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The Scripture On Patience Working With Faith To Inherit The Promises

The Scripture On Patience and Faith

There is a Scripture on patience that contains a very powerful secret to enable you to receive your Godly inheritance. Find out how Godly patience will act as a multiplying agent when it is combined with faith. Scripture On Patience

We rarely put faith and patience together in our minds. The Scripture on patience in Hebrews 6:12, however, tells us these two Biblical heavyweights will open the doors to our inheritance from God.

The problem is that patience nowadays is a rare commodity. We want what we want and it better be right now.

This kind of attitude works against our faith because it gets tough to believe that God is moving on our behalf when we don’t see anything changing with our physical eyes.

Scripture On Patience Lessons

Learning how to have patience can be a big help and we can look at some Scriptures on patience to point us in the right direction. There is a patience Scripture in James that tells us how to produce more patience in our lives.

It says that patience comes from our faith being tested. The Bible also tells us to do all things by faith. Really? Where does it say that?

Romans 14 tells us “what is not from faith is sin”. We can conclude that the right path is to do all things in faith.

In order to test your faith, start doing little things by faith, expecting God to show up. You can eat by faith expecting health and energy.

You can sleep by faith expecting to feel refreshed in the morning or by expecting encouraging dreams. You can study for a test by faith expecting God to bless the work of your hands and keep you free from worry.

It is sad that so many Christians give up on walking by faith so quickly and they don’t experience the blessing. It is because they have little to no patience.

Another Scripture on patience in Romans 15 says that our Heavenly Father is a God of patience. That is not only part of His nature but He is also a resource from whom we can draw patience from.

One things is for sure – patience will not come by accident.  Let us give you a couple of examples.

Scripture On Patience Examples

We have a large family and had been living in a 4 bedroom home for several years. We prayed and thanked the Lord for a bigger house. Several possibilities came along but none of them worked out. We stayed in patience and faith expecting God to do something.

Three tears went by and suddenly, we got a call in the morning from a real estate agent friend who knew of a three-year old home with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

I got an appointment to view the house that same day and gave them a deposit to hold the house for us. That’s where we are living now.

Also, we have been foster parents for many years now and had a sibling group of 2 placed in our home for a pre-adoption visit almost 6 years ago. Everything went great but the state decided we already had too many children and didn’t place them with us.

Recently, we received a call about placing a teenage girl in our home. We had thought maybe our days of fostering were finished but could not say no in this situation. The agency placed her with us and we soon realized it was the girl we had in our home 6 years ago.

It is amazing how God will work in our lives when use faith and patience.

Michael and Charleen

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Is Death By Government on America’s Horizon?

Is Death By Government Coming?

The thought that America is possibly poised to experience death by government struck me this morning like a lightning bolt. Death By Government

The question is, are you ready to simply accept whatever the outcome of the upcoming presidential election?

This whole idea of death by government is a rather dark one for me to be looking at but I must relieve the burden of my soul.

This morning I heard a brief conversation between two men in their twenties. One started with asking who did they think was going to win the election. A couple of
vague statements were made concerning both President Obama and Mitt Romney.

This lasted about two minutes and then the conversation casually changed to what they were eating for breakfast. Their attitude about the lack of importance of which direction our nation would be taking later this year slapped me in the face.

My concern is that there are millions more people like this.

What does all this have to the with the spiritual pulse of families? The direction our government takes has a direct impact on the freedom that families will
have in choosing how to express their calling and place in the community.

This nation was founded on having the freedom to express our beliefs in God free without the government’s restrictions. While the state can never take away
your glorious calling to be an ambassador for Christ and to serve Him and love Him with all your hearts, they can and have limited people’s expression of
that love for our creator.

What Is Death By Government?

Death by government is happening every day in Europe and in China and countless other countries. It is now happening more and more frequently here in the USA.

How would you like to head off to attend Sunday service and find that the church building was just been razed to the ground? All because your pastor just
gave a message on the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality.

I believe death by government really began when the whole twisted notion of separation of church and state began gaining traction. I thoroughly believe that
the Church is meant to operate along side the limited role of the civil government.

