Obedience To God Keeps You Standing Through the Storms

Your obedience to God will often mean the difference between success and ruin in your life. Many times we foolishly convince ourselves that we know what the best course of action is, and a careless prayer tossed into the heavens will secure our future paths. 

It’s a bit like many adolescents who think they are ready to take on any challenge while dismissing their parents’ “out-dated” ideas. I admire their boldness and passion, but the warning signs laid out on the path ahead by good old Mom and Dad are there for a good reason.

Obedience To God is Wise

While we may have a more complete picture of circumstances that our children face, our Heavenly Father knows ALL the in’s and out’s and the up’s and down’s for every situation. He is aware of every possible variable for the challenges we will face and His desire is for us to come out on top.

Our culture teaches a very dangerous myth that will prevent us from getting to that place on top.  Many people, both young and old, live by the myth that obedience to God is boring and confining. They want to be able to say “I did it my way.”

“It’s exciting to be rebellious” is screaming at our young men and women through music and media and all types of entertainment. The problem is there is a huge price to pay when they fall for those lies.

Thank the Lord that He sent His son Jesus who paid the price of our disobedience. It is through His sacrifice and resurrection that we can be restored from the destructive effects of our disobedience.

Obedience To God Is…

A simple but very important key to our obedience to God is walking with God. As we do this, we start talking to Him and more importantly we learn how to LISTEN to Him. It takes quiet and practice to listen to God.

God talks to us in many ways: through the Bible, through the still small voice of our spirit man, through circumstances (we need to be really careful here), through others, through dreams,  and through the wisdom and counsel from His Holy Spirit.

The big question is what are you going to do after you hear what God is saying. Obedience to God is not that tough. It is simply making a decision to SUBMIT to His wisdom and strategy for a situation. I know the word”submit” is a dirty word in today’s culture.

Without it, you risk missing out on being an over-comer. Obedience to God is a powerful force that will unleash heaven on your behalf and give you victory in the face of all kinds of trying circumstances.

Not only can we stand tall in the face of those coming storms, but we can gain new ground and new rewards and favor. This may be tough to believe but God is a REWARDER. Being rewarded is a scriptural concept. It is God’s plan.

I invite you to take a close look at what Jesus said about obedience in Luke 6:46-49.

Following God’s plan for your life and for those everyday decisions is always much easier if you have some Godly help. Check out our  online Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams to help your OBEDIENCE TO GOD.

Mike Ecuyer

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