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What Is A Test of Faith When Life Slaps You In The Face?

What Is A Test of Faith?

What is a test of faith when circumstances around you smack you in the face? It is a chance to see what you are really made of. It is a chance to see what you are putting your faith in. What Is A Test of Faith

Somehow people started getting the idea that everyone and every situation is supposed to just magically bow before them.

When one little thing doesn’t line up for us, it’s time to throw a pity party.

Your faith is one of the most valuable assets you have. Tests of faith are actually a good thing. We need these occasional or maybe even regular tests so that our faith can grow.

What is a test of faith? A test of faith is when you wake up in the morning with a sense of dread for no reason at all. Are you going to hide under the covers or face the world?

Facing those tests may be painful many times. That is where the real challenge comes in. Is it worth it? It has to be.

What Is A Test of Faith?

Why is our faith so valuable? It is our faith that unlocks the blessings that God has set aside for us. A lot of people think those blessings are just for heaven but we believe they are for our enjoyment now.

Jesus asked when He returned to earth would He find faith. He asked this because it is not guaranteed. We have a big part to play in the condition of our faith.

We all start off with a measure of faith and become the caretakers or managers of our faith. But our faith will not grow magically. We have to learn how to exercise it.

It is powerful stuff, though. All it takes is some mustard seed faith to get things really moving.

What is a test of faith? It is test to see if we really believe that victory is ours through Jesus Christ. The problem with today’s society is that it is conditioning us to be softies.

If one thing goes wrong, most people just give up. If your marriage hits a rough spot, it’s time to run to the lawyer.

What is a test of faith? It is the decision you make whether you are going to trust what your eyes are seeing or trust the promises you have in God’s Word.

Jesus told Jairus to “only believe” after he heard that his daughter had died. What was he going to trust in? Was he going to believe the bad news or trust what Jesus said?

What Is A Test of Faith and How To Pass It?

1) You must know what God’s promises are found in His Word,

2) You must spend daily preparation time getting strong in His Word, just like you get your 3 meals a day,

3) Find yourself a faith partner so you can help each out in those tough spots,

4) Make it a point to exercise your faith in small situations at first and then build to bigger challenges, and

5) You absolutely, positively must speak “right”, which means according to God’s promises.

The next time life slaps you the face, remember that faith test is getting you closer to your next victory.

Michael and Charleen

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The Kingdom of God Is in You – 5 Keys To Release It

The Kingdom of God Is in You

If the Kingdom of God is in you, why don’t you see the power and blessing of God flowing through you regularly? Is your life manifesting the power of the Kingdom of God at all? The Kingdom of God Is in You

Just to get all this straight, the Kingdom of God is in you because that is what Jesus said. The most obvious Scripture about the Kingdom of God is found in Luke 17:21 where Jesus said it is in us.

If you are a Christian, your life should constantly be a visible expression of God’s power and blessing. The challenge here is that this most likely will not happen automatically.

There are five keys that can follow for you to be visible and effective minister of God’s grace and power. That means that you are dealing with the effects of evil in people’s lives like Jesus did when He was on this earth.

We will take a look at the life of Gideon to see how you can put these 5 steps to releasing the glory of God’s kingdom from inside you. This steps were shared by Robert Heidler to the Global Spheres Center congregation.

The Kingdom of God
Is In You – 5 Keys

The Kingdom of God is in you and it is past time to let it out.

1) You need to know who you are. Your identity shouldn’t come from your friends or even your parents. Your identity comes from the Word of God.

He said we are to be more than conquerors in Christ and we are to be a light in this world Find out who you are now.

2) Once you know who you are, you need to discover what is your destiny in the Lord. As His son or daughter, you have a destiny or a direction to take in life.

Ask the Holy Spirit what that is. The Bible says that we were created for good works that He established for us to complete.

3) One of the areas that we need to be constantly aware of is dealing with any areas of sin in our lives. This is what gives our enemy the chance to hinder or block us from walking in the fullness of our destiny.

He wants you to doubt that the Kingdom of God is in you. If he can’t succeed at that, he wants to keep God’s glory from flowing out of you. On-going sin in our lives is like a plug to stop that up.

