Devotional Av 5, 5780 – 7 Day Praise Focus, Day 3

The following 5 devotional entries will be based on Glory of Zion’s 7 Day Praise Focus which was released towards the end of Av last year and addressed a prophetic word given related to “removing all offenses”.

Our prayer is that these following entries will help us to” develop a disciplined life of praise so the Lord enthrones Himself in our midst”.

DAY 3 (AM): Read Psalm 34. Give glorious Praise to the Lord  because He has made His ministering angels to be available to us. Verse 7 says: “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them.”

We are not going to say that we even halfway understand the working of God’s angelic host, but let’s just enjoy this much needed assistance and do our best to speak life and truth from His Word and activate that angelic host assigned to us.

DAY 3 (PM): Read Psalm 85. Praise Yahweh, who has a place for us to be established in and restores favor to our land. Let’s continue to press forward throughout this month of Av.

Verse 1 says: “Lord, You have been favorable to Your land, You have brought back the captivity of Jacob.”  What is this talking about?

Since the Lord set the boundaries for the land for His people Israel to live in, there was a holy favor that He had extended to that land. Through their disobedience and rebellion, the people had brought reproach on the land of Israel and they lost the Lord’s favor and were taken captive by foreign lands. His favor and delight with His people and the land were being restored.

Do we have a land today? Sure we do. Our land is the area we are connected with, such as our home or property we own, our community, our city, our state, the nation we live in, and even the land of our heritage if we have moved internationally.

We have a responsibility to this “land” to invite Yahweh’s favor, to see His grace operating there, and to see His shalom ruling there.

Some may also say that this additionally is referring to the “land” of our bodies, which are temples of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor. 6:19) Let the Holy Spirit direct in this time of praise as we His favor upon our land.


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