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Do We Understand Authority?

 luke10-17      I am thankful I can say somewhat like the Centurion, “I am a woman under authority and I understand authority!” These are just some of the scriptures the Lord clearly impressed upon me in my thirties and said, “Come follow me!” Though this is clearly in Scripture, and He confirmed it t o me in immeasurable ways, I got a lot of persecution for believing His truth and following His Word to me.

     In honor of Donald Trump I want to call this, like I usually do: (ONE) 1 Corinthians 11:1 “Imitate me, just as I imitate Christ .2 I praise and appreciate you because you remember me in everything and you firmly hold to the [a]traditions [the substance of my instructions], just as I have passed them on to you. 3 But I want you to understand that Christ is the head (authority over) of every man, and man is the head of woman, and God is the head of Christ……….8 For man does not originate from woman, but woman from man; 9 for indeed man was not created for the sake of woman, but woman for the sake of man.” 

Ephesians 5:22 Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23 For the
husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself
being the Savior of the body.…
Esther 1:22 He sent dispatches to all parts of the kingdom, to each province in its
own script and to each people in their own language, proclaiming that every man
should be ruler over his own household, using his native tongue.”
     I will not say I was perfect in every jot and tittle of my life, but it did become my
core because He asked me to follow Him. I am so extremely thankful I did. Because
now I clearly understand what He meant when He spoke to the Centurion:
Matthew 8:5 “As Jesus went into Capernaum, a [b]centurion came up to Him,
begging Him [for help], 6 and saying,“Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed,
with intense and terrible, tormenting pain.” 7 Jesus said to him, “I will come and heal
him.” 8 But the centurion replied to Him, “Lord, I am not worthy to have You come
under my roof, but only say the word, and my servant will be healed. 9 For I also am
a man subject to authority [of a higher rank], with soldiers subject to me; and I say to
one, ‘Go!’ and he goes, and to another, ‘Come!’ and he comes, and to my slave, ‘Do
this!’ and he does it.” 10 When Jesus heard this, He was amazed and said to those
who were following Him, “I tell you truthfully, I have not found such great faith [as this]
with anyone in Israel.”
     So as we understand authority, being subject to authority, we understand the truth
about the authority He has entrusted to us as His ambassadors on the earth.Every jot
and tittle of His Word is true, and every jot and title is FINISHED:) WE ARE THE
     Father help us to fulfill the great commission you have entrusted to us. Let our
faith be great like the Centurion in Scripture who honored you by understanding the
power in Your Words.  May we grow in wisdom by submitting to the the authorities
you have placed in our lives. May we use this wisdom to exercise this authority over
all of the work of the enemy. Thank you that, “It is finished!”

The Sabbath Day Can Bring Your Family To New Heights

Sabbath Day Blessings

The Sabbath day contains some super-charged keys to get above the sabbathrestcircumstances of life. Rediscover its vital role in seeing your family arrive at its full destiny. Make good use of the following 6 Sabbath principles.

It has been an exciting adventure for our family learning about God’s calendar. Join us in this fantastic journey.

1) God’s Truths Are Eternal

You can’t really expect to still obtain God’s full blessings and ignore the 4th Commandment. Please don’t fall for the trap of believing that the Old Testament has no worth to Christians now, since God’s law is cancelled under the New Covenant.

It is factual that the Bible says we are no longer confined by the law.  Failing to obey His law still has consequences and we ens up missing out on the best God has for us.

2) T-Minus Ten Seconds

This next saying will provide for you an unmistakable look at the condition of your heart. Your relationship to the Lord is just as good as you want it to be.  You’ll be on a supersonic flight to intimacy with your Savior by faithfully keeping the Sabbath.

Take time to really honor the Sabbath, and your family’s closeness with the Lord will start to improve. To do that though, you must R-E-S-T from YOUR work.

3) He Is True To His Promises

The Bible is filled with powerful promises. One fantastic promise makes an obvious association between the Sabbath rest and being brought up to new places of grace and success IN THIS EARTH.

That means right now. Check out Isaiah 58:13-14 carefully to see what I am talking about.

