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You Can Afford 1 Gram of Gold

Get 1/2 Gram of 99.999% Gold For FREE

Is it possible for individuals who are interested in gold to get 1 gram of gold at a time? One problem many people have had in the past in buying gold is that it has not been affordable.

Many economic experts are even projecting that the price of gold per ounce could go much higher than it is right now. Who can afford it when it costs $1500 or $1700 or more an ounce?

That is no longer the case since you can now get 1 gram of gold at a time. I couldn’t pass up this incredible opportunity when I discovered it and immediately started buying 1 gram bars of gold. 2.5 gram and 5 gram certified gold bars also are now available.

1/2 Gram of Gold For FREE?

Here at Family Life Winners, we are making you an offer you can’t refuse. There is lots of good information below about Karatbars International, but here is how you can get your 1/2 gram of 99.999% gold for FREE.

1) Go to this site: http://www.karatbars.com/?s=famlife and register for your free customer account.

2) Complete your “KYC” verification steps.

3) Purchase your first gram of KB gold.

4) I will forward you payment for the price of 1/2 gram of gold at the time of your purchase to either your paypal account of solidtrust pay account.

5) You are not obligated to make any further purchases, but the wise person will.

Gold in 1 gram bars makes it very affordable for almost everybody. The price per gram of gold has been moving between $70 – $80. Did you know that only 1 % of the world’s population owns that golden precious metal?

Thanks to Karatbars International, that number will grow tremendously. This private company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany has uniquely positioned itself to be a distributor of 1 gram gold bars to over 80 countries at this point in time. They started distributing to just European countries about 2 years ago and have quickly expanded.

One of the reasons that gold is such a sought after asset is that it is able to retain its value even in the face of our constantly shifting economic conditions. For instance, one ounce of gold would buy a top of the line men’s suit in 1900. A 1-ounce gold coin or gold bar still has the same purchasing power, over 100 years later, to get you that fancy Gucci men’s suit you’ve always wanted.

What Makes Karatbars International (KI) and 1 Gram of Gold So Special?

They are the owners and operators of privately held gold mines, owners of the precious metal refining facilities, and owners of the production operations located in the country of Turkey. This enables them to eliminate the transfers costs beginning with the mining process all the way to distribution of the final product to wise buyers all over the world.

Here at Family Life Winners, we are making KI even more special by paying for your first 1/2 gram of gold.

Wise buyers of gold want safe options for the physical possession of their precious metal assets. Karatbars has 2 simple and secure paths for customers to take. Whether buyers want one gram of gold or several grams, they can have their purchase held in secure storage vaults at no cost for an unlimited amount of time. Vault holdings are audited on a periodic basis.

The other option for customers is to have their gold bullion bars shipped to their home. Delivery of small quantities are processed for shipping under careful video security and shipped by Federal Express. What more could you ask for? One of the things that made me fill so safe was being able to track my shipment by internet all the way from Europe.

Another vital service that this company provides to its clientele is a gold asset resellers program. At any time, customers have the option of selling their gold acquisitions back to Karatbars International. This is an important service by the company since it gives the gold bar owners a guaranteed buyer for their product. I’m not sure who would want to exchange their gold purchases back into a paper currency when our currencies keep losing their purchasing power day by day.

What Other Benefits Are Available to Those Who Take Advantage of This Chance to be the Owners of 1 Gram of Gold Over and Over Again?

There are several product choices including the classic black and gold Karatbars item. There is a 1 gram American eagle/Statue of Liberty packaged product that customers from the USA will surely appreciate. There is also a special collector’s limited edition item commemorating Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee for our dear brothers and sisters in the UK. Another special edition item is the Pope John Paul II 1 gram gold card.

All of these items are 1 gram of gold with an official stamp and certification. They are assayed or scientifically determined by the prestigious London Bullion Market Association to be 99.999% pure 24 kt gold, and encased with a security-enhanced hologram image in a laminated protectve covering.

Is There a 1 Gram of Gold Affiliate Program?

If that isn’t enough, KI provides another immense benefit to its valued customers. There is a FREE affiliate program that enables any registered buyers to receive handsome commissions from sales generated by their referrals. This could very well provide you with an excellence chance for extra income as a home-based business.

If you decide to become an affiliate, you will have access to your own website that potential customers can visit and make their own purchases. You will then receive commissions on these purchases.

You don’t have to figure out a way to get real 24kt gold in your pocket any longer. If you are interested, look around our site to gain more information about exchanging your paper currency to obtain 1 gram of gold every week or every month, or whenever you want. Remember, our paper currencies continue to lose their value day after day.