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How To Be Good Grandparents When A New Life Comes Into The World?

How To Be Good Grandparents

Knowing how to be good grandparents when that beautiful new baby is born will serve your family well. Grandparents play a very unique and powerful role in the success of families. How To Be Good Grandparents

We have had the great pleasure of being grandparents for the third time now. The first time we became grandparents brought a mixture of feelings.

We were thrilled for our children but were also hit with the realization that we were getting up in age.

The second time was pretty much a confirmation of what we felt earlier. This last time we were able to enjoy the experience more freely and not be concerned with the age factor.

As a result, we found ourselves wondering what is a grandparent and more importantly, how to be good grandparents.

Our third grandchild is our beautiful 2-day old granddaughter who looks just like her father. It is amazing to look at that sweet innocent face of a peaceful child, nestled in the arms of Grandma or Grandpa.

The delicate toes and fingers and the curled up tiny hands near her sleeping face are indeed a sight worth a thousand words. That peaceful moment is soon interrupted by the initial gentle plea for food from Mom.

Those blessed new born grandchildren bring sweet memories back of years long gone. It is a time to savor since the feedings and the diaper changes for the next year are waiting for Mom, and maybe for Dad on occasion.

Grandparents and grandchildren – what an awesome blessing from the Lord.

If you know how to be good grandparents, your children and their children will be eternally grateful.

How To Be Good Grandparents Keys

1) The biggest key to being good grandparents is to always remain supportive of your adult children’s efforts at parenting. You still probably have the most influence over them, even though they would deny it.

2) Do not be afraid to speak the truth to your children in love. Don’t badger or harass them, though. Have your say and then put things in God’s most capable hands.

3) How to be good grandparents – Make sure you are respectful of your children’s wishes and never go behind their backs when it comes to their children. Never encourage your grandchildren to go against their parents either, even if you feel they are way off line.

4) Just as it is vital for parents to encourage their children, encouraging your grandchildren can be the spark to propel them forward.

5) Don’t avoid disciplining your grandchildren within the boundaries their parents have given you. Letting the little things slide is alright, but be very careful.

6) Always get permission before you decide to  act on those brilliant ideas for your grandchildren. Be spontaneous, but get approval.

How To Be Good Grandparents Results

Do you know how to be good grandparents? Expect good things to happen.

It is an indescribable joy to see your children succeed in their lives and their families and their spiritual walk with the Lord. The next best thing is seeing your grandchildren follow in their footsteps.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. It takes practice to know HOW TO BE GOOD GRANDPARENTS. To learn more ways to help your family become winners, join us at the link above.