God told Gideon to tear down an altar of baal that his father had built. He needed to deal with this area of sin in their lives.

Ask the Lord where you are missing it and how you can deal with any sin that you have allowed in your life. Stay submissive to the Lord and allow others to help keep you accountable.

4) Whatever the Lord has for you to accomplish, it will require you to take a step of faith. It is not enough just to know that the Kingdom of God is in you, but you must be willing to step out in faith.

An angel of God told Gideon he was to deliver Israel from their enemies. Gideon followed the Lord’s instructions in narrowing down the numbers of his army so no one would be tempted to think it was by their might that the nemy would be defeated.

5) You may know that the Kingdom of God is in you. You have sought and received direction about what your calling in life is. You may have dealt with sin in your life.

You may have even stepped out in faith. The last key is to seek God’s strategy on how to get the job done.

God had a very specific plan for Gideon and his army to follow. The result of following God’s strategy was the routing of the Midianites’ army which was a huge number.

The Kingdom of God Is In You – Special Times

We are indeed living in unique times, and we fully believe that the Body of Christ must stay close to the Lord and follow His plan for us to fulfill our heavenly destinies.

Michael and Charleen

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How Do All Things Work Together For Good When Life Sucks?

All Things Work Together For Good

Will all things work together for good in my life? The answer to that question really doesn’t depend on God but it depends on you. All Things Work Together For Good

Now before you get all huffy, hear us out. And please excuse our use of the word “sucks”. It just seemed to fit.

Several years ago a statement like this would have gotten me a bit hot under the religious collar.

While we would never doubt the validity of this promise from God in His Word, the application of God’s promises in Scripture comes down to us.

For example, let’s say a Christian woman gets divorced after 15 years of marriage when her husband leaves her for another woman. This woman would understandably be devastated for a time.

How would the Lord’s promise of all things work together for good apply to her situation? She has a choice to make that will affect her for the rest of her life.

It is not automatic that this tragic event will result in good things in her life. She has the choice of remaining bitter for the rest of her days and living a miserable life.

Or she can trust God enough to forgive and turn to His healing and restoring grace. In this case, the Lord’s promise of all things work together for blessing is a promise she can count on.

Before we say anything else, this promise of all things work together for good does not apply to everyone who reads it. It applies ONLY to those who love the Lord and are attempting to walk in His purposes.

How Do All Things
Work Together For Good?

Most church-going folks are so easily offended and upset when something goes wrong. No matter how bad things get, Our Heavenly Father is able to take the circumstances of our life and turn them into something glorious.

Look at what He did with Mary Magdalene. Look at what He did for Ruth in the Old Testament. Look at what He did for Corrie Ten Boom.

Now there is a woman who had an opportunity to respond with bitterness and hate for those who destroyed her family. She chose to forgive and receive the healing and restoring grace that only the blood of Jesus and the love of God can provide.

How do all things work together for good through hardship or loss or abuse? You cannot allow those horrible circumstances to define who you are.

God sent His Son to pay the ultimate price for all of mankind’s sin and for the sorrow and destruction that it can release.

God has the missing piece of the puzzle of your life that will release restoration and victory again.

Can all things work together for my good? You have to decide where you are going to pitch your tent.

Is it going to be in the land of hope and victory? Or is it going to be in the land of discouragement and self-pity?

All Things Work Together For Good Moving Company

The great news is that the Lord is ready to move you out of the county of despair. All you need to do is ask Him, trust Him, and leave your ugly and smelly baggage

Michael and Charleen

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How To Live By Faith Starts With Laying Down Your Life

How To Live By Faith

If you want to know how to live by faith, you need to answer one simple question.

The question is this: Who or what are you living for?

The answer to this question tells you why you get up each morning and face the daily challenges that confront you. Many people can get turned around from their original course of wanting to serve Jesus after being hit with difficult times.

We will make a lot of progress in learning how to live by faith if we ask ourselves this question each day. By doing this, we will be able to tell if we have gone off track. God is faithful to forgive us and help get us aligned right again.

