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Find Your Destiny – Should Men Over 50 Bother?

I am becoming more convinced that it is crucial to find your destiny in life. Once you discover your God-given destiny, then you must pursue it until you get your breakthroughs.

By definition, your destiny is something bigger than you. It isn’t something you can come up with on your own. It’s what you were put on this earth by God to get done. You can go after plenty of careers, but none of them may be your destiny in life.

The mistake many people make is that they feel they must get a job with the most money-making potential. They go after the jobs that seem the most popular. They get excited when they see those paychecks coming in. They fall for the trap that the big money is what it is all about.

Responsibilities build up and the expenses to raise a family get larger and larger. Thinking about what you were placed on this earth for tends to get lost in all this shuffle.

Find Your Destiny Miracle

Then something miraculous happens. You start realizing that you are in the middle of your best years and you start wondering what you really were supposed to do with your life.

If you are over 50, is it too late to find your destiny? The answer to that question is most definitely NO. I know that for a fact because I am 52 years old and I still haven’t achieved my destiny.


Men over 50, you are uniquely positioned to find your destiny and then achieve it. This is true for several reasons.

First, God never gives up on us. Moses was about 80 years old before he found his destiny and fulfilled God’s calling on his life.

Second, the life experiences of 50 years can bring much wisdom and the ability to handle pressure better. It also will hopefully enable you to work better with others. Ronald Reagan was 56 years old when he became the governor of California and was a grand old 70 years when he became President of the United States. Wow!

You tell me whether you think Ronald Reagan’s true destiny was playing the Gipper in Knute Rockne or playing a significant role in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and seeing the Cold War with Russia come to an end.

Third, after 50 years you are more focused and determined to accomplish something meaningful with your life. Abraham Lincoln was 52 years old
when he became President. He was determined to see an end to slavery in America and endured the anguish of several lost elections and failed businesses before he achieved a place of authority that allowed him to shape the course of a nation.

Fourth, many men over 50 years of age have learned the value of thinking beyond themselves and creating opportunities to benefit others. Mahatma
Gandhi was 52 when he took over leadership of the Indian National Congress which led numerous campaigns to improve the conditions of the millions
of destitute poor in India.

It is within this fourth reason that we find a true key to help you find your destiny. Your God-given destiny will always point to improving the lives of others and not just meeting your own needs.

If you are a man over 50, do not count yourself out. There are destiny teams waiting to help you FIND YOUR DESTINY now. If you are under 50 years
old, your youthfulness will still be appreciated and welcome.

Michael Ecuyer
Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams

Discover Your Destiny and Change Your World

Once you discover your destiny in life, the door to changing your world will open up. You are not a random blob on the face of this earth but a magnificent treasure waiting to be uncovered . Your life has a specific purpose. 

God did not close His eyes and randomly throw everything up and wait to see what would stick. Just like a football team or a recipe, everything has a set place and purpose. Things get messed up when we decide to do what we want and ignore God’s purpose and destiny for our lives.

The great news is that you no longer have to be like millions who are struggling with the answer to what is their destiny. You can finally know what is your destiny now.

Discover Your Destiny Journey

Thinking about your God-given destiny and pursuing the details about your destiny is a great place to start. There is much more involved, however.

There are many forces in play that are working against you on your path to discover your destiny in life. As a  result, it becomes very important for you to pursue your destiny like a bulldog. It won’t come jump on you and it won’t wait for the right alignment of the stars.

While what I’m saying applies equally to men and women, my destiny involves ministry to men. Men walking according to God’s purposes are a huge key to the health of our families, the church, and our nation.

If you do not take the time to discover your destiny, you will be settling for a lifetime of misery, confusion, and aimless journeys. You will never feel satisfied and you’ll keep looking for the greener grass in your neighbor’s yard. That is bad news.

The great news is once you have discovered your destiny, the real challenge and adventure begins. Using Frodo from the Fellowship of the Ring series as an example, there is a vital lesson to learn as you start your journey. Do not try to do this alone.

Achieving your destiny is a journey and what you need is consistent support, prayer, and Godly fellowship to successfully stay the course. You need a team working with you who are committed to help their fellow team members.

