The Sabbath Day Can Bring Your Family To New Heights

Sabbath Day Blessings

The Sabbath day contains some super-charged keys to get above the sabbathrestcircumstances of life. Rediscover its vital role in seeing your family arrive at its full destiny. Make good use of the following 6 Sabbath principles.

It has been an exciting adventure for our family learning about God’s calendar. Join us in this fantastic journey.

1) God’s Truths Are Eternal

You can’t really expect to still obtain God’s full blessings and ignore the 4th Commandment. Please don’t fall for the trap of believing that the Old Testament has no worth to Christians now, since God’s law is cancelled under the New Covenant.

It is factual that the Bible says we are no longer confined by the law.  Failing to obey His law still has consequences and we ens up missing out on the best God has for us.

2) T-Minus Ten Seconds

This next saying will provide for you an unmistakable look at the condition of your heart. Your relationship to the Lord is just as good as you want it to be.  You’ll be on a supersonic flight to intimacy with your Savior by faithfully keeping the Sabbath.

Take time to really honor the Sabbath, and your family’s closeness with the Lord will start to improve. To do that though, you must R-E-S-T from YOUR work.

3) He Is True To His Promises

The Bible is filled with powerful promises. One fantastic promise makes an obvious association between the Sabbath rest and being brought up to new places of grace and success IN THIS EARTH.

That means right now. Check out Isaiah 58:13-14 carefully to see what I am talking about.

4) Pick The Best Portion

All of us have a destiny set aside for us by God. We will have to work and fight to see it come to pass. We still require a weekly rest from our work and bring ourselves to Jesus’ feet.

That’s what Martha’s famous sister, Mary, chose to do. It is very important that we set aside this time for our family to honor the Lord. In blessing Him this way, we position our families to receive the Lord’s rich grace and favor.

5) The Sabbath Celebration

How have you been making the Sabbath something special? Is the Sabbath just a chance to put a dent in your mountain of laundry or tackle that latest yard project?

Is it a time when your family remembers God’s working in your lives? Make your Sabbath’s a “delight”, and your family will insure that this day brings honor to the Lord. Let it be the HIGHPOINT of the week.

6) Position Your Family For His Abundant Grace

Our Father gave the Sabbath mandate as a present to us, His sons and daughters. It is not a burden to make us miserable. When we honor Him by resting from our labor, we are recognizing God as our one and only source.

Get prepared for “exceedingly abundantly above” things to come to happen when your family takes these steps. Stop running in the rat race the world has fashioned for you to stay on. The Sabbath observance isn’t some outdated ritual to be forgotten.

It’s time to start your journey to God’s awesome Sabbath blessings. Giving the Sabbath rest a central position in your family once again will honor God greatly. Scripture promises that honor will be returned to you.

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