How To Live By Faith Answer

If you are truly honest, sometimes your answer ends up being yourself or some material gain. That is when you need to remember that Christ laid down His life for you.

By laying down your life, you have gotten back on the faith track. The Bible tells us that we no longer have to live like mere men and women pursuing things just to get our needs met.

Paul wrote many letters talking about how the just shall live by faith.

It is an awesome thing to lay down your life for a friend or a family member, but we are talking about living for Jesus.

Knowing how to live by faith is not a complicated thing. Living by faith can only be accomplished One Way, as the song above says.

You simply need to give Jesus first place in every area of your life and expect your Heavenly Father to do what He promised He would do.

He promised that He would show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to Him.

To live by faith means to trust that God is a Rewarder of those who trust Him and diligently seek Him.

Lay down your life daily and live by faith daily in Jesus Christ in order to have your needs met and meeting the needs of others.

Michael and Charleen

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How To Walk By Faith When You Keep Missing The Mark

How To Walk By Faith

You can learn how to walk by faith even when everything around you seems to indicate that God has abandoned you. Your faith may be the most precious possession of all and you must value it highly. How To Walk By Faith

To discover how to walk by faith, you must know that your earthly senses can only give you a part of the picture.

The Scripture says we are to walk by faith and not by sight. We are not suggesting that you completely ignore what is going on around you.

The key to hitting the mark here is to view those negative events or discouraging situations around you AS A TARGET for you to project your faith at.

This will even work if you just have “mustard seed” faith. We’ll talk about this more.

How To Walk By Faith In 5 Steps

How to walk by faithStep 1: Faith always begins with God’s Word or His promises. The first step in walking by faith is getting familiar with His Word so you can easily find the Godly truth related to your circumstance.

The last part of this step is to get yourself solid on that promise in God’s Word. You can do this by reading out loud specific passages on healing, for example, many times a day. Also spend time thinking about the Scripture passage.

How to walk by faith – Step 2: Jesus spent time alone with His Father frequently. To walk by faith, we need to have a quiet time daily to listen to God’s Holy Spirit. Hearing the Holy Spirit speak to our spirit man is superfood for our faith.

How to walk by faith – Step 3: The success of our faith walk depends a lot on our mind-set. Jesus described this faith mind-set in Luke 17 when He likened faith to a servant. Our faith is a force that we need to put to work in our lives.

How to walk by faith – Step 4: We walk by faith when we start exercising our faith to bring about Godly results.

Start with simple troubling situations like your mother-in-law coming for a visit. Using Scriptures “on loving your enemy” to help bring God’s grace on the scene could be a humorous example.

Your faith exercises must include speaking God’s Word over your situation, and then acting in some way upon the truth of what His Word says for that circumstance.

How to walk by faith – Step 5: Walking by faith was never meant to be an empty exercise like bench-pressing 250 lbs. The motivation behind putting your faith to work must be one of love, for faith works by love.

How To Walk By Faith Check

You can use these 5 steps as a faith checklist. If you are not seeing your faith move the mountain before you, use this list to see if you are out of line in some way.

God’s Word never fails but our application of it may fall short sometimes.

Michael and Charleen

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What Is The Word of God To Families Under Daily Attacks?

What Is The Word of God

What is the Word of God to a family or a person who is constantly being bombarded with attacks against their health, their finances, and their emotional well-being? It is the weapon that will bring them victory over all these schemes. What Is The Word of God

A huge area that most people miss when it comes to God’s Word is that the Word of God is living. There is a mighty spiritual life force in God’s Word because He spoke it forth.

You might say the Bible is no different than any other history book written by a collection of authors. You are wrong evolution-breath. The Bible is the Word of God.

There are many prophecies that were written in the Old Testament and became reality in New Testament times. There is also much historical evidence that confirms the Biblical accounts to be true.

What Is The Word of God?

What is the Word of God? It is the living force or blessing force from God that produces victory over all kinds of destructive influences.

The full release of that life force was given to us by our Heavenly Father in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Word of God is more powerful than destructive agent we can ever face.  Cancer and poverty must bow to God’s Word.

