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Do You Know How To Seek God And Expect To Find Him?

How To Seek God

While it is extremely important to know how to seek God, it is just as important to expect to find Him. Have the faith to find Him every day of your life. How To Seek God

All of us who are Christians have heard the scripture in Jeremiah 29:13 which says,”… seek Me and find Me when you search for me with all your heart.”

How many of us really believe if we seek God we will actually find Him?  If we truly believe this, why are we chasing after entertainment instead of trying to seek first the kingdom of God?

Finding God Himself has got to be the most amazing find of our lives.

It occurred to me that people spend millions of dollars at archaeological digs. Excavation is a tough process of removing one level of earth at a time. The area must be cleared, mapped out,and then the slow process of the dig begins.

Every bucket must be sifted through in this extremely tedious operation. During this process, time and effort and much patience is required. All this to find old, smelly dead or ancient artifacts.

I realize there is value in this effort, but I believe there is a treasure so much greater to be mined. Will we spend the time, money, and effort learning how to seek the kingdom of God?

We have also heard of the ridiculous government waste found in projects seeking the importance of a frisbee, or a pickle.  How do these things compare to gaining wisdom in how to seek God?

How To Seek God Personal Time

During one of my quiet times with the Lord, I became overwhelmed by His presence and His love.  As I was reading Psalm 11, this passage stood out in verses 4-5 : “His eyes behold, His eyes test, His countenance looks upon the upright in heart.”

The only way we can qualify as being upright in heart is through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

But it was as if I could feel His eyes penetrating me and making me whole. It was a bit like Superman looking at me with His laser eyes. I could sense something was being healed in me.

As I continued to study the scriptures on how to seek God, I became overtaken with His great love for me and for us all. In many places the Bible, we are instructed  to seek God first above other things.

How much better off this world would be if we spent time learning how to seek God first in our lives, hearing His thoughts, feeling His love, and getting His plan for the day!

How To Seek God Encounters

Are you ready to have an encounter of the ultimate kind?  Get ready for something more amazing than any outrageous vacation, any Clint Eastwood movie, any Super Bowl, any adventure park, or any decadent dessert.

Here’s how to seek God by following these steps consistently.

1.  Set aside 15 minutes a day to spend with God, and make sure it’s time when you are sharp.
2.  Draw close to God by singing worship songs TO HIM, and reading and meditating on His Word telling Him you love Him and want to be closer to Him.
3.  Make sure you mix this up with listening to what He has to say and telling God that you love Him with all your heart.
4.  Consider other things you have sought after, and the cost your were willing to put into it, knowing this is the greatest treasure you will ever find!

As you follow these steps on how to seek God, you will find your self seeking this special time alone with Him more and more.  When you seek Him, expect a supernatural encounter.

You will discover your time searching for Him and finding Him to be a priceless artifact worth the digging!

Charleen Ecuyer

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Learn How To Seek God First and Enjoy The Fullness of His Blessings

How To Seek God First

Once you set your heart on how to seek God first, you will end up finding more than you ever imagined. As you seek God, you will discover the secret to happiness, fulfillment, peace, and provision. How To Seek God First

Whenever anyone is seeking something or someone, they must have a starting point to begin their search.

God chose in His infinite wisdom to reveal who He is through His Son, Jesus Christ. He is our starting point.

There is no way around this. You can find aspects of God in nature, in others, and in serving others. You will not truly learn how to seek God and find Him apart from Jesus.

Now that you know what the starting point is in how to seek God first, let’s move on.

How To Seek God First Details

The first detail on how to seek God first is that you must do it with genuine passion.

Remember how you sought after the affection of your spouse before you got married? Hopefully you are still seeking to love your spouse with that same kind of passion.

In other words, there is a sense of being consumed by your search for the heart of your Creator, your Heavenly Father. This is a life long search that will never disappoint and will bring constant and bountiful rewards.

The challenge is that there is so much out there competing for our attention. We have access to the millions of discoveries and experiences of others through the internet. We have learned that we have to limit our time spent there.

The second important detail in discovering how to seek God first is seeking not just His Presence but His will also. God’s will is seeing His kingdom being spread across this earth in the hearts of men and women.

You know how to seek the kingdom of God when you are engaged in wanting this to happen also.

The third detail in finding how to seek God first is through your use of your time. Give God the first part of your day. Give God the first part of your week, of each month, and of each year. Do this by remembering Him and celebrating Him.

The fourth and final detail in learning how to seek God first is giving Him first place in your activities. Invite Him to direct you, guide you, correct you, and bless you in all you put your hand to.

How To Seek God First Rewards

The 6th chapter of Hebrews tells us that God rewards those who diligently seek Him. This should not be a tough concept to accept. As parents, don’t we look for and hope for chances to reward our children?

