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The Gathering of Shofars with Hope N Him Ministries

You Are Invited to

the Gathering of Shofars

The earth and mankind and everything in the universe was created by Yahweh through the release of His sound. We are His mouthpieces and it is time that we release HIS sound to bring HIS kingdom blessings down to rule in our midst.

Awesome and supernatural things occurred in Old Testament times when the sound of the shofar was released: the walls of Jericho falling, the Lord’s presence manifesting on Mt. Sinai in Exodus 19, and Gideon’s army of 300 men routing over 100,000 Midianites.

Our atmosphere is polluted with man’s sound and it has been occupied by demonic forces for too long. BUT NO MORE!

It is time to fill our atmosphere with the heavenly sound of shofars!

It is the time for victory and the gathering of the Heavenly Host above us to do battle. The modern day picture of this is how our military deploys their air forces before they send in the ground forces.

Mike and Charleen Ecuyer, of Hope N Him Ministries, have been releasing the shofar sound into Louisiana’ atmosphere every evening since 2008. We have been doing this IN FAITH, expecting to see the Lord’s mighty hand move in our lives and in Louisiana – we have not been disappointed!

One of the functions of the shofar sound was to gather the people together (Numbers 10). That is what we have been doing for these past 4 years and have just realized it.


We believe that the Spirit of God is directing us to release a call for the
GATHERING of SHOFARS of the people of God, here in Louisiana and beyond.

If you choose to answer this call, we simply ask that you join us, wherever you are, in releasing a shofar sound of “Charge” EVERY evening at 9pm, using your own time zone. (Just try to get as close to 9pm as you can.)

Do this IN FAITH, expecting to see God’s Spirit and the Body of Christ ADVANCE in mighty ways.

Please register with us now at:

by providing your name and city and state.

This way we will be able to forward any updates to you. We also strongly encourage you to communicate to us through the comment section below.

Encourage others to join this powerful gathering.

If you are interested in learning more about the different shofar sounds and many awesome revelations about the shofar, we wholeheartedly direct you to Allen Faubion at his website

If the Holy Spirit is directing you to join us but you do not have a shofar,
we invite you to shop here:

Once there, click the shofar tab, browse their selection, and order you own shofar from Israel!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike and Charleen Ecuyer

P.S. Go here for some info about the role of shofars.