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We know that your time is valuable and we want to let you know how to get your first month’s supply of our awesome fruits and veggies whole food product.

Only 10 people  a month will qualify for this gift.

It really was a no-brainer for us since we recognize the nutritional value of getting your fruits and veggies every day.

But who can do that these days?!

And the quality of today’s fruits and vegetables have gone way down. Whole Foods grocery market is great but way too expensive. Enough said.

We Pay For Your First Month

But It Gets Better: You can additionally get one child’s order FOR FREE every month for up to 3 years as long as you stay active with your order.


1) Open up another tab in your browser while you stay on this page and go to your email that you entered in our form and there you will need to verify your welcome email. You will then get an email with our product link to discover exactly what we are talking about.

2) Check out the site and product information which includes a great 120 day unconditional money back guarantee from an established company with a stable history.  Why 120 days?  Drugs effect your body very quickly. It takes more time for the consistent daily intake of fruits and vegetables to have a positive impact. Many people experience beneficial results within one month, however.

3) Send us any questions you may have through that email. We will also let you know if we have reached our monthly limit.

4) When you order, you will pay for your first month’s supply but receive a 4-month supply package in the mail.

5) Let us know by email that you have made your order and we pay you for your first month’s cost, a $41 value, either by paypal or by check, whichever you prefer.

We are excited about investing in your health!

Charleen and Michael



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