Should Christians Celebrate Feast of Tabernacles?

Should Christians Celebrate Feast of Tabernacles?

Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles is an Extraordinary Time

Should Christians Celebrate Feast of Tabernacles? Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles is an extraordinary time to enjoy the blessings of the Lord. This time was probably the time of Yeshua’s birth and God ordained this celebration from the beginning of time. Jesus was most likely born in a Tabernacle that had been set up to celebrate this wonderful holiday in honor of God! Why is this a holy time of celebration? 

It is a 7-day harvest feast which occurs on the 15th day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar called Tishrei. Its name in Hebrew is Sukkot. The main theme of this feast is building booths or temporary dwellings, which is symbolic of God dwelling with us. Christians obviously know that their bodies have become the dwelling place of the Spirit of God. 

We Need to Ask Ourselves This Question

We need to ask ourselves these question. How much of our lives would we say we live in the full knowledge that God’s Holy Spirit dwells within? We need all the help and all the reminders we can get. We need these reminders to help break us out of the cycles of spiritual destruction or apathy that constantly swirl around us. God was aware of this and set up His annual feasts to keep us close to Him. 

What was Yeshua’s response to this feast? During the last day of this feast, Jesus stood up in the midst of the crowd and declared Himself to be the source of living water. He attended His Father’s feast and invited the people to come to Him. So let’s ask ourselves, “Should Christians celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles”? “Am I missing out on something Jesus Himself enjoyed?”

Build Sukkots

I hope you have concluded the answer to “Should Christians celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles?” is a resounding, “Yes!”!This can be a time of thanksgiving and celebration of God’s glory and presence in our lives. We build “sukkots” in the backyard using canopies or tents. We enjoy decorating them with branches and lights and enjoying delicious food as a part of the celebration. This is something none of us should miss out on! 

Tabernacles recipe: Spinach Bread 

1 10 ounce package frozen spinach 1 onion 1 stick butter 1 8 ounce package cream cheese, softened garlic powder (to taste) parmesan cheese, grated mozarella cheese, shredded 1 loaf of French bread or challah bread 

Cook spinach and squeeze excess water.  Saute onion and butter, add cheeses and spinach and garlic.  Mix until well blended.  Cut the loaf lengthwise and butter it.  Spread mixture on the bread and put into oven until cheese melts, about 15 to 20 minutes.   


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