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7 Reasons Christians Should Follow The Jewish Holiday Calendar

 The Jewish Holiday Calendar For Christians?

What possible reason might Christians be interested in the Jewish holiday calendar?
The simple answer is that our Heavenly Father established these times of feasting to help us live “the abundant life” by experiencing His great blessings. The Biblical holidays are all about celebrating God’s great grace and His desire to be an intimate part of our lives.
My Jewish Cookbook
We have the perfect guide to help you discover the life-changing treasures found in the Jewish feasts. To help you and your family enjoy these exciting events every year, we created this Jewish cookbook for Christians.
Watch your family change as you begin to observe the Biblical feasts.They truly are an extension of the presence of Jesus who brings life-giving power. Here are 7 convincing reasons you should want to make them a lasting part of your existence.


God’s Miracles In Your Life
1) Mighty displays of God’s miraculous power were common in the early Church UNTIL the fourth century. These occurrences began to fade away when the Roman emperor Constantine interfered.
He prohibited any relationship between the Church and following the Jewish feasts, especially Passover. This happened at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. I am suggesting there is a strong relationship between observing God’s appointed feasts and knowing God’s miraculous hand on your life.
God Has A Calendar?
2) I think almost all Christians would agree that the Lord indeed is the author of time. Taking this into consideration, does it sound unusual that He would have His very own calendar? He possesses one, and He revealed this calendar to the Hebrew people.
His method of keeping time is also available to you and me. The calendar we all familiar with is called the Roman calendar. Concealed in God’s calendar are many opportunities for us to experience the fullness of His blessings. Isn’t it time for you to make room in your life for the Lord’s calendar?
Many Chances To Start Strong
3) A strong start is vital to our success in life. A useful example of this is a house needing a stable foundation. We see it in how we make plans for any new assignment. The Lord knew that strong beginnings would be important for us and He gave us 12 chances each year to get things on track. They are called the Firstfruits Celebrations. Through them, you can tap into a new ability to begin strong and rise to the top.
Are Tired of Getting Beat Up?
4) Are you successfully dealing with the barriers you face in life on a continual basis? This may be shocking, but Scripture is full of commands for us to walk in supernatural power. The Bible calls us such outrageous things as “overcomers”, “conquerors”, and “dominion-takers.” Be prepared to see God’s life-changing ability thriving in your family as you do 1 simple thing. Adhere to the Lord’s command of keeping the Sabbath day holy. Isaiah 58:13-14
Family Time vs. TV Time
5) The Jewish feasts are indeed exciting times for your family to come together and be prepared for the challenges of these days. Today, our families are being undermined and divided by everyday hassles and demands.The average total of quality time a parent spends with their children daily is only 10 minutes.
Enjoyable family memories are waiting for you as you get involved in these feasting times. Families need to learn how to become teams again and have fun doing it. The family unit should be the springboard for our children to launch off into successful lives.
Do You Have A Thankful Heart?
6) If anyone has a reason to be grateful, it should be Christians. Can your friends and church family see the joy in your life? With all the destructive events taking place around us, we need more Godly opportunities to celebrate. The Jewish holiday calendar is full of times of feasting and chances to express our thanks for all that God has done and what He will do.
And what is an exciting party without memorable food? Discover some of the delicious Jewish dishes that are a big part of these festivals.
What Would Jesus Do
7) You’ve heard the powerful question in Church circles: ” What would Jesus do?” Maybe you even wore a WWJD bracelet at one time. Do you suppose Jesus celebrated the Jewish feasts? If you look at the Gospel accounts carefully, you can see that he did. One of the secrets to success and happiness in life is our commitment to imitate Christ.


When we align ourselves with His perfect timing, new anointing and grace is released to us. Our family of 12 have been enjoying these blessings for several years now and we are convinced that God’s times of celebration will be a vital key to overcoming the challenging times we are facing!
There’s an adventure waiting for you and your family. Some important hints: Keep this fun, involve your children in the process, and don’t make many rules..

This Jewish Cookbook Is A Life-Changing Guide For Your Family

My Jewish Cookbook

This Jewish cookbook open the powerful doors of God’s blessings to your family. We are aMy Jewish Cookbook Christian family and have been celebrating the Biblical feasts for years now.

We have seen such an awesome display of God’s goodness in our lives and we want to share that with you.

Our Jewish cook book is actually a family guide to Biblical holidays. It is full of Jewish cookbook recipes for you to enjoy and share with your family.

We have put together a short video to introduce this unique and colorful digital Jewish cookbook below.



My Jewish Cookbook For Christians?

My Jewish cookbook will help your family get ready for the Lord’s special feasting times. You and your family are officially invited.
Did you know there has been an open invitation for the past 3500 years?
It is obvious that our culture has been trying to drain the life out of our marriages, our children, and our families. Don’t let that happen to you.
Your family can experience the abundant life that Jesus came to provide. You will have to be pro-active, though. The first thing you can do is ask this: “What can we do to walk in the abundance God has provided for us?”
The answer is our Jewish cookbook. Well, that’s only part of the answer. Let me explain.
Actually, His Biblical feasts are a big part of the answer! If you’re tired of everyone thinking Christians don’t know how to have fun, you can do something about it.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the only fun is in worldly celebrations such as New Year’s Day or Halloween. Christianity should have a million times more to offer in how to celebrate than the world.
Contrary to what you may have heard or been taught, God really knows how to have fun, even after having to put up with all our mess. There are meaningful holidays for us to celebrate, but let’s start doing it the Lord’s way.
Just look at Leviticus 23 and Exodus 23 to get an idea of what is available. Our family began to learn more and more about His appointed times of feasting and we were determined to have fun doing it.
As we began to celebrate these times, we noticed a new joy was rising up in us. This is very much needed in these times of great change. We also saw our family being knit together like never before!
Now getting started was a bit of a challenge at first. It seemed very strange to be celebrating these feasts, when no one around us had even heard of them.
We started collecting Jewish recipies and then decided to put together a Jewish cookbook.
You may think it is strange to celebrate Hebrew feasts as a Christian, but remember: we are grafted in and have become the seed or offspring of Abraham through Christ. Galatians 3:29.
Jewish dishes with strange names like “blintzes and tzimmes” may not be what you are used to. We had so much fun, though and discovered many awesome dishes as we checked out some Jewish cookbooks.
So our family started off by celebrating the Passover every year, which is the source of the practice of having Communion. We made it a fun time, full of music and delicious foods. Our kids looked forward to these fun times.
God’s desire is for us to taste and see His goodness, especially during His times to party. That’s why we created an easy Jewish cook book to help you get started.
Please don’t miss out on these great times of blessing and excitement for your family. We are excited about providing you with this opportunity to put our Jewish cookbook to good use and TASTE AND SEE THE LORD’S GOODNESS.
To get some additional FREE details on how you can start celebrating the Biblical feasts, just follow the link.