The really awesome thing is that God’s blessings have no limit. He wants us to be fulfilled in every aspect of our lives, not just the spiritual part. Seek first the kingdom of God and watch all things get added to you.

Michael and Charleen

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What Is The Kingdom of God Connection To Your Finances?

What Is The Kingdom of God

The answer that I will give to what is the kingdom of God connection to your finances can explode your bank account out of the water. You don’t have to
be an accountant or a savvy Wall Street investor for this to happen. What Is The Kingdom of God

All it takes is some Godly faith and willingness to back that faith up with some action.

This connection starts with someone who is willing to seek first the kingdom of God and His way of doing things. That means following His blueprint.

We all have a choice of how to handle our finances. Either do things the way we see the world doing it or the way God says to do it.

These are tough economic times for many people. They are a bit like the times that Isaac, Abraham’s son, was faced with when there was a famine across the land.

When finances are tight, the world tells you to hold onto the little you have with all your strength. God’s way to financial blessing is through sowing and reaping.

Isaac was operating under the blessing of his father Abraham when he obediently sowed where the Lord told him to.

What he sowed was multiplied by one hundred. Not a measly 1.5% like many banks give you for a CD. This all happened in the midst of a famine.

So what does does Mr. Isaac have to do with my financial situation right now? Everything.

What Is The Kingdom of God Connection To Finances?

What is the kingdom of God connection to your finances? The truth of sowing and reaping is that supernatural connection.

What is the world’s way, the way that the vast majority of families are handling their finances? They work for a salary and spend it all every week to cover
their living expenses.

How can I sow when I don’t make enough to cover my expenses? You start by seeking your financial stability first in the kingdom of God through tithing. You
honor God with your finances and He will honor you.

Barna research shows that there has been an obvious decrease in church giving. That should not be so. A Christian’s ability to give and support ministry work should always be increasing!

What is the kingdom of God connection to your money? Your salary is your seed bank to sow from.

As you tithe and sow from your salary, God says you can expect increase. God doesn’t want His children poor.

He wants us to live abundantly in every area of our lives, including our finances. From our harvest, we are able to bless others and sow more into His kingdom work.

What is the kingdom of God connection to your finances? Give and expect to receive from the Lord’s limitless storehouse. That’s giving by faith and we are
called to do all things by faith and love.

How else can God’s people be in a position to lend only, and not have to borrow? (Deut.28:12) Working two jobs and not having anytime for your family or the church is definitely not the answer.

Michael and Charleen

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Seek First The Kingdom of God and Watch Awesome Things Happen

Seek First The Kingdom of God

One of the most powerful life-changing verses in the Bible is seek first the kingdom of God. Let’s briefly find out what the kingdom of God is and why it is worthy of our energy and pursuit. Seek First The Kingdom of God

Jesus told us that it was vital to pursue the things of God’s kingdom before the things of this world.

He was trying to give us a simple key
to help us keep our priorities straight.

Because most of us have no experience when it comes to kingdoms, this can be a bit of a foreign concept. Any kingdom is the area that someone rules
over or has controlling influence over.

In a sense, your house is a kingdom because you are the one that has the most control over what goes on there. The kingdom of God is an area that is ruled
by His love and overflowing grace.

When we decide to seek first the kingdom of God, we are entering into a whole new dimension that is so much higher than this earthly existence.

The first step in this process is finished when we are born again by our confession of faith in the King, Jesus Christ.

That’s the easy part. The tough part is daily committing our lives to putting God and His will first before everything else. We have to face and overcome the opposite values of this world every day.

That is a huge task because we can’t be God’s representatives and hide ourselves away from what’s going on around us.

Seek First The Kingdom of God

If you have tasted of the Lord’s goodness, then you should already have a desire to seek first the kingdom of God. In His kingdom there are no limits and being in His kingdom is the most exciting place you can be.

When we became God’s children, we became a part of His family and we are called to be about His business. We have become God’s ambassadors and our job is to release the influence of His kingdom wherever we go.

The problem is we can’t give away what we don’t have. But don’t buy the lie that the things of God’s kingdom are not reachable. They are not out of our reach.

Jesus backed this truth up in Luke 17 when He said that the kingdom of God is within you.

If it is so reachable, them why isn’t everyone walking in the glory of His kingdom? There is a simple answer to that.

Before we do, let us say this. Some people think God is stingy. That’s why He gave us His Son and that’s why Jesus’ miracles reeked of overflowing
abundance. God is not stingy.

Jesus also told us in Luke 12 that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us His kingdom. Believe this.

Here is the simple answer. The things of God’s kingdom are ours as we learn to lay hold of them BY FAITH. BY FAITH.

As you begin to seek first His kingdom by faith, watch your lives explode with magnificent blessing. The kingdom of God is yours.

Michael and Charleen

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