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Some Preparation For Disaster Thoughts From Katrina Survivors

Preparation For Disaster

We would like to share with you some preparation for disaster thoughts. While we are not government experts on how to prepare for disaster, we have a lot of experience in preparing for a disaster. Preparation For Disaster

We are not only Katrina survivors but K-storm thrivers.

We were without electricity in the heat of Louisiana’s summer for 31 days and actually have some fond memories of that time.

The Lord was able to use to prepare several thousand meals in the 4 weeks following the hurricane’s hit to southeast Louisiana.

In fact, the biggest factor that enabled us to thrive in the face of the discomfort and stress and isolation from this storm was the fact that we were able to help people in serious need.

Seven years later we are again reviewing how to prepare for a disaster with the expected arrival of Isaac to the Gulf Coast region.

Preparation For Disaster Key

Here is the foundation for being prepared for disaster. The best preparation for disaster and protection from harm is being under the Lord’s wings.

This really comes down to having the faith in the Lord promises for protection. That faith is built within you through the Word of God.

We declared scriptures that promised God’s hand of protection as we watched 10-ton pine and oak tress crashing around our kitchen back in 2005. Not one hit our kitchen.

We were prepared spiritually because we had been laying hold of God’s promises of protection for our family for several years.

There are quite a few practical things that you need to address also so that you can be positioned to help others.

You will need a variety of basic items to help you deal with the loss of electricity: candles, lanterns or flashlights, non-perishable food, ice to keep your freezer and refrigerator items cold until you can eat them, and ways to stay cool or warm depending on your location.

Also be prepared with gasoline to keep your vehicles running in case you want to evacuate.

The mistake many make in their preparation for disaster is trying to get prepared the day before the expected strike. When dealing with hurricanes, at least you do have some advance notice. Tornadoes and earthquakes do not give you that kind of luxury.

The time for preparation for disaster on a spiritual level and practical level is when things are going smooth.

Preparation For Disaster Weapon

The biggest weapon you have to successfully prepare for disaster is peace of mind. Where is that peace going to come from when you have a tree crashing down on your house, or when your toilet paper has run out, or when you’re going through cable TV and internet with-drawls?

Where is your peace of mind going to come from when each day brings another round of new challenges to face?

It will come from being spiritually prepared and practically prepared so that you can do 2 things.

First you can provide for the basic needs and protection for your own family. Secondly, you are able to be a blessing to others who are facing the same stresses and challenges as you are.

During the K-storm, we fed a group of elderly neighbors and were able to provide shower facilities for their use. The looks on their faces and their gratitude were priceless. We also fed a group of kitchen volunteers with real home-cooked meals.

We were able to thrive in the midst of what was going on, and we give all the credit to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As a result, we were able to be an encouragement to those who were suffering.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. Stayed tuned as we share an awesome plan of PREPARATION FOR DISASTER that neighborhoods across the country can put into play. For now we invite you to check out more ideas to be prepared in life as winners at the link above.

Is There a Dan Cathy Inside of You?

It amazes me how the simple words of Dan Cathy, President of Chick-Fil-A, can be having such a huge impact upon the culture of America.

Media reports immediately began to blast Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A for his supposedly anti-gay rhetoric during an interview with the Baptist Press.
Commentary from numerous media reporters labeled Dan and Chicki as filthy haters. Comments from those who are supportive of the gay agenda I will not repeat here due to the vulgarity.

This man simply said that he and the company he represents are supportive of the Biblical definition of the family. He also said he finds those who would try to redefine marriage as prideful and arrogant. What would you call someone who thinks they know better than God?

Let’s keep this very simple. Look at the words used by Dan Cathy and his employees and then look at the words coming from our media outlets and gay
establishments. You tell me now who is full of hate.

Reports from all over the nation are the same. Chick-Fil-A had record sales on Aug. 1st. The crowds came in the morning and continued into the evenings. Many restaurants ran out of food.

All because one man thought he was making a simple statement of his Biblical view of the family and applying Biblical principles to business. The Muppets
couldn’t stomach that and have crossed Chick-Fil-A off their list. They have every right to do so. I have every right to cross the Muppet’s off of my list, too.

I thank God that this whole series of events have happened. I don’t believe it is over yet. We are just seeing the beginning of an awakening of a nation that is starting to stand up and recognize this nation’s Christian and Biblical heritage.

I would be willing to bet that less than 20 percent of Americans would believe that at one point in our early history that Congress passed a law to approve funds to print Bibles to be used in our public schools.

And now over 230 years later, who could have imagined that this would be the start of the “chicken sandwich eaten around the world”?

I don’t believe Dan Cathy had a clue what would develop from his simple interview. He hasn’t backed down from all the criticism and that makes him
a man of courage and boldness.

I guess his statement of being in full support of the Biblical definition of the family was just the straw that broke the camel’s back of the liberal community. They ridiculed and mocked Chick-Fil-A’s stance of honoring the Sabbath. Honoring God was just too much for them to stomach.

The liberal community thought it was time to declare war on big mouths like Dan Cathy. Chicken-loving families (not Nancy Pelosi’s brand of chicken)
from all over the USA responded to the call. Our weapons of war are love and respect and the truth of God’s Word.

Let the games begin. A torch has been lit.

Is there a DAN CATHY inside of you?