A destiny team like this will be your lifeline to help discover your destiny and also to walk in your God-given destiny.

I love what Ephesians 2:10 says,”For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which He prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

Discover Your Destiny Teams

A team designed to propel you towards walking in the fullness of your destiny should focus on these things:

1) Helping you discover your destiny,
2) Providing counsel and confirmation of your destiny,
3) Assisting you in gaining divine strategies and action steps,
4) Providing encouragement and support to be persistent in your quest,
5) Helping you to evaluate, adjust, and refine your steps.

For men of God to accomplish this, courage and determination are required. You no longer have to ask this question: Do YOU have what it takes? The real question becomes: Are you part of a Courageous Destiny Team?

Don’t put your destiny off any longer. Join a Destiny Team and             DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY at this link now.

What Is Your Destiny – How Do Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams Work?

What Is Your Destiny Thru Teams ?

It is time.  Godly men, rise up and discover what is your destiny! If you are struggling with this or are looking for help to walk out your destiny, then a Courageous Men’s Destiny Team is for you. What Is Your Destiny

So how does this life-changing, dream-realizing opportunity work? We have 4 FREE MOVIE COURAGEOUS DVD’s to give each 4-man team to help get things started.

Once your team is ready to begin meeting on-line, there are a couple of resources each man will need: The Men’s Resolution book, the Certificate, and a wristband. Hope N Him Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit will be able to provide those for you.

To join us and discover what is your destiny, all you need to provide is your name and email address, AND be a committed believer in Jesus Christ.

What Is Your Destiny?

If you are joining as an individual, we will place you in an available team already established or being established.

On the other hand, if you are joining with 1-3 other men who are interested, then we will assign your starting team a temporary mentor to help get your team established. We do encourage you to share this opportunity with other men.

What is your destiny in Christ? To be a team member you must be committed to discovering and/or achieving your God-given destiny and be willing to assist your fellow team members in  this same quest.


Here’s the big picture in answering what is your destiny and then we’ll cover what can happen within your team. The Courageous Teams Big Picture:

  1. Teams will have 4 members and will operate independently,
  2. Teams will commit to gather weekly for 15 minutes by chat or skype,
  3. Teams will operate with an informal identified leader/mentor,
  4. The Men’s Resolution from the Movie Courageous will be used,
  5. Teams will focus on prayer, encouragement,  and confidentiality,
  6. Each team will be free to decide exactly how they want to interact,
  7. Team guides are encouraged to report team progress or issues monthly,
  8. New teams will branch off once they grow beyond 4 members.

What Can Occur in Your Courageous Teams:

  1. Members can freely correspond with other team members,
  2. The team mentor will encourage leadership skills in all members,
  3. Any team conflicts will be handled in a loving Christian manner,
  4. Team members can request to be placed in another team,
  5. There will be no requirement for face to face contacts,
  6. Monthly meetings will introduce one Men’s Resolution topic,
  7. Wives are strongly encouraged to support their husbands but not interact with other team members.

Remember this: discovering and walking in the fullness of your destiny is a process. End the frustration to answering what is your destiny now!

Teams will encourage and assist one another in:

  1. Identifying each members God-ordained destiny,
  2. This will involve your vision for your family if you are a father,
  3. Looking for and giving confirmation and counsel regarding this,
  4. Prayerfully seeking strategies towards realizing your destiny,
  5. Prayerfully seeking specific action steps towards the same,
  6. Learning how to walk in persistence, patience, by the Spirit, and
  7. Submitting to your team’s evaluation of progress.

Wow – what an amazing journey to the fulfillment of your purpose in life.

If you are ready to make a life-changing commitment to discover what is your destiny, we are waiting for you. Remember  –  your destiny will not magically drop out of the sky and fall into your lap.

What is your destiny according to the world? It says YOU find your destiny, YOU choose your destiny, and YOU control your destiny.

You must fight for your destiny in life established by God! We are here to fight with you.



Mike Ecuyer

CMDT Co-Founder

P.S. Discover why it is so important to know WHAT IS YOUR DESTINY.