Civil government was never meant to be the answer to society’s problems. In fact, the only way civil government can function effectively is if it
operates as an extension of God’s government.

Every day we are seeing more and more the effects of a run-away government. America’s governmental control continues to gain momentum at a frightening
pace under our current administration. It is tough to find one area of life that the government is not trying to regulate.

Why should Christians be concerned? Our calling as a child of God is to love Him, obey Him, to be about His business, and to push back any darkness we encounter.

When we see that darkness showing its face in our government, we cannot afford to sit back passively. A government that not only allows the killing of babies
but promotes it, is in serious darkness.

Death By Government In America

This is the same government that is erasing all mention of Christianity, yet promoting other faiths. This is the same government that purposefully attacks
the foundation of society established by God by trying to redefine marriage and family.

And this is the same government that goes out if its way to silence
the one redeeming hope that America has to get back on track – the church.

If this isn’t death by government, I don’t know what is.

Civil government is not to be our source of provision, our source of health, our source of education , or our source of general welfare. It is only to be
our source of protection and the protector our freedoms.

We are seeing a government in America that is seeking to control every area of our lives from the food that we eat, the schools we attend, the health care we receive, and the money we spend.

When the Godly are in places of authority, the people have reason to rejoice. This is definitely true for people but not the Church. The Church always has reason to rejoice irregardless of what is going on in our civil government.

While we are not citizens of this world, we are its stewards. I’d like to see our country be in better shape, not worse, than it was when I was first born.

Are you willing to watch DEATH BY GOVERNMENT strengthen its grip over America?

If you aren’t, you can do things.

1) Register to vote now or encourage someone you know to register, and

2) Send this post to everyone you know who is tired of government regulating too much.

Michael Ecuyer

What Are The Blessings of Abraham For the 21st Century Christian?

What Are the Blessings of Abraham?

I’m sure you know who Abraham is but have you ever wondered what are the blessings of Abraham?

Some very common expressions heard in Christian circles today is “be blessed” or “I am blessed”. You don’t hear too many Christians talking about the blessings of Abraham, though. What Are The Blessings of Abraham

Why is that?

It’s either because they haven’t thought about it much or that they are scared to dig into it too deeply.

Do you know what the word “blessed” really means. I’m not talking about Webster’s definition here. Where did this wild word come from?

It’s English meaning is related to being a gift from God. There is also a reference to blood. Very interesting, as Maxwell Smart would say. Do you know
who he is? Never mind.

A more ancient meaning has to do with kneeling and presenting a gift. I know you are not looking for an English lesson so I will move on to Abraham quickly.

God revealed what are the blessings of Abraham when He pronounced the blessing over him. What did He say?

God told him first to move so that He could transform Him into a great nation. He then said He would bless him, make His name famous, and make sure he
would be a blessing to others. Sounds like a pretty awesome deal for Abraham and the descendants of Abraham.

The next thing God tells Abraham is the real clincher here. God promises that He will also bless those who bless Abraham.

He finishes this life-altering pronouncement by saying – look at this VERY CAREFULLY – that all the families of the earth will be blessed THROUGH Abraham.

You should be dancing and throwing a party by now after this bit of information.

Now that you know WHERE to go to receive God’s bountiful blessings, you logically need to know exactly what are the blessings of Abraham.

God said He would bless Abraham. Let’s look at exactly how he was blessed in His life AFTER he obeyed God and moved.

What Are the Blessings of Abraham?

1) Abraham soon acquired an abundance of possessions and wealth in the money of that day. God made him incredibly wealthy.

2) Another area of blessing was in overcoming his enemies, which was seen as he kicked the rear-ends of four kings and their armies. That’s is an area of
blessings that we all would like to benefit from these days.

What was Abraham’s response to all this? He gave a tenth of what he had to King Melchizedek.

3) A third area of blessing was a promise for children and a huge number of descendants. Up to this point, Sarah, his wife, had not born any children.

4) The fourth area of blessing was a new identity. God changed his name from Abram to Abraham.

God was giving him the name that was connected to his destiny. His new name had a specific meaning which was the “father of a great multitude”.

