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Godly Men and The Plague of Pornography Are Battling In The Ring

Godly Men Are Up To The Task

It is time for Godly men to go for the knock-out punch against the deadly foe of pornography. The battle has been hidden away for too long. Christian men
all over the world now have the winning edge. Godly Men

Actually, Godly men have had all the skills and tools needed to deal with the plague of an addiction to porn.

They just needed the right strategy to get the victory
that is so important.

Studies show that Christian men struggle with this battle just as much as non-believers. With the universal access to the internet, most men face this horrific temptation up to ten times on a daily basis. Those are not good odds.

The Battle of Godly Men

This battle has become so huge that it is accepted as fact that the biggest struggle men in the Church face is with sexual temptation, most notably pornography.

The numbers are staggering when it comes viewing sexual content and that includes Godly men and even pastors. The percentage is close to 70%.

Is it a wonder that church attendance by men is so poor? Is it a wonder that the men who are attending church are typically not involved or engaged in meaningful relationships and activities there?

One of the biggest barriers to spiritual growth among Godly men is pornography. It creates a sense of hopelessness and self-hatred. Men then tend to isolate themselves and the enemy has won. At least he thinks he has won.

The enemy wants passive men who feel that they can no longer please God and feel that they are stuck spiritually. They take a pass and women have to take up the slack.

This sad condition among Godly men has started to change. The tide has turned and Christian men are learning how to deliver the knock-out punch to the enemy and his x-rated schemes.

Godly Men Can Now Win

This knock-out power is an amazingly simple strategy for Godly men to use and it is called the Power of Four.

When Godly men get engaged in the Word of God at least 4 times a week, their ability to resist sexual temptation is magnified. The percentage falling to the plague of pornography numbers drop from 70% to about 40%.

Being engaged in the Word is not just reading it, but also meditating on it and actively pursuing ways to apply it to your life.

The Gospel of John talks about letting the Word abide in you – letting it become part of you. That’s when you bear much fruit.

That is a pretty significant drop. It gets better, though. If these same Godly men also participate in some type of ongoing men’s fellowship activity, the numbers drop almost another 30% points.

This fellowship may be meeting periodically with a Godly man, involved in a ministry to men, or participating in a small group like a Bible study.

I’m tired of hearing about Christians who don’t look or live any different than non-Christians. Another result of these 2 activities is that there is marked reduction in destructive behaviors by men such as drunkenness, adultery/fornication, and gambling.

I just heard the bell and the fight is over. Godly men just put pornography out of commission.

Michael Ecuyer

P.S. On-line teams of GODLY MEN are forming now called the Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams and they will help get in the winning corner at the link above.

Discover Your Destiny and Change Your World

Once you discover your destiny in life, the door to changing your world will open up. You are not a random blob on the face of this earth but a magnificent treasure waiting to be uncovered . Your life has a specific purpose. 

God did not close His eyes and randomly throw everything up and wait to see what would stick. Just like a football team or a recipe, everything has a set place and purpose. Things get messed up when we decide to do what we want and ignore God’s purpose and destiny for our lives.

The great news is that you no longer have to be like millions who are struggling with the answer to what is their destiny. You can finally know what is your destiny now.

Discover Your Destiny Journey

Thinking about your God-given destiny and pursuing the details about your destiny is a great place to start. There is much more involved, however.

There are many forces in play that are working against you on your path to discover your destiny in life. As a  result, it becomes very important for you to pursue your destiny like a bulldog. It won’t come jump on you and it won’t wait for the right alignment of the stars.

While what I’m saying applies equally to men and women, my destiny involves ministry to men. Men walking according to God’s purposes are a huge key to the health of our families, the church, and our nation.

If you do not take the time to discover your destiny, you will be settling for a lifetime of misery, confusion, and aimless journeys. You will never feel satisfied and you’ll keep looking for the greener grass in your neighbor’s yard. That is bad news.

The great news is once you have discovered your destiny, the real challenge and adventure begins. Using Frodo from the Fellowship of the Ring series as an example, there is a vital lesson to learn as you start your journey. Do not try to do this alone.

Achieving your destiny is a journey and what you need is consistent support, prayer, and Godly fellowship to successfully stay the course. You need a team working with you who are committed to help their fellow team members.

A destiny team like this will be your lifeline to help discover your destiny and also to walk in your God-given destiny.

I love what Ephesians 2:10 says,”For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which He prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

Discover Your Destiny Teams

A team designed to propel you towards walking in the fullness of your destiny should focus on these things:

1) Helping you discover your destiny,
2) Providing counsel and confirmation of your destiny,
3) Assisting you in gaining divine strategies and action steps,
4) Providing encouragement and support to be persistent in your quest,
5) Helping you to evaluate, adjust, and refine your steps.

For men of God to accomplish this, courage and determination are required. You no longer have to ask this question: Do YOU have what it takes? The real question becomes: Are you part of a Courageous Destiny Team?

Don’t put your destiny off any longer. Join a Destiny Team and             DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY at this link now.

The Outrageously Simple Solution for Ministry To Men

Ministry to men is a huge key to the health of our families, the church, and even our nation. I applaud the awesome work that is being done by many men’s ministry organizations all over the world. But it’s not enough! HAAAA!

Ministry To Men

It is not enough because there are many men who will continue to avoid the hands-on, kum-bai-ya, face-to-face church ministry that is currently available. Men for the most part are not “touchy and feely” when it comes to new social events, and especially spiritual gatherings.

You’ll have to hog-tie most of them and throw them in your trunk to get them to attend a men’s event. The problem is that you’ll never see them again.

Churches are constantly struggling to come up with new mens ministry ideas to attract new men. While daily devotions for men are an important tool to help equip men, other methods must be developed.

There are several obstacles that must be overcome before men will become a part of a church’s ministry to men. Let’s take a look at what some of those nuclear waste zones are and the plan to deal with them.

Ministry To Men Obstacles

1) Responsibilities: Many men already feel so stretched thin with their responsibilities (like NFL weekends and backyard barbecues) that they are
slow to add on another worthwhile activity.

2) Self-Evaluation: One thing men avoid like the shopping mall is taking a closer look inside to find out where they are missing it. This is really a useless activity since men are rarely wrong and have little to improve on.

3) Communication: Men typically communicate about practical or superficial things and struggle with sharing their feelings and heart-felt
desires. A common conversation may sound like this:”You better pass me those chips before I douse you with this salsa.”

4) Superman Complex: Every man has a secret identity complex in which he believes he is “stronger than a locomotive.” To admit that he is struggling with some character defect would be worse than retiring his riding lawnmower. Men put on a strong front to a ridiculous fault.

5) Accountability: This is one of the biggest secrets to success in life, but few men will submit to it. Every person would benefit by getting an accountability partner. Can anyone say, “the hole I am in is getting deeper”?

6) Procrastination: I’ll have to do a great job of explaining this one because no man is going to have a clue what I’m talking about. Several things can cause this behavior like fatigue, or being disatisfied about something or sometimes there can be a spiritual cause.

7) Prayer-phobia: This is the fear of praying around others. Prayer is a powerful activity, especially when there is agreement with others.

Even men who are already involved with some type of church men’s ministry can get contaminated by these toxic attitudes.  The great news is there is a way to handle these dangerous obstacles without wearing a decontamination suit.

Ministry To Men Solution

It is called the Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams. To get more information about this outrageously simple and free on-line solution for men’s ministry, follow this link now.

Michael Ecuyer
Family Life Winners