4) Pick The Best Portion

All of us have a destiny set aside for us by God. We will have to work and fight to see it come to pass. We still require a weekly rest from our work and bring ourselves to Jesus’ feet.

That’s what Martha’s famous sister, Mary, chose to do. It is very important that we set aside this time for our family to honor the Lord. In blessing Him this way, we position our families to receive the Lord’s rich grace and favor.

5) The Sabbath Celebration

How have you been making the Sabbath something special? Is the Sabbath just a chance to put a dent in your mountain of laundry or tackle that latest yard project?

Is it a time when your family remembers God’s working in your lives? Make your Sabbath’s a “delight”, and your family will insure that this day brings honor to the Lord. Let it be the HIGHPOINT of the week.

6) Position Your Family For His Abundant Grace

Our Father gave the Sabbath mandate as a present to us, His sons and daughters. It is not a burden to make us miserable. When we honor Him by resting from our labor, we are recognizing God as our one and only source.

Get prepared for “exceedingly abundantly above” things to come to happen when your family takes these steps. Stop running in the rat race the world has fashioned for you to stay on. The Sabbath observance isn’t some outdated ritual to be forgotten.

It’s time to start your journey to God’s awesome Sabbath blessings. Giving the Sabbath rest a central position in your family once again will honor God greatly. Scripture promises that honor will be returned to you.

7 Steps To Spiritual Healing and Victory In Life

Your Journey To Spiritual Healing

Are you tired of losing the battles of life? For you to experience victory in life, spiritualhealthyou must be healthy spiritually. The challenge is that we all have had to deal with events that have hurt us. This creates spiritual wounds that require spiritual healing.

But you may be asking yourself: “Why do I keep getting beat up by my circumstances?” “If God is for me, why do I feel like I’m always swimming upstream?”

If you are tired of losing and not seeing God working in your life, we invite you to carefully consider the following 7 steps and look for some special instructions in step #4.

1) Salvation in Jesus:

The first step towards spiritual health and experiencing true victory in every area of life STARTS through salvation in Christ Jesus. This relationship sets us apart as His adopted sons and daughters and we become His heirs.

As His children, we have a  new focus, a new destiny, and a new passion to seek His kingdom first and give Him first place in our lives. We also receive the remedy to our spiritual blindness as our spiritual eyes are opened.

2) Agape Love/Unconditional love:

The love that our heavenly Father has for us is so great and it beings the process of spiritual healing in our wounded lives. His great grace gives us access to a victorious life.

Commit daily to making love the foundation of all that you do. This also opens the door for us to enter into a loving relationship with our Father in heaven.

His fountain of love becomes available to us as we love Him with all our heart, soul and strength. His favor and grace is not earned but freely given to us. His  love then allows to know what spiritual wellness really is.

3) Faith in His Word:

Putting our faith in His Word is like the daily dose of medicine we all need to secure our spiritual healing. It is our FAITH in His promises that gives us access to the Lord’s bountiful blessings.

Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word which comes from the mouth of God. Spend daily time in Scripture and listen for God’s voice. You must exercise our faith for it to grow.

4) Follow God’s Calendar:

God created time and it is one of the most precious gifts we have been given. How we manage our time is crucial. He has shown us how to organize time right down to the days.

He gave us His calendar so we would know how to make the best use of our time. His calendar shows us how to prioritize our time in the best way possible through observing the days, the weeks, the months, the years, and especially His annual times of feasting.

Do you know some simple steps to introduce God’s calendar in to your life?

5) Speaking Life:

Our words direct the course that our lives take. We must learn to control our mouths. Jesus purposed to speak ONLY what He heard from His Father. It is vital that we train our tongues to speak life, not death, and to speak blessings and not cursings.

Two Final Steps For Spiritual Health:

Here are last 2 steps to create an atmosphere for the Lord’s glory to dwell in your home and produce victory:

6) Make a Joyful Noise/ Releasing a Heavenly Sound:

We are the Lord’s mouthpieces and we need to use our mouths to release praise and create an atmosphere of blessing and love in our homes and everywhere we go. Sound is a powerful force and sound changes things: words spoken in love or bitterness strongly influences those who hear them.

