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How To Live By Faith Starts With Laying Down Your Life

How To Live By Faith

If you want to know how to live by faith, you need to answer one simple question.

The question is this: Who or what are you living for?

The answer to this question tells you why you get up each morning and face the daily challenges that confront you. Many people can get turned around from their original course of wanting to serve Jesus after being hit with difficult times.

We will make a lot of progress in learning how to live by faith if we ask ourselves this question each day. By doing this, we will be able to tell if we have gone off track. God is faithful to forgive us and help get us aligned right again.

How To Live By Faith Answer

If you are truly honest, sometimes your answer ends up being yourself or some material gain. That is when you need to remember that Christ laid down His life for you.

By laying down your life, you have gotten back on the faith track. The Bible tells us that we no longer have to live like mere men and women pursuing things just to get our needs met.

Paul wrote many letters talking about how the just shall live by faith.

It is an awesome thing to lay down your life for a friend or a family member, but we are talking about living for Jesus.

Knowing how to live by faith is not a complicated thing. Living by faith can only be accomplished One Way, as the song above says.

You simply need to give Jesus first place in every area of your life and expect your Heavenly Father to do what He promised He would do.

He promised that He would show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to Him.

To live by faith means to trust that God is a Rewarder of those who trust Him and diligently seek Him.

Lay down your life daily and live by faith daily in Jesus Christ in order to have your needs met and meeting the needs of others.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. It takes practice to learn HOW TO LIVE BY FAITH and watch your faith grow. On-line Courageous Men’s Destiny teams are forming now to help you in this journey.