Devotional Av 8, 5780 – 7 Day Praise Focus, Day 6

The following 2 devotional entries will be based on Glory of Zion’s 7 Day Praise Focus which was released towards the end of Av last year and addressed a prophetic word given related to “removing all offenses”.

Our prayer is that these following entries will help us to” develop a disciplined life of praise so the Lord enthrones Himself in our midst”.

DAY 6: Read Psalm 9. Be willing to share with others how the Lord has touched and changed our lives and made Himself known to us. Declare it is time to break out of any insecurity and into boldness.

We love to share god news with people, hopefully more than the bad news. The times and the ways that Yeshua has touched our lives can be a great encouragement and a message of hope to others.

Be prepared to share a story of how Christ brought restoration or healing or provision.

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