God did the same thing for Sarah, who was originally Sarai. Why did God do this?Because every day they would be calling each other by name into
their destinies, and helping to establish their new identities.

5) The last blessing of Abraham was an everlasting covenant that he could trust in knowing that the favor of God was his.

Abraham’s response to this covenant of blessing was obedience, tithing, and lastly faith. Abraham’s part was to be obedient and to believe.

That is our part also.

What Are The Blessings of Abraham?

Remember how God said that this covenant of blessing extended to Abraham’s offspring AND those who blessed him? All these same blessings belong to us.

We become Abraham’s seed through our confession of faith in Jesus Christ. He is even called our father of faith.

If every Christian has access to these blessings, why don’t we see more Christians walking in them? What are the blessings of Abraham?

They are for ANY Christian who responds to them WITH FAITH.

Michael and Charleen

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Liberal Tolerance and More Chick-Fil-A Information

You will find the latest Chick-Fil-A information getting more interesting as time goes by. America must feel quite privileged to have the center stage for one of the most twisted pictures of modern society.

This is the same culture that produces theater murderers and concludes that we must come up with more strict gun control laws. Is anybody talking about
healthy family dynamics and easy access to prescription drugs or pornographic websites?

A soul is a fragile thing. What can we expect when our young men and women have free access to the vilest imaginations of mankind through the internet?
Adding to this is free access to schematics on how to make bombs and set sophisticated booby traps.

I’m getting back to the Chick-Fil-A information.

The President CEO of Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, has the audacity to say that his company supports the Biblical definition of marriage. By the response of our
responsible and ethical media, you would think he just suggested that the meat industry is responsible for America’s epidemic heart disease problem.

Did he say that Chick-Fil-A refuses to serve any homosexual couples? Did he say that Chick-Fil-A would require that potential patron’s would have to fill out
a survey on homosexual marriage before they were served? Did he say anything derogatory about gay couples?

How dare he apply Biblical principles to the operation of his company! How dare he express an opinion about the condition of our misguided culture that walks in arrogance before God in trying to redefine marriage. I applaud Dan Cathy’s boldness and truthfulness.

Latest Chick-Fil-A Information

Following this, the country gets an eye-opening dose of true tolerance from the mayor of the great city of Boston. He announces that any business permit
request from Chick-Fil-A to open its restaurant doors in Boston will never pass his desk. His desk – the king of Boston.

After this glorious display of America the free in Boston politics, the upstanding and character-filled mayor of Chicago brilliantly follows suit. This latest Chick-Fil-A news is actually helping their already thriving business which went to the tune of $4 billion in sales last year.

Are company presidents free to make statements involving morality and dare to recognize the value of Biblical principles in America? They are, and if the American public is inclined to choose not to “eat mor chikin”, they are free to do so.

Are public elected officials in America free to foolishly make statements of denying a business the right to open its doors in their city because of issues of morality?

I guess they are. They can also expect to have every civil lawyer in town serving them a subpeona. This kind of behavior may be expected from officials of a
socialistic country like Cuba or China. But America?

It appears that some semblance of sanity has returned to the Boston mayor since he has recanted his absurd but “tolerant” position. I’m not sure that this will
ever be the case for Chicago’s mayor.

The latest Chick-Fil-A information reveals that many conservatives have publicly spoken out in favor of the position that Dan Cathy has communicated. The
response has been to organize a Chick-Fil-A  appreciation day.Will you finally make a stand and make your position known for Biblical family values?

Your local Chick-Fil-A will be looking for you. Will you be there to “eat mor chikin”?

Marketing Systems and Training

Let me say right up front that I am no online marketing genius and I’m not going to hand you that pitiful line about making thousands of dollars every month on the internet.

My heart is to empower Dads to fulfill their God-given roles to their families. One of those roles is to be an instrument in God’s hands to bring forth abundant provision for your family and others around you.

Depending on the type of home-based business you want to build, you must either attract customers, team members, or both. To do that, we will now  look at the 3rd component of a successful family home business: you need an easy, effective marketing system and simple training to follow and duplicate for your team.

