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The Jewish Calendar Feasts in the Fall Are A Must For Christians To Celebrate

Each year the Jewish calendar feasts bring Christians another important chance during autumn to celebrate a new start in their lives. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the upcoming Jewish feasts beginning September 29th, 2011 or 1 Tishri 5772(of the Jewish calendar). God Himself set these times apart for His children to enjoy.

How can you do this? The fall feasts get started with  Yom Truah which is Hebrew for the Feast of Trumpets. Many refer to this time as Rosh Hashanah which means head or beginning of the year. If you broke all of your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a chance to start again by celebrating a God appointed time of new beginnings.

During this feast day, you may want to try some Jewish honeycake which is a delicious part of the traditions of this feast, and see a sweeter year ahead. Also, find a horn and release a loud blast announcing your time of making a fresh start.

 The next part of the fall feasts in the Bible are 10 days of serious reflection called the Days of Awe. Set aside a brief time each day to examine your life and check your heart for any bitterness or selfish desires. The best thing about God’s new year celebration during these autumn Jewish calendar feasts is that He gives you a chance for a new start. If you haven’t made the best use of this opportunity, you have 10 more days to get it right.

 This is a great picture of the grace we can continually delight in through Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

The final day of these 10 days is called the Day of Atonement. I suggest spending time writing down things you discovered during those Days of Awe. There may be things you thought you had cleared up, but as you checked your heart, you discovered some stubborn unforgiveness or an area where you have been lacking in faith.

Many times, we are so busy with our daily responsibilities, and we end up missing an area of sin. This time of reflection can help bring those things into the light. Those tricky logs in our eyes that were well hidden earlier can now get exposed.

Remember that this is a time that the Lord specifically asks His children to evaluate themselves, and He wants us to be set free from any hindering burdens. Doesn’t this holiday remind you of the great atonement paid by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ?

After this time of reflection and repentance, the final part of the fall feasts of the Bible begins. It is called the Feast of Tabernacles and would be on October 12th of 2011 or 14 Tishri 5772. This is my favorite time of the Jewish calendar feasts in the fall. Many Bible scholars agree that this is the actaul time when Jesus was born. 

An exciting time for the whole family starts now. In the Jewish traditions, a sukkah (a tarp, tent, or covering) is assembled and decorated with branches, leaves, flowers,or fruit. It is a beautiful setting where family and friends can gather to eat and drink with thankful hearts as we recall the Lord’s goodness and celebrate His faithful presence in our lives.

 A sukkah was most likely the birthing place of Christ that the Bible speaks of. In Leviticus 23:33, the Bible tells us to celebrate this feast for 7 days unto the Lord. Will one day spent at church each week ever be enough time worshipping our Savior after 7 days of “tabernacling” with Him?

Instead of letting your fall days bring thoughts of pumpkins, treats, and pagan traditions, let this October bring you into a new beginning. Let God order your times and seasons. Experience first hand what it means to celebrate God’s very own appointed feasts.

We have learned that God designed these Biblical times of feasting for His good pleasure and His children’s enjoyment. You can grab hold of additional details on how to start celebrating the  Biblical Feasts and experience some delicious Jewish recipes.