That You May Prosper and be in Good Health

That You May Prosper and be in Good Health-Glory Key

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

As His child, He desires that you may prosper and be in good health. We are spirit beings that live in a body and have a soul. These 3 parts of our being are meant to work together, cooperating with one another. The core of who we are is our spirit man, and our spirits were born again, made alive when we came to Christ.  1 Thessalonians 5:23 describes how Paul’s desire and prayer for the Thessalonians and for all Believers. He prayed that our spirits, souls and bodies would be preserved blameless till the coming of Yeshua. 

As His Glory ambassadors, it is important that we pay attention to all 3 parts. We desire all 3 to be in good working order. A healthy body and a healthy soul are needed companions to our well-fed and well-exercised spirit man. We have all experienced the impact of an illness, whether it was for a short time or an extended time. It was no fun and hindered our ability to function at a high level. 

A huge part of Yeshua’s ministry was to heal and restore the bodily health of the sick. Whether it was a fever or a much more serious condition such as leprosy or blindness, He healed them all. There is a part you can play in promoting a healthy body which involves both faith and what you can do in practical ways so you may prosper and be in good health.

Practical Things You Can Do

Our focus in this section here is on the practical things we can do. We have 2 lifestyles we can pursue for our bodies: a couch-potato life style or an active lifestyle. For example, do we take the elevator or stairs to go up 2 flights of stairs? Our bodies need regular exercise of some sort. We are not saying we need to join a gym or hire a personal trainer, but those 2 options could also be very helpful for some of us at some point in time. 

The important thing is to start doing something to become more active such as walking, biking, hiking, swimming, stretching, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. Some form of regular exercise will strengthen your body and improve your immune system. It will also improve your general sense of well-being and mood.

Even 5-10 minutes a day of getting your body in motion will be a help. Let’s add something simple to our daily routines. We can get out of our recliners and take walks outside so that you may prosper and be in good health.

Prayer: Father, show me how to add this to my day and give me the strategy to make this a key part of my life. 

Confession: My body is Your Temple, I will bring glory to you in my mortal flesh! I prosper and am in good health!

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