There are hundreds of online marketing systems available and some of them cost quite a bit. My goal is always to keep start-up costs as low as possible and even free. Gaining online marketing skills may be a slow process but don’t get discouraged. Remember the reason you are pursuing this.

Here is a recommended list with brief descriptions:

1) Netdivvy – An excellent FREE system with a variety of training and tools.

2) Biglistbigsales – A FREE team-building marketing system authored by a very personable and dedicated young man that provides training in using traffic exchanges (accumulate advertising credits by visiting websites) and safelists ( accumulate advertising credits by reading emails directing you to websites).

3) Wealth Creation Network – This is a thorough but FREE marketing and training system with a built-in autoresponder (team-building email tool that every marketer needs) funded through multiple trial offer programs.

4)  Prosperity Marketing System – An excellent low cost system ($27 lifetime with 60 day guarantee) for internet beginners with built-in training and team building tools.

5) Downline Partners – A FREE fully customized team building and business opportunity advertising platform.

All of these systems have built-in opportunities to generate income with little to no costs. The goal here is to get a variety of online marketing/advertising training experience under your belt.   

Remember, you must be able to commit a small amount of time such as 30-60 minutes (including prayer) several  days a week. Set a schedule for yourself, include family members if possible, and do your best to stick to that schedule.

A now we will move on to those elusive “Can’t Lose” business opportunites that we have found if you are looking for some options. These awesome online businesses fall somewhere into what we call the 3 P’s:

1) Provision

2) Preparation

3) Protection

All of these are vital necessities when it comes to family.


The Right Business Building Team

The economic climate is changing drastically if you haven’t noticed. Old ways of doing business are disappearing and businesses that don’t make the right changes are going under. Our debt-based economy is crumbling.

Whether your home business is online or offline, internet marketing for your business is crucial to its success. There are resources out there now for little to no cost! But don’t try and do this on your own. You need a team. It is my desire to gather a team of fathers who will assist one another in this process. The right team for you is the team that:

1) Operates with the same values you have,

2) Offers a variety of can’t lose opportunities, and

3) Gives you access to the training you need.

The Family Life Winners Business Team (FLWBT) is built around supporting fathers who want to bring family life and business ventures together and for fathers who want to get out of DEBT.  THERE IS NO COST!

We also want to focus on business opportunities that improve the quality of  life for others and reflect Christian values. The support that we provide to team members  will be founded on a serving heart, prayer, honesty, and guidance from the Lord.

The photo to the right  is a good illustration of the structural concept for our team building process – WORKING WITH TEAMS OF 3. 

Basically, we are asking that you commit to building your own mini-team of 3 like-minded members with plenty of flexibility regarding the type of business product or service. Our teams will focus on:

1) training,

2)prayer and divine guidance for business success, and 

3) encouraging one another on a consistent basis.

If this doesn’t sit well with you, we are NOT the right team for you.  We wish you well in your search for home business success, though.

Next, we  will move on to some specifics about marketing for your home-based family business.

Mike Ecuyer


A Vision Bigger Than Yourself

If you are looking to take care of yourself and no more, than you have come to the wrong place. I’m sorry but I cannot believe anybody’s purpose here on earth is to see how much stuff you can collect for yourself and then die.

One of the greatest joys in life is blessing and encouraging  others and making this world a better place to live in.

Back to a vision bigger than yourself. Dads, did you know that every successful family needs a vision, a direction to go in? Well, your vision or direction for coming home through setting up a home-based business is very important.

Why? Because this is going to take time and dedication and you need to be passionate about what you are doing 1 year and 5 years from now.

If you haven’t already, spend some time praying about this. I hope you believe in God and not someone who goes around praying to rocks. Expect an answer, expect some direction. Talk to your wife and children definitely. Pray with them about this because you can’t do this family business thing without  them.

Things will go much smoother if you ALLOW YOUR VISION for coming home and impacting people’s lives through some product or service TO BE FLEXIBLE. You don’t have to get it set in stone before you get started.

Next, WRITE YOUR VISION DOWN. Describe what you want to see accomplished. Be as specific as possible and include time frames for seeing your vision come to pass. You can break it down into steps.

Continue to pray to see your vision refined.  When you have made some progress here, let’s move to the next step of joining the right team for you.


