU TAKE IT? Please answer with a yes.

We call our 3 tips the Healthy Sandwich Challenge.

What Is Healthy Living In 3 Simple Steps?

Here are the 3 parts to our “Healthy Sandwich” that will open the doors to healthy living for your family.

A) The 1st piece of bread is ADDING a variety of raw foods in your daily diet. This can be some type of fruit or veggies that are uncooked and unprocessed. Also consider something like raisins or nuts or seeds that have not been loaded down with preservatives and other tasty chemicals.

B) The meat of this sandwich is carving out 5 to 10 minutes of DAILY exercise. Schedule a variety of quick but fun activities that you can do on the road if necessary. Get ideas from your kids.

C) The second piece of bread is adding 1 fun family activity each week to lower the tension or stress that usually builds between loving brothers and sisters. Again, assign some of  your children to get them involved in some new ideas.

Here is the sandwich again: raw foods, daily exercise, and a weekly fun activity.

What is healthy living when your medical bills start disappearing? The surprising part about all of this is you can put some money aside from what you save due to less visits to the doctor’s office. Use this to fund a short family trip.

To help get everyone motivated, get everyone’s approval for that fun family trip. Get ideas from your little ones each week about some raw foods to add to your diet. Put somebody in charge of planning the weekly fun activity and write it down on your calendar.

What are healthy eating habits in your home? Healthy parents who can keep up with their healthy children.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT IS HEALTHY LIVING for today’s busy families? It is a balanced approach to diet, exercise, and fun. To reach that balance, on-line men’s destiny teams are forming to give you some help at the link above.