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What Is The Feast of Tabernacles To the Body of Christ?

What Is The Feast of Tabernacles

What is the Feast of Tabernacles to Christians who are not bound any longer by the law? Find out how this feast keeps us in God’s cycles of blessings and how Jesus connected Himself to this time of feasting. What Is The Feast of Tabernacles

We are in complete agreement with the fact that Christian believers have been set free from the observance of the law. The only problem is that observing the Biblical feasts is not part of the law of Moses.

God described in the book of Leviticus that there were particular times of feasting each year to observe. He said, “These are My Feasts.” We don’t know about you, but if God is throwing a party, we want to be there.

What is the feast of Tabernacles? It is really that simple. We don’t have to get into any deep religious discussions here. There are feasting times that God wanted to establish as an expression of who He is and His desire to share His glory.

Just as Jesus Christ is the ultimate expression of who God is to the world, His times of feasting are actually an expression of who Jesus was to be to the world.

Just because Jesus became the fulfillment of the Jewish feasts doesn’t mean they no longer have a place. Go back in the Old Testament and see what God said about His feasts. He said they were to be observed for all generations.

Specifically, what is the Feast of Tabernacles? It is a 7-day harvest feast which occurs on the 15th day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar called Tishrei. It’s name in Hebrew is Succot.

The main theme of this feast is building booths or temporary dwellings, which is symbolic of God dwelling with us. Christians obviously know that their bodies have become the dwelling place of the Spirit of God.

Allow us to ask you this question. How much of your life would you say you live in the full knowledge that God’s Holy Spirit dwells in you? We need all the help and all the reminders we can get.

We need these reminders to help break us out of the cycles of spiritual destruction or apathy that constantly swirl around us. God was aware of this and set up His annual feasts to keep us close to Him.

What Is The Feast of Tabernacles
and Jesus?

What is the Feast of Tabernacles and how did Jesus relate to it in the gospel of John? During this feast, the high priest would walk through the city with a pitcher of water to pour it out in the temple. The whole city would follow him and pray with anticipation for rain for future harvests.

During the last day of this feast, Jesus stood up in the midst of the crowd and declared Himself to be the source of living water. He attended His Father’s feast and invited the people to come to Him.

What Is The Feast of Tabernacles To Your Family?

This can be a time of thanksgiving and celebration of God’s glory and presence in your lives. We build “succots” in the backyard using canopies or tents. We decorate them with branches and lights and enjoy delicious food.

What is the Feast of Tabernacles? It is a chance to position ourselves to receive more of God’s abundant grace.

Michael and Charleen

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What Is The Feast of Trumpets To Christians Everywhere?

What Is The Feast of Trumpets?

What is the Feast of Trumpets to believers all over the world who are looking for a stronger passion in their Christian walk? It is one of the Jewish feasts that is loaded with spiritual significance for the Body of Christ. What Is The Feast of Trumpets?

Quite simply, the Feast of Trumpets is the beginning of the Jewish festivals in the fall, which is characterized by the blowing of trumpets. The Jewish name for this feast is Rosh Hashanah.

What is Rosh Hashanah? It means the head or start of the year.

What are the Jewish feasts to Christians anyway? They are the high points of each year that God set us aside for us to remember and honor Him so that the doors of His great blessings would be opened to us.

What Is The Feast of Trumpets Value?

What is the Feasts of Trumpets? This is God Almighty’s celebration of New Year’s. Yes, God, who is the Creator of the universe, has His very own calendar. That really should not be very surprising since He is also the Creator of time.

God is very big on how we start things and this is a chance for us to start off the year focused on Him, not on getting drunk and dancing around a glittery ball.

By celebrating His presence in our lives, and honoring Him as the source or beginning of every good gift in our lives, we start the year off with a thankful heart.

What is the Feasts of Trumpets? It is celebrated by lots of great food and blowing trumpets or shofars. This sound is declaring our agreement with heaven and God’s purposes.

When we blow the shofar, we are saying we are in a covenant relationship with the Most High God. We are aligning ourselves with the God and His will for our lives and for the nations of this earth.

This sharp sound is released into our atmosphere as a sign of our submission to the advancing kingdom of God. We are taking a stand on His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

What is the Feasts of Trumpets? It is the releasing of a sound to advance. As Christians, we are always called to advance the Kingdom of God wherever we go. Are you fulfilling that call?

I usually don’t like my answer to that question either. The trumpet sounding is a wake up call. We are to be advancers of love, of forgiveness, of faith, of restoration, and of abundant provision.

This feast spurs us to ask ourselves a question. The question is whether our plans for the new year are about our Father’s business or our own business.

What Is The Feast of Trumpets For Your Family?

This is a time to look ahead and ask God for direction for your family for the coming year. Families are simply getting swept aside by the busyness of life.  Families need an anchor or a purpose to be moving towards for the year.

We trust you will make room for this feast in YOUR(?) busy calendar this coming year.

Michael and Charleen

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