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One of the most powerful and life-changing things you can do is get your life aligned with Gods timing, and the easiest place to start is with His calendar. Embedded in this calendar are links for DEVOTIONAL readings entitled Faith To Faith, Glory To Glory. Some explanation on reasons to follow God’s calendar are found below. The Amazon Kindle e-version:

God's Calendar-Get On It! : Moving from Faith to Faith and Glory to Glory

God’s Calendar-Get On It! : Moving from Faith to Faith and Glory to Glory

by Charleen Ecuyer and Michael Ecuyer                                                                Sold by: Amazon.com Services LLC  | Sep 17, 2020
Ages: 12 years and up


The Timing of God

Yes, God gave instructions about observing His calendar of appointed times and holidays in several books of the Old Testament, but best summarized in Exodus 23 and Leviticus 23. The Roman calendar most of the western world follows is man-made, as is the Chinese calendar.

Before you discount all this simply by saying the Old Testament no longer applies to Christians, which we would disagree with, please remember that Jesus observed the feasts and so did the early Church for several hundred years after Jesus ascended into heaven.

So, why should Christians celebrate the Biblical feasts/holidays and make use of God’s calendar? 

These appointed times for feasting and organizing our days were ordained by God “as a statute to follow forever throughout your generations in all your dwellings.” Over 20 years ago, the Lord started speaking to us about celebrating the Passover. We have been delighted to celebrate it ever since. As the years went on, we developed a heart to know our Savior Yeshua in a deeper way and all of all of His feasts became important to us. The Lord began to connect us with ministries that were doing the same, confirming His desire for us all these years. 

His times of feasting are truly a delight to our souls, for they are our Maker’s appointed feasts, not holidays designated by tradition or man. Family traditions can be a blessing as well, as long as they do not compromise what the Holy Spirit is telling us to do. We started learning about God’s  calendar and began following His design so we could be aligned with His timing on the earth. One of our favorite teachers describes the feasts as “times set by the Lord for restoration, times to set you free from every strategy of the enemy, and bring you into new cycles of blessing.”

It is our hope and prayer that you will discover much comfort and revelation in the devotional readings included in this calendar.

We have been celebrating Passover for over 27 years, and His other feasts over 18 years; email us with any questions at mjayec@hotmail.com!

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