Your neighbor’s barking dog and pornography on the internet must give in to the Word of God.

Marital conflict and worry must bow to God’s Word. Confusion and rage must submit to the Word of God.

What is the Word of God when Christians fall to these attacks? Is it powerless? Is it no longer useful for today?

If God’s Word is more powerful than any of these common ailments and stresses that people face, why do most people fall in the face of these attacks?

What Is The Word of God – A Failure?

All these people have failed to get themselves established on the truth and living grace found in God’s Word. The problem has never been with God’s Word.

When we fail to see His Word releasing victory in our circumstances, the issue must be with us or the spiritual atmosphere around us.

Just like a soldier can’t be expected to win on the battlefield without much training and preparation, you can’t expect to gain victory over cancer or a hemorrhoid if you haven’t been exercising and training in God’s promises of health and healing.

We must stop seeing God’s Word as only words that express or explain a concept. His Word is alive!

What is the Word of God? His Word is a seed that can be planted. When it is planted in good soil, it will spring to life and beat up the bad boys we have already mentioned.

We have to decide whether we are going to be good soil or rocky ground. Our past hurts or negative experiences can result in our hearts becoming cold and hard.

God’s Word can change that hard heart to good soil if you hide it in your heart and mind continually.

Get a Word partner to help you in this adventure.

Michael and Charleen

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This Definition of Destiny Begins with a G and Ends with a P

The Definition of Destiny

More people need to be looking for the definition of destiny. Too many folks are running around without having a clue about what they are supposed to be doing with their lives.

Our definition of destiny starts with a G. The G stands for God.

What is your destiny? This is one of the greatest questions you can ask yourself. Actually, this is a question that you must ask God.

You are on this earth for a purpose established by God. It is your destiny to discover what that purpose is and pursue it.

The P stands for perseverance. Achieving your destiny and quitting cannot survive together in the same room.

The ability to stay focused and stay committed comes from your attitude. Take a look at this video for a destiny attitude adjustment.

The sad thing is that we made a rather disturbing discovery when looking for a video related to your destiny. There wasn’t much available and most of what
we found was from the church of scientology.

We are sorry but your true destiny is bigger than you are. Your true destiny can only come from your Creator.

We hope your fire of commitment to your destiny is sparked after watching the video.

Michael and Charleen

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How To Be A Good Father On The Lighter Side

How To Be A Good Father

 Knowing how to be a good father is serious business. That’s why we have this hilarious video for you to get a big laugh. Dads, you have to watch this!

Along with with some fun, I have one huge secret to share with how to be a super Dad.

You must have strategy in how to be a good father. With today’s challenges, it takes a super effort to raise great kids.

So, what is a great Dad?  A great dad has a plan to follow to win each of his children’s hearts.

The only way you can do this is by spending quality time with your child and give them a regular dose of encouragement.


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What Are Permissive Parents In A World of Character-Eating Bacteria?

What Are Permissive Parents?

What are permissive parents when our culture is full of destructive influences waiting to attack our children? Permissive parents are a luxury that children can no longer afford to have. What Are Permissive Parents

While it is possible that there can be such a thing as over-protective parents, there is too much at stake when it comes to the protection of our children. Protective parents need to make a comeback in today’s society.

A protective parent can do a lot to help their children avoid many of the scars and abuses that have the ability to make their lives in the future so much
more difficult.

Your children’s protection is a serious matter. Please allow us to get in your face a bit on this issue. Do you think we are being a bit over-dramatic?

What has become commonplace events in the lives of our young men and women?

The evening news gives us the grim picture of drug and alcohol addiction, of gang activities and rape, of teen pregnancy and abortion, of human trafficking and pornography, and of internet verbal abuse and bullying.

What are permissive parents? Does this sound like the types of things that parents can easily dismiss? These troubles don’t occur overnight.

Much of it begins with rebellion-inducing music, drug peddling in our schools, super-sexualized entertainment, mind-numbing computer games, and internet predators.

