Devotional Shevat 12, 5780 – Purify Yourselves

We have encouraged you to take action “day by day” through the renewal process (2Cor 4:16) that is going on in us because we must resist the growing flow, no a torrent of destruction pulling at all of us. We can’t give in to it if our confidence is to remain strong as ambassadors for Christ. One such example of a renewal action step from our Ambassador Victory Keys is found in 1 John 3:3.

He says:”And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.” By making and keeping a commitment to becoming the Glory ambassador of Christ we are called to be, we are engaging in a powerful action of purifying ourselves. Obviously, His holy word cleanses us also, as does celebrating communion.

Our need for continual purification creates a telling and motivating image of the challenging culture we live in. We are constantly having the sludge of perversity (pornography, greed, murder, envy, self-glorification, etc.) thrown at us. We can’t let any of this stick to us for a second and must keep ourselves purified.

Christ is coming for a spotless bride. What will He find when He returns? Let’s keep our hearts steadfast and focused in our pursuit of the things of Yah’s kingdom. As 1 John 2:28 says, abide in Him so that we may not be ashamed to stand before Him when He comes.

Stay with us as we continue on this journey of victory as effective Glory Ambassadors for Christ.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

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