As His agents here on the earth, it is our calling to release God’s sound from heaven. The shofar releases such a sound. Study the use of the trumpet or shofar  in Scripture and join with the heavenly host as you blow the shofar.

7) The Holy Spirit/The Menorah:

It is not by our might or strength that we overcome our challenges. It is by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The menorah is a visual reminder that we have the promise of the Holy Spirit working in our lives ( Isaiah 11). This is very much like Abraham having the stars to look at to remind him of his destiny in the Lord.

As His children, we invite you to consider the spiritual guidance that we have shared with you here.


Obedience To God Keeps You Standing Through the Storms

Your obedience to God will often mean the difference between success and ruin in your life. Many times we foolishly convince ourselves that we know what the best course of action is, and a careless prayer tossed into the heavens will secure our future paths. 

It’s a bit like many adolescents who think they are ready to take on any challenge while dismissing their parents’ “out-dated” ideas. I admire their boldness and passion, but the warning signs laid out on the path ahead by good old Mom and Dad are there for a good reason.

Obedience To God is Wise

While we may have a more complete picture of circumstances that our children face, our Heavenly Father knows ALL the in’s and out’s and the up’s and down’s for every situation. He is aware of every possible variable for the challenges we will face and His desire is for us to come out on top.

Our culture teaches a very dangerous myth that will prevent us from getting to that place on top.  Many people, both young and old, live by the myth that obedience to God is boring and confining. They want to be able to say “I did it my way.”

“It’s exciting to be rebellious” is screaming at our young men and women through music and media and all types of entertainment. The problem is there is a huge price to pay when they fall for those lies.

Thank the Lord that He sent His son Jesus who paid the price of our disobedience. It is through His sacrifice and resurrection that we can be restored from the destructive effects of our disobedience.

Obedience To God Is…

A simple but very important key to our obedience to God is walking with God. As we do this, we start talking to Him and more importantly we learn how to LISTEN to Him. It takes quiet and practice to listen to God.

God talks to us in many ways: through the Bible, through the still small voice of our spirit man, through circumstances (we need to be really careful here), through others, through dreams,  and through the wisdom and counsel from His Holy Spirit.

The big question is what are you going to do after you hear what God is saying. Obedience to God is not that tough. It is simply making a decision to SUBMIT to His wisdom and strategy for a situation. I know the word”submit” is a dirty word in today’s culture.

Without it, you risk missing out on being an over-comer. Obedience to God is a powerful force that will unleash heaven on your behalf and give you victory in the face of all kinds of trying circumstances.

Not only can we stand tall in the face of those coming storms, but we can gain new ground and new rewards and favor. This may be tough to believe but God is a REWARDER. Being rewarded is a scriptural concept. It is God’s plan.

I invite you to take a close look at what Jesus said about obedience in Luke 6:46-49.

Following God’s plan for your life and for those everyday decisions is always much easier if you have some Godly help. Check out our  online Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams to help your OBEDIENCE TO GOD.

Mike Ecuyer

P.S. Feel free to share your comments or questions below.






This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made-How To Really Live By It

The simple truth of “this is the day that the Lord has made” has been ignored by so many Christians. If you learn how to live by this powerful truth,  your life can be totally transformed. Each day holds awesome treasures from our Heavenly Father for us to lay hold of.

In order to be able to do this, all you need is a big mouth and about 5 minutes of your time each day. Bold faith and a positive attitude are NOT required to get started. You will find that these 2 traits, however, get stronger in your life if you are persistent in following some simple steps.

If you are like me, you are very familiar with this scripture out of Psalms. The problem is that we can get so familiar with a Bible passage that it becomes common to us.

When this happens, we are in danger of ignoring the life-changing power that is available to help make us the over-comers we are supposed to be in Christ.

Recently, I woke up and noticed a vague sense of dread about the upcoming day. There was nothing troublesome scheduled for my day and there was no reason for me to be feeling this way. It then dawned on me that this had been happening to me a lot lately.

I got angry because I had been allowing this feeling to come up frequently and had done nothing about it.  A familiar tune to “this is the day that the Lord has made” came up in my spirit and I started singing it.