And that’s just the mild stuff. All of these things are nothing more than character-eating bacteria ready to prey upon our children.

What are permissive parents to do in this face of all of this? They need to make some real changes.

What is a permissive parent? This is a parent that avoids making those tough calls and drawing the necessary lines to combat those influences just mentioned.

First of all, our children, no matter how old, still need some level of protection by their parents as long as they live in our homes.

Please DO NOT ALLOW your children to be at the mercy of these destructive influences. This same advice goes for you, too.

What Are Permissive Parents To Do?

Here are 2 things you can do as concerned parents:

1) Closely monitor your children’s choices when it comes to music, TV, and internet surfing. Share with them your concerns for their well-being and how these media sources can influence them.

There are several excellent internet filters available for purchase to protect your children from internet filth and predators.

Have an honest discussion with your children about their music choices and draw a line.

An action step could be to allow TV and internet viewing ONLY in a group area like the living room or kitchen.

2) Just as you would not allow strangers to walk in your front door, spend time getting to know your children’s friends. Make sure that there is parental supervision when your children are visiting at their friends’ homes.

Another action step could be to plan simple family events that their friends can participate in.

What Are Permissive Parents To Prepare For?

Be prepared for some resistance from your precious loving children but stay firm. Be willing to work out some compromises with your older children if necessary.

You may need to introduce these changes slowly but stay committed to these new protections.

What are permissive parents to do with this mission impossible? Give these simple guidelines a chance to make it mission possible.

Michael and Charleen

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How To Teach Your Children Well So They Can Change The World

How To Teach Your Children Well

As parents you must know how to teach your children well these days, so they can successfully handle the unique challenges of today’s changing world. If you teach your children well, they will be positioned to be the leaders of tomorrow. How To Teach Your Children Well

The first step to knowing how to teach your children well is by GETTING CLOSELY INVOLVED in their education.

This lets your children know there is real value in putting forth effort towards their education.

Here are 2 great ways for to accomplish this. The first one is the bare minimum and the second one is the filet mignon for excellence in education.

How To Teach
Your Children Well

We call our 2 world-changing tips to help you get closely involved in your child’s education “The Kangaroo Approach”.

1) Our first suggestion is to increase your level of participation in your child’s schooling. This keeps them in your kangaroo pouch. This has to be a major priority for you.

Don’t let this be just an after-thought if you are truly committed to learning how to teach your children well.

One way you can easily do this  is by communicating briefly but often with your child’s teacher by email. Begin by encouraging the teacher and thanking them. Make sure that you do not start things off by criticizing them.

The second easy step to take is to encourage your child to actively work with the teacher based on their interests and talents. This will allow them some chances to take some leadership in their education.

While every child needs a solid foundation in the core subjects, we believe it is very beneficial for them to pursue some educational experiences related to their individual abilities at an early age.

2) Our 2nd suggestion is much more involved and keeps them squarely in your pouch. It is also the best way to get closely involved in their education.

So much is being formed in your child during these early years and it is not necessary for you, as their parent, to be on the sideline.

We are talking about homeschooling. Don’t just pass this off because you think it’s too much work or you just don’t have the time. Seriously take a good look at
this option. By the way, we have homeschooled our 10 children for the past 12 years.

We want the best for our children as we are sure you do, too. With home schooling, you must know how to teach your children well and how to teach your children to be leaders.

Our oldest is taking the LSAT to enter law school at the age of 19 years. Another son wants to be involved in law enforcement. Our oldest daughter is looking at being a mid-wife. Two are fascinated with media production from a graphics arts and a writing perspective.

How To Teach Your Children Well For Leadership

We believe that you are the best teacher your child could ever have. All the studies show homeschooled students consistently test much better than public and private education students on standardized tests.

The homeschooling environment also helps your child to become a leader in their own education. This teaches them to see the world through the eyes of a leader.

Leadership abilities don’t develop in a vacuum. With the support groups and family associations available now for homeschooling parents all across this nation, you don’t have to worry about that.

We invite to so some research on this. By practicing how to teach your children well, you are positioning your child to change the world.

Michael and Charleen

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