What Is Hanukkah To Christian Believers?

What is Hanukkah? This is a Jewish holiday with a very important message for Christian believers. Hanukkah, known as the Festival of Lights, or the Feast of Dedication has an amazing link to Christianity as do most of the feasts spoken of in the Bible.

Look into this wonderful story, and discover for yourself its relevance to every Christian believer. See if you can recognize the connection between the supernatural grace released to push back the darkness embodied in this holiday and God’s dedication to us through giving His only begotten Son to bring His light back into the world!

To completely answer what is Hanukkah, I’ll provide some enlightening Hanukkah facts: Before 165 BC, the Jewish people who lived in Judea were under the rule of the Greek kings. King Antiochus Epiphanes took control of the Temple in Jerusalem, and forced them to give up all worship of God. He made them bow down to the Greek false gods.

Records clearly show that he defiled the temple by sacrificing a pig on the altar, and spilling its blood on the holy Scripture scrolls. As a result of this persecution, a group of ONLY four Jewish brothers, led by Judah Maccabee,

assembled an army of warriors to fight against this evil control and blasphemy. After fighting for three tough years against all odds, a miraculous victory was achieved, and the Temple was rededicated to the Lord.

As part of this rededication, a flame representing God’s divine presence was to be lit for 8 days. However, most of the oil for this flame was defiled by the Greeks, and it would take a week for enough new oil to be purified. Though there was only enough oil for one day, the eternal flame burned miraculously for the eight days required during this ceremony, until more sacred oil was ready.

Hanukkah also means dedication, and has been commemorated for centuries by lighting a special nine-branched candelabra, called the menorah. One candle referred to as the “servant”, is used to light the others.

Jesus Christ is our perfect example of servant-hood as described in the following scripture. Phil 2:8-9 states: “And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled himself by living a life of utter obedience, to the point of death, and the death he died was that of a common criminal. That is why God has lifted him to the heights, and has given him the name above all names.”

Hanukkah is a picture of God’s precious Son, the Light of the World, and through the gift of His Spirit in us, we can be a Light as well!

So, what is Hanukkah to Christian believers?  It is a time to remember our God’s faithfulness and abounding grace. It is a time to remember the need for us to persevere during persecution or trials UNTIL the victory comes. It is a time to remember that the same presence that filled the temple keeping the flame lit, lives in us helping us to shine like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

As Paul says in Colossians 2:16-17, these feasts are a shadow of things to come! As Believers, we will learn more about Him as we celebrate the festivals that were important to Him!

I trust that you now have an answer to what is Hanukkah to encourage you to experience this holiday. We invite you and your family to learn more about His Biblical feasts  and watch the doors of God’s blessings open up for you to enjoy.

Origin of Halloween – Are You Aware of How This Holiday Started?

Are you aware of the true origin of Halloween? There was a time when I was totally uniformed about the connection this holiday has with occult practices. I assumed it was just a fun holiday and eagerly participated in a Haunted House as a fundraiser for my church until learning about the origins of Halloween.

Halloween began well before Christ’s birth as a three day celebration of the dead by the druids in ancient region s of England and Ireland. It is recorded in history as the eve of samhain, which marked the end of the Celtic calendar year.

During this festival, divination and soothsaying were practiced. Druids dressed as witches, goblins, and fairies were  reported to go throughout the countryside harassing people for contributions of food. This is the basis for our current trick-or-treat rituals. Satanic worship and witchcraft, including black cats, were all associated with this time which sounds much like our current Halloween traditions.

The current Halloween practice of dressing children in masks and costumes and sending them out into the neighborhoods for “food” closely mimics those harassing behaviors by the early druids. Even the jack-o-lantern got its beginning from turnips carved as death masks carried by the druids during this time.

These traditions have become a part of American family culture as simple and playful fun. The true origin of this fun paints a much different picture. The question remains: is this a practice that our children should be engaging in when it was born out of these “dark” beginnings?

Is it just simple fun or is there more going on behind the scenes?

Next time you are tempted to spend hundreds of dollars on ghastly decorations and cavity-inducing delights, think about the origin of Halloween.

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