Immediately I knew that I had to grab the truth in this Scripture and DECLARE that this new day was going to be full of blessings. I slowly began to look forward to the coming day with great expectation. The Lord had made this day and He made it for me to come out smelling sweet.

The first thing I noticed was that the sense of dread had left me. I was now determined to see God’s presence and favor show up that day. This is how we must start each day off to see God’s victory in our lives.

I am not suggesting that if you do this you won’t have any challenges or struggles for the day. I am guaranteeing that as your heart gets established on the truth of this Scripture, you will be prepared for whatever comes your way and will end up standing victorious.

This Is the Day That The Lord Has Made Easy Steps

This is how you can put your big mouth and 5 minutes each day to work for you. Do this any time after you wake up or on the way to work.

1) Open your mouth and loudly speak the words of Psalm 118:24. Repeat these words several times slowly and with meaning. Don’t rush through it.

2) Thank the Lord as you invite Him to show up in specific events or tasks you have to complete for the day.

3) Place a written reminder wherever you need inside your house or in your car.

FOR THE LADIES: You can get more awesome ways to get your family aligned with God’s timing here – THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE.

FOR THE MEN: Learn about how you can be part of a Courageous Men’s Destiny Team here – THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE.

Mike and Charleen Ecuyer

P.S. Share with us your comments about enjoying the blessings of the Lord’s days.




Unit Studies For Homeschoolers Centered Around The Biblical Feasts

Unit studies for homeschoolers that focus on Biblical feasts are excellent studies for your children. One of the awesome things about these particular study adventures is you can do it as the actual feasts are occuring throughout the year. All ages will be able to participate and gain insight and wisdom regarding these God ordained appointed times of celebration. You can turn these school days into feast days through creative homeschooling unit studies.
How To Arrange Your Schedule

Unit studies for homeschoolers, in general, are a flexible way to enhance your homeschooling experience for a variety of grade levels at the same time.
Take just 3 weeks out of your homeschool schedule and experience a lifetime of blessings! Celebrate and learn about the Feast of Passover in the spring, the Feast of Pentecost in the summer, and the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall.
Lesson Plan Ideas

Bible Lessons: Teach your children how the truths from these annual feasts can be applied to the Christian walk.
Social Studies/History lessons: Study how the feasts fit into a world history context.
World Geography: Get your children more familiar with Middle Eastern maps.
Home Economics: Develop some simple kitchen cooking projects as a family using delicious Jewish recipes.
Arts/Crafts: Create simple fun projects to encourage your children’s creative talents.
Science: Experience the effect of shaking up cream.
Our Judeo/Christian Heritage
As Christians, there is so very much we can learn from our heritage as grafted in sons and daughters of Abraham. Ephesians 2:13 tells us we are no longer Gentiles by the blood of Jesus and have been brought near near to the nation of Israel. And to make it even more plain, Galatians 3:29 serves as a new will with us being the offspring of Abraham. Hebrew traditions are so rich in culture and life, teaching us much about our Savior and His ways.
Spiritual Growth Through Worship
Each celebration is based on a special time of worship and honor given to the most deserving Father of all. In Leviticus 23, the Lord spoke to Moses declaring the feasts of the Lord as times set apart to worship and remember His goodness. This will enable our hearts to get established on the things that are important to God, which in turn transforms us spiritually.
Do you need more help on putting unit studies for homeschoolers to good use in your home? You can get more FREE details on the Biblical feasts and improving your homeschooling experience.

My Jewish Cookbook For Christians?

