Our Ministry To Men Knows That Men Are Under Attack

helpinghandchristianmenOur online ministry to men is called the Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams. This is a ministry of men that was formed to make ministry for men easily available. This men’s outreach was formed to help guys deal with the attacks that are specifically targeted to take them down. I will explain exactly what these areas are and how these attacks can be successfully handled so that Christian men can fulfill their destinies in Christ.

What Do Men Need Most in a Ministry To Men?

It is critical that men win the war that is being waged against them. It is also very important that men realize that they need the support and prayer protection of other Godly men to be victorious.

What Is This War About That Our Ministry To Men Can Help With?

There are 7 specific fronts that men are being engaged in so that they will be rendered useless or ineffective in fulfilling their role as a man. As I ask questions related to each of these 7 areas, you will mostly likely find them to be struggles that you are very familiar with.

1) Do you have any clue what your destiny is in Christ or are you not making any progress towards realizing your calling in life?

Fulfilling your God-given destiny is the secret to your happiness in life. When you are not making progress in this area, you will likely have struggles with discouragement and maybe even depression. It is at this point that many men start taking risks and making poor decisions that end up hurting those who are closest to them. Men will also look for quick ways to be gratified, which usually brings them further away from their destiny in life. There are typically no shortcuts in realizing your true destiny in life.

2) Do you find that you have trouble being honest or living up to your committments?

This area of attack has to do with your integrity and your ability to be trusted. We see countless events in the news about men who have engaged in corrupt business dealings and even pastors who have left their wives for a younger woman. God puts tremendous value in our level of honesty and in honoring our committments. While two of the deadly consequences of losing this battle are divorce and fatherless children, the ultimate expression of this defeat is walking away from the Lord.

3) Do you feel constant stress in the area of your finances and ability to provide for your family’s needs?

One aspect of the way that God wired men has to do with being challenged in the area of business or commerce. Every man I know has a desire, sometimes it’s hidden, to operate their own business and be successful. It is an entrepreneur spirit that came from the command to be fruitful and multiply and take dominion of your surroundings. The world has twisted this Godly adventure into a path of greed and stress and selfishness and fear that can consume a man. Operating a business or starting your own business is an honorable undertaking, but your motivation and committmentt to Godly business practices are a must.

4) Do you find yourself avoiding opportunities to provide direction and leadership for your wife and children?

With the super fast pace of life that we all enjoy these days, it can become a habit that we spend our time just trying to react to situations around us instead of seeking God’s plan. These days you really can’t just have a family. To have a successful marriage and raise children that learn responsibility and respect Godly values, you must have a vision for family life and a strategy to follow. A very important aspect of this is spiritual growth. Families cannot afford to continue to ignore this part of family life and the men need to step up to provide this through their example and through times of worship and instruction in the home, even if these times are brief.

5) Is your private time with the Lord superficial and your time spent in God’s Word passionless or non-existent?

The source of success and walking in the overcoming grace of the Lord can only come from your personal times of connecting with the Lord in His Word, in prayer, in worship, and in service. We cannot allow the demands of a career or the busy band and soccer schedules to push aside these vital times of closeness with Jesus. This can be rather challenging much of the time, but we must learn how to give Christ first place in our lives. The rewards are too great to measure.

6) Do you struggle with being tempted in viewing images of bikini or lingerie models or naked women?

This battle has to do with your purity of heart and will have destructive results for both married and single men. Pornography is a major destiny buster and is powerful enough to stop you dead in your tracks. Recent surveys are showing that over 80% of men have engaged in this activity and are not successful in tempting this demeaning temptation. The internet is overflowing with this filth and it is difficult to go anywhere without being confronted with these images on billboards, cable TV, and even magazines in the grocery line. Pornography is a plague that is destroying the lives of both men and women and it is time to take a stand against it.

7) Do you avoid chances to spend quality time with other Christian men and resist being held accountable?

It seems that women naturally look for companionship and comfort from other women. Men typically view this as a weakness and choose to stay isolated from their brothers in Christ to a certain degree. Generally men also avoid allowing themselves to be held accountable by other men. Again, men usually have great difficulty in sharing the areas of weakness that they struggle with. As a result, men tend to get sacked for big losses by desires and temptations that are destructive. We can longer allow these losses to keep piling up because our families and our destinies will suffer the consequences. It will be very tough to hear:”Well done, good and faithful servant”, unless we invite the accountability of our brothers in Christ and get involved in some type of Christian ministry.

I know that you are seeing yourself in these seven areas above. You don’t have to stand alone any longer. I invite you to find out exactly what our Courageous Men’s Destiny ministry teams can do for you. This ministry to men is here to give you a vehicle to support you on your journey to your destiny in the Lord.

Mike Ecuyer

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