Devotional Shevat 10, 5780 – No Infirmity Among Them

What is the most common challenge or concern, other than money, that people commonly have and spend a lot of time trying to resolve? It is our health and it may even be more of a wide-spread issue than money.

From aches and pains in various locations of our bodies, much of our attention goes to dealing with our health. As we get older, those concerns can become more serious when issues like diabetes, cancer, or heart disease begin showing up. Pharmaceutical companies are big business around the world and hospitals typically stay very busy.

Yahweh’s plan was and still is for us to enjoy lives free from these hardships that are continually trying to come against us. A big problem is much of the church believes it is just our burden to bear. When Elohim brought them out of Egypt, them being around 2 million people, “there were none feeble among them.” Ps 105:37

Two million people and none of them were sick or weak. These were abused people who had been mistreated for years and lived in poverty. Yet, the Lord made sure there would be no sickness or weak condition among them to start their journey to the Promised Land.

Are there any sick or feeble among us at church? Ouch, the answer is an embarrassing yes. Why? We believe mostly because Christians accept it and haven’t established faith for healing and continued health in their lives.

This must stop and the people of Yahweh need to realize they have healing hands and need to start calling upon that healing anointing as hands are laid upon the sick.

Start meditating on some healing scriptures and stop asking if it is God’s will that healing occur. Every time you touch someone, expect healing grace to be released. And don’t stop. You could hear people saying in your church that there are no feeble among us.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer


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