My Jewish cookbook will help your family get ready for the Lord’s special feasting times. You and your family are officially invited.
Did you know there has been an open invitation for the past 3500 years?
It is obvious that our culture has been trying to drain the life out of our marriages, our children, and our families. Don’t let that happen to you.
Your family can experience the abundant life that Jesus came to provide. You will have to be pro-active, though. The first thing you can do is ask this: “What can we do to walk in the abundance God has provided for us?”
The answer is our Jewish cookbook. Well, that’s only part of the answer. Let me explain.
Actually, His Biblical feasts are a big part of the answer! If you’re tired of everyone thinking Christians don’t know how to have fun, you can do something about it.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the only fun is in worldly celebrations such as New Year’s Day or Halloween. Christianity should have a million times more to offer in how to celebrate than the world.
Contrary to what you may have heard or been taught, God really knows how to have fun, even after having to put up with all our mess. There are meaningful holidays for us to celebrate, but let’s start doing it the Lord’s way.
Just look at Leviticus 23 and Exodus 23 to get an idea of what is available. Our family began to learn more and more about His appointed times of feasting and we were determined to have fun doing it.
As we began to celebrate these times, we noticed a new joy was rising up in us. This is very much needed in these times of great change. We also saw our family being knit together like never before!
Now getting started was a bit of a challenge at first. It seemed very strange to be celebrating these feasts, when no one around us had even heard of them.
We started collecting Jewish recipies and then decided to put together a Jewish cookbook.
You may think it is strange to celebrate Hebrew feasts as a Christian, but remember: we are grafted in and have become the seed or offspring of Abraham through Christ. Galatians 3:29.
Jewish dishes with strange names like “blintzes and tzimmes” may not be what you are used to. We had so much fun, though and discovered many awesome dishes as we checked out some Jewish cookbooks.
So our family started off by celebrating the Passover every year, which is the source of the practice of having Communion. We made it a fun time, full of music and delicious foods. Our kids looked forward to these fun times.
God’s desire is for us to taste and see His goodness, especially during His times to party. That’s why we created an easy Jewish cook book to help you get started.
Please don’t miss out on these great times of blessing and excitement for your family. We are excited about providing you with this opportunity to put our Jewish cookbook to good use and TASTE AND SEE THE LORD’S GOODNESS.
To get some additional FREE details on how you can start celebrating the Biblical feasts, just follow the link.

Celebrate Jesus and Watch Your Family Be Transformed

3 Minutes Will Change Your Family Forever!

To celebrate Jesus every day and see that celebration influence my family and everyone I encounter is my constant hope. You and your family can put the same life-giving influence to work in your lives. I trust these questions and answers will propel you down that path.

Q. Does celebrating Jesus bring success in THIS life?

A. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that you and your family have to be doormats. Jesus didn’t let the world run Him over. He laid down His life freely as act of love and obedience. He was the most successful person to walk the face of the earth. Your family can enjoy the same success He did right now, by learning how to celebrate His life of love.

Q. How can I celebrate Jesus’ life?

A. The most obvious answer is to imitate Him with excitement. That’s easier said than done. It all starts with laying down your life and declaring Jesus to be your Lord, which means master. The saying part is still important because it keeps the door of hope open to becoming more like Him. Through constantly praising Christ, reading and confessing Scripture, and walking in the fruit of the Holy Spirit, we move closer to being able to imitate Jesus.

Q. Is it really possible for me to be like Jesus was?

A. Jesus was and is much more than someone to admire. His life revealed to us how to gain victory in every circumstance of life. You and your family can love like He did, forgive like He did, and walk in victory like He did. Now, that’s a lot to get excited about. Jesus even pronounced that we could do greater works than He did. Let’s not sell ourselves short.

Q. Does Jesus want us to celebrate the Jewish festivals?

A. Let’s not make this too complicated. Part of celebrating Jesus is imitating His life and Scripture tells us He did participate in the Feasts. The Last Supper was actually the Feast of Passover. Jesus also participated in the Feast of Tabernacles as described in John 7. These appointed times of feasting were established by God for the Jewish people to observe. The feasts gave them continual opportunities to honor and remember God’s place in their lives. I firmly believe this is true for Christians also.

Q. What spiritual meaning does the Passover Lamb hold for us?

A. In the New Testament, Jesus is called “our Passover.” God sent His Son, the Passover Lamb, so that we all could have access to being transformed from death to life. Everything that is separated from God is moving to destruction. Just watch the news to see evidence of this. He gave the Israelites the Passover feast to mark their change from slaves to being a free people. This was only the starting point of the process of their transformation. And it is through Jesus alone that we are able to celebrate OUR movement from death to life.

During the past 10 years, our family has discovered lots of cool ideas about how to celebrate Jesus. One thing we definitely need is more chances to bring times of celebration into our homes. Come right now to get some more ideas for your family to celebrate the  Biblical feasts.