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How To Walk By Faith When You Keep Missing The Mark

How To Walk By Faith

You can learn how to walk by faith even when everything around you seems to indicate that God has abandoned you. Your faith may be the most precious possession of all and you must value it highly. How To Walk By Faith

To discover how to walk by faith, you must know that your earthly senses can only give you a part of the picture.

The Scripture says we are to walk by faith and not by sight. We are not suggesting that you completely ignore what is going on around you.

The key to hitting the mark here is to view those negative events or discouraging situations around you AS A TARGET for you to project your faith at.

This will even work if you just have “mustard seed” faith. We’ll talk about this more.

How To Walk By Faith In 5 Steps

How to walk by faithStep 1: Faith always begins with God’s Word or His promises. The first step in walking by faith is getting familiar with His Word so you can easily find the Godly truth related to your circumstance.

The last part of this step is to get yourself solid on that promise in God’s Word. You can do this by reading out loud specific passages on healing, for example, many times a day. Also spend time thinking about the Scripture passage.

How to walk by faith – Step 2: Jesus spent time alone with His Father frequently. To walk by faith, we need to have a quiet time daily to listen to God’s Holy Spirit. Hearing the Holy Spirit speak to our spirit man is superfood for our faith.

How to walk by faith – Step 3: The success of our faith walk depends a lot on our mind-set. Jesus described this faith mind-set in Luke 17 when He likened faith to a servant. Our faith is a force that we need to put to work in our lives.

How to walk by faith – Step 4: We walk by faith when we start exercising our faith to bring about Godly results.

Start with simple troubling situations like your mother-in-law coming for a visit. Using Scriptures “on loving your enemy” to help bring God’s grace on the scene could be a humorous example.

Your faith exercises must include speaking God’s Word over your situation, and then acting in some way upon the truth of what His Word says for that circumstance.

How to walk by faith – Step 5: Walking by faith was never meant to be an empty exercise like bench-pressing 250 lbs. The motivation behind putting your faith to work must be one of love, for faith works by love.

How To Walk By Faith Check

You can use these 5 steps as a faith checklist. If you are not seeing your faith move the mountain before you, use this list to see if you are out of line in some way.

God’s Word never fails but our application of it may fall short sometimes.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. To get some help in practicing HOW TO WALK BY FAITH, find some faith partners. On-line men’s destiny teams are forming now to help with this most important task at the link above.