These Gold Prices Will Create Financial Security

Today’s Gold Prices Make 

Your Financial Protection Easier 

Gold used to be affordable only for the rich guys and gals but with today’s gold prices, 1 gram of gold is easily affordable to everyone. Even better than that, we can position ourselves to receive commissions from those who not only  want 1 gr gold bars, but ALSO want to create an exciting stable income for their families.


Look at the brief videos below that talk about the value of gold in these times.

1) Click Here… Why Gold? Karatbars Introduction Video (1:42)

2) Click Here… Why Karatbars? REAL Savings with gold (3:04)


1) Get your FREE AFFILIATE Gold Savings Account at KARATBARS by clicking the image to the left.

2) Submit your KYC documents after you get your account.

3) Obtain your Bronze package which costs around $150. Then after your KYC documents have been approved, make your first 1 gram 24KT gold purchase which should be close to $69. So your total start up cost is close to $220. (You can exchange your declining dollars for either 1 gram, or 2.5 grams, or 5 grams of gold on a weekly or monthly basis.)

The image above is based on what the results would be like if 2 new team members have been added weekly AND everyone purchased 1 gr every week. Obviously, this is not a requirement, there are no quotas. If you are only planning on getting 1 gr of gold, then this plan won’t work for you. Week 2 and 3 don’t earn any commissions because the payout cycle amount has not been reached yet.

4) The last step is getting 2 people to duplicate what you just did. BUT STOP! We are going to do this for you if you are willing to help others also. We will show you how. Hard to believe? Together, we can only reach the goals from the chart above and more by adding new team members.

5) Stay in communication with us  – we will not bite. Reach us at with your questions.

Here is a good place to go that gives answers to a lot of questions:

We initially chose to have some 1 gr cards delivered to our home, but have kept most of our gold stored at KB’s storage facilities.

Mike and Charleen

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