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Redeeming The Time For Your Inheritance in God

Redeeming The Time For Your Victory

Did you know that every Christian has an amazingly abundant inheritance? Redeeming the time we have is vitally important for us to be able to walk in that overflowing inheritance. Enjoying the fullness of our inheritance in Christ depends on it. The Timing of God

We do have an eternal inheritance that became ours when we gave our lives to Jesus Christ by faith and our confession.

We also have an inheritance that is available to us right now through the promises of God in Scripture.

What is This Heritage?

Every Christian’s heritage inheritance includes the “shalom” of God. This translates into happiness, health, wealth, authority, and God’s limitless love and mercy.

Are you experiencing all of these blessings on a regular basis, or at all?

God’s Timing

What does God’s timing have to do with our inheritance? God placed us in time to see what we would do with it. The timing of God is an important key.

He gave us a choice to follow His standard and His calendar or make up one of our own? The concept and the operation of time is huge because it surrounds us and shapes everything we do.

Paul even gives us an instruction to redeem the time. To redeem means to get something back to its original intent or purpose or back to its true owner. Do you believe God is the owner of time? He did create it.

We must stop taking the gift of God’s perfect timing for granted. Our complete inheritance is a stake. He shared His gift of time with us through the seasons and organized it through His calendar, the Biblical calendar.

God’s Calendar

His calendar is not a bunch of meaningless names and numbers. God’s calendar can be found in the Hebrew calendar and is identified by the different months and years based on the moon’s cycles.

Don’t get offended with me bringing up the moon. Who set the moon in its exact position and set its schedule to rotate around the earth every 28 days? This has nothing to do with astrology.

The months and the years of God’s calendar have significant meanings which give us clues into getting deeper into God’s cycles of blessing. The Jewish months are not the names of a group of mythological and false gods like the Roman calendar.

Months and Years of the Biblical Calendar

The names of the Jewish months are obviously formed  from the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Even the letters of the Jewish alphabet have specific meanings and their letters also represent numbers. As a result, the years and months of the timing of God have specific meanings and significance.

Don’t Buy This?

Let’s quickly look at the year of 2005 in the Roman calendar. In the Hebrew calendar it was the year of 5765. The number 65 is derived from one letter that has a rounded shape called the “samech” and another letter that looks a bit like a window lattice called the “hey”.

Together they referred to a whirling wind. Do you realize that 2005 was a record year for hurricanes both in strength and numbers? The weather forecasters ran out of English names and had to start using Greek letters to give them names.

God’s Will and His Wisdom

God is still in charge of time and expresses His will and desire through His calendar. God’s purpose to His creation is revealed through His calendar. Contrary to what a lot of people think, God does not want us running around in the dark without a clue.

He expects us to seek out His will and His wisdom.  The Bible highly values wisdom and His desire is that we walk in His wisdom so that we can be in agreement with His will and receive our full inheritance both now and in eternity.

To help us get positioned for this to happen, He gave us His calendar so that redeeming the time we have on this earth would be possible.

Our Purpose

What is the purpose of man put in very simple terms? The answer is to be in agreement or alignment with God Almighty. Our inheritance in Christ will be opened more fully to us when we follow God’s perfect timing.

We have put together an easy and enjoyable way for your family to start redeeming the time. Let God have His perfect way in you starting today.

Do You Believe Timing Is Everything?

A Twist on Timing Is Everything

The truth of the saying,”timing is everything“, has the guaranteed ability to transform your life.

While this saying may not be an absolute truth, how you handle time is definitely crucial to your success in life. In other words, timing may not really be  everything, but it is a vital key to making the most out of life.

The real foundation for “timing is everything” is actually rooted in an obviously simple idea that hardly anyone talks about. God is not only your Creator, but He is also the Creator of time.

God’s Timing Is Everything

I’m sorry but man did not create time. We may have come up with several calendars like the Roman calendar, which most of the civilized world operates by today. Did you realize that God actually established the first calendar?

Yes, and you can find out all about it in several spots in the Old Testament. Leviticus 23 is a great place to get started. Following His calendar is a great way to easily get yourself aligned with His perfect timing.

Your ability or lack of ability to be aligned with God’s timing greatly determines your level of achievement in life. This is true for relationships, careers, and your finances.

The great thing here is that all it takes is for you to make a simple decision. Will you make the decision to learn all you can about God’s calendar and then follow it?

I’m sure you have experienced many times in your life when you missed the timing of a situation which resulted in a major disappointment in your life. You have also had those incredible moments when you had a “timing is everything” event that blessed your socks off.

Timing Is Everything – Good or Bad

A personal example of great timing in my life was how my family ended up in our new home. We had been looking for a larger home for our large family. We had also been praying for something nice and relatively new.

My husband got a call one morning from a real estate agent that had been keeping a lookout for a potential home for us. He was able to get an appointment late that morning to see the house before 2 other prospective customers later that afternoon.

He gave a deposit to the owner on the spot and we moved in about one month later.

A gut-wrenching example of horrible timing occurred several years ago while our family was moving into another part of Louisiana. We had made lease arrangements for a condo for our big family and started to pack up our rental moving truck.

The evening before we were scheduled to move out, the condo representative called to say the owner had changed his mind and didn’t want that many people living in his property.

We had to move, though. By God’s awesome grace, we stayed several nights at a local church before moving into a brand new home.

Wouldn’t you rather have God’s supernatural timing working in your favor? DO you believe this is even possible?

His timing, His calendar is like a conveyor belt moving you down a seasonal cycle of blessings and success. It is YOUR choice, however, whether you hop on or not.

Are you tired of trying to juggle all  the different aspects of your life, hoping somehow that it will all work out? You can enjoy God’s rest and favor by getting onto His conveyor belt destined for awesome results.

I can say this with full confidence: God’s TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

I invite you to learn more about the God’s timing, His calendar, and the Biblical Feasts at the link above.

Charleen Ecuyer

P.S. I invite you to share with us your thoughts about the Biblical feasts and God’s timing.