Stargate Birthday Party

Planning a Stargate Party can be great fun for you and your guests.

Stargate Birthday Menu:
Carter’s Jello: Various colors of jello cut into squares
Jack’s Fish & Beer: Goldfish and ginger ale in cans
Hammond’s Ham: Baked ham with pineapples
Daniel’s Archaeological Find: Shrimp and cocktail sauce served in an unusual bowl-ancient looking
Teal’s Staffs: Stick Pretzels dipped in chocolate                                                                       Stargate birthday cake: Bake the cake of your choice in rounded cake pans.  Frost as usual. For top create a border that looks like a Stargate adding blue jello for the center.



1. Create stargate at front or back door. With cardboard for a rim and black plastic inside this can be a fun project for the party goers or party planners whichever you choose.

2. Alter reality game
This is great fun but you have to cue party goers before hand. Tell everyone attending the party about the game. Have everyone in the game pretend the birthday girl or boy is in another reality. Choose a new name, favorite foods, games, likes and dislikes for your birthday girl or boy and have the time of your life as they try to figure out what is happening. After that, put alter reality-identities in a hat and let each one take turns playing various identities in alternate realities.

3. Stargate capture the flag stargateflag
Make special “stargate flags” and territories and take turns capturing the flags. Use art paper or material and have teams draw stargates creating a flag. Use these for the game when finished.

4. Fishing with Jack. Make a fishing pond and fishing poles. Place some black plastic on the floor in the shape of a pond. Create fishing poles with rods, string, and paperclips. Cut out fish and put magnets on them. Put numbers for prizes on fish and enjoy the fun.

5. Watch stargate season 1.


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