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Celebrate Jesus and Watch Your Family Be Transformed

3 Minutes Will Change Your Family Forever!

To celebrate Jesus every day and see that celebration influence my family and everyone I encounter is my constant hope. You and your family can put the same life-giving influence to work in your lives. I trust these questions and answers will propel you down that path.

Q. Does celebrating Jesus bring success in THIS life?

A. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that you and your family have to be doormats. Jesus didn’t let the world run Him over. He laid down His life freely as act of love and obedience. He was the most successful person to walk the face of the earth. Your family can enjoy the same success He did right now, by learning how to celebrate His life of love.

Q. How can I celebrate Jesus’ life?

A. The most obvious answer is to imitate Him with excitement. That’s easier said than done. It all starts with laying down your life and declaring Jesus to be your Lord, which means master. The saying part is still important because it keeps the door of hope open to becoming more like Him. Through constantly praising Christ, reading and confessing Scripture, and walking in the fruit of the Holy Spirit, we move closer to being able to imitate Jesus.

Q. Is it really possible for me to be like Jesus was?

A. Jesus was and is much more than someone to admire. His life revealed to us how to gain victory in every circumstance of life. You and your family can love like He did, forgive like He did, and walk in victory like He did. Now, that’s a lot to get excited about. Jesus even pronounced that we could do greater works than He did. Let’s not sell ourselves short.

Q. Does Jesus want us to celebrate the Jewish festivals?

A. Let’s not make this too complicated. Part of celebrating Jesus is imitating His life and Scripture tells us He did participate in the Feasts. The Last Supper was actually the Feast of Passover. Jesus also participated in the Feast of Tabernacles as described in John 7. These appointed times of feasting were established by God for the Jewish people to observe. The feasts gave them continual opportunities to honor and remember God’s place in their lives. I firmly believe this is true for Christians also.

Q. What spiritual meaning does the Passover Lamb hold for us?

A. In the New Testament, Jesus is called “our Passover.” God sent His Son, the Passover Lamb, so that we all could have access to being transformed from death to life. Everything that is separated from God is moving to destruction. Just watch the news to see evidence of this. He gave the Israelites the Passover feast to mark their change from slaves to being a free people. This was only the starting point of the process of their transformation. And it is through Jesus alone that we are able to celebrate OUR movement from death to life.

During the past 10 years, our family has discovered lots of cool ideas about how to celebrate Jesus. One thing we definitely need is more chances to bring times of celebration into our homes. Come right now to get some more ideas for your family to celebrate the  Biblical feasts.