Devotional Tivet 25, 5780 – Increase Our Faith

Increase Our Faith

Increase our Faith – has this been the cry of your heart? If not, you are missing out on a huge part of your walk with the Lord and fulfilling His will for your life. Your faith can’t be something you place on the back-burner of your life. It must be front and center.

As blunt as this may be, you can’t fulfill your destiny in the Lord without your faith continuing to advance, moving from faith to faith. In other words, this is not going to happen without your faith increasing.

Yeshua had just spoke to His disciples in Luke 17 about forgiveness and it was a bit much for them to take in. They had a good response, though: “Increase our faith”. Did Yeshua just place His hands on their heads and say, ” Let their faith grow”?

NO – He basically said for their faith to grow they had to start SPEAKING correctly ( 4 times this is mentioned in the 5 verses of His answer to them.) AND, the heart of the matter regarding both their faith and our faith to increase, was to put the faith we have to work for us.

In other words, start applying it to situations in our lives by speaking the action we want to see accomplished. Instead of moaning about how difficult or impossible things are, we need to speak the result we are seeking from a heart that is rooted in the Word and our Father’s will.

So, let’s say that we want to have a Rolls Royce because our neighbor just bought a Mercedes Benz limousine. We start speaking and directing our faith for that car to come into our possession since the word says that our Father gives us richly all things to enjoy (1Tim 6:17).

In this example, we are exercising our selfish desire, not faith, for a favorable outcome. We are using God’s Word to satisfy our wants. This is not faith since it was not birthed from the heart of God. If the Lord had a purpose for you to have a RR so that you could minister to this neighbor and if He has released this word to you, it’s time to increase your faith.

We will recognize the will of Yahweh more easily as we spend consistent time in His word and listening for the voice of His Holy Spirit and His prophets. From that foundation, we can speak life, blessing, healing, and prosperity into our circumstances and watch His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

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