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Home Business Financial Freedom Survey

The first thing we all need for Online Home Business Success is a small team network of partners – 4 to be exact. So, you can get your BUILDER NETWORK  ACCOUNT set up HERE. Enter your name and email in the form after you click the link. This system will help build any home business you are passionate about.

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Once you get your Network Builder Account upgraded, you will be getting some emails with the next simple steps to follow and get your 4 partners in place.

This start-up cost is nothing compared to 99.99% of the other online home business options. The concept here is to get your partner network in place with your Team Elite AIOP  account above.

With our Team Elite All-In-One-Profits marketing system , you can develop your network much deeper if you want, and receive a solid monthly income. The big plus here is our team will work with you to get 4 paid partners in YOUR team network.

Once your network is established, we will show you how to grow your monthly income so you can quit your 9-5 job. Then get that dream car or cars you’ve also wanted, and enjoy some amazing vacations, and move into your dream home. While you are building your family’s financial freedom/wealth, you will be ready to pursue whatever you are passionate about.

We look forward to building with you,

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Email us any questions/comments at:

Home Business Financial Freedom Survey

The first thing we all need for Online Home Business Success is a small team network of partners – 3 to be exact. So, you can get your NETWORK BUILDER ACCOUNT set up HERE. This system will help build any home business you are passionate about.

There is a ONE -TIME cost of $12 to upgrade. ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are not willing to spend $12, you are not ready to start a home business!

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This start-up cost is nothing compared to 99.99% of the other online home business options. The concept here is to get your partner network in place, start generating $100 commissions repeatedly with your FREEDOM12 account above.

With the FREEDOM12 built-in marketing system option, you can develop your network much deeper if you want, and receive a solid monthly income.

Once your network is established, we will show you how to grow your monthly income so you can quit your 9-5 job, get that dream car or cars you’ve also wanted, enjoy some amazing vacations, and move into your dream home. While you are building your family’s financial freedom/wealth, you will be ready to pursue whatever you are passionate about.

We look forward to building with you,

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

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These Gold Prices Will Create Financial Security

Today’s Gold Prices Make 

Your Financial Protection Easier 

Gold used to be affordable only for the rich guys and gals but with today’s gold prices, 1 gram of gold is easily affordable to everyone. Even better than that, we can position ourselves to receive commissions from those who not only  want 1 gr gold bars, but ALSO want to create an exciting stable income for their families.


Look at the brief videos below that talk about the value of gold in these times.

1) Click Here… Why Gold? Karatbars Introduction Video (1:42)

2) Click Here… Why Karatbars? REAL Savings with gold (3:04)


1) Get your FREE AFFILIATE Gold Savings Account at KARATBARS by clicking the image to the left.

2) Submit your KYC documents after you get your account.

3) Obtain your Bronze package which costs around $150. Then after your KYC documents have been approved, make your first 1 gram 24KT gold purchase which should be close to $69. So your total start up cost is close to $220. (You can exchange your declining dollars for either 1 gram, or 2.5 grams, or 5 grams of gold on a weekly or monthly basis.)

The image above is based on what the results would be like if 2 new team members have been added weekly AND everyone purchased 1 gr every week. Obviously, this is not a requirement, there are no quotas. If you are only planning on getting 1 gr of gold, then this plan won’t work for you. Week 2 and 3 don’t earn any commissions because the payout cycle amount has not been reached yet.

4) The last step is getting 2 people to duplicate what you just did. BUT STOP! We are going to do this for you if you are willing to help others also. We will show you how. Hard to believe? Together, we can only reach the goals from the chart above and more by adding new team members.

5) Stay in communication with us  – we will not bite. Reach us at with your questions.

Here is a good place to go that gives answers to a lot of questions:

We initially chose to have some 1 gr cards delivered to our home, but have kept most of our gold stored at KB’s storage facilities.

Mike and Charleen

You Can Afford 1 Gram of Gold

Get 1/2 Gram of 99.999% Gold For FREE

Is it possible for individuals who are interested in gold to get 1 gram of gold at a time? One problem many people have had in the past in buying gold is that it has not been affordable.

Many economic experts are even projecting that the price of gold per ounce could go much higher than it is right now. Who can afford it when it costs $1500 or $1700 or more an ounce?

That is no longer the case since you can now get 1 gram of gold at a time. I couldn’t pass up this incredible opportunity when I discovered it and immediately started buying 1 gram bars of gold. 2.5 gram and 5 gram certified gold bars also are now available.

1/2 Gram of Gold For FREE?

Here at Family Life Winners, we are making you an offer you can’t refuse. There is lots of good information below about Karatbars International, but here is how you can get your 1/2 gram of 99.999% gold for FREE.

1) Go to this site: and register for your free customer account.

2) Complete your “KYC” verification steps.

3) Purchase your first gram of KB gold.

4) I will forward you payment for the price of 1/2 gram of gold at the time of your purchase to either your paypal account of solidtrust pay account.

5) You are not obligated to make any further purchases, but the wise person will.

Gold in 1 gram bars makes it very affordable for almost everybody. The price per gram of gold has been moving between $70 – $80. Did you know that only 1 % of the world’s population owns that golden precious metal?

Thanks to Karatbars International, that number will grow tremendously. This private company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany has uniquely positioned itself to be a distributor of 1 gram gold bars to over 80 countries at this point in time. They started distributing to just European countries about 2 years ago and have quickly expanded.

One of the reasons that gold is such a sought after asset is that it is able to retain its value even in the face of our constantly shifting economic conditions. For instance, one ounce of gold would buy a top of the line men’s suit in 1900. A 1-ounce gold coin or gold bar still has the same purchasing power, over 100 years later, to get you that fancy Gucci men’s suit you’ve always wanted.

What Makes Karatbars International (KI) and 1 Gram of Gold So Special?

They are the owners and operators of privately held gold mines, owners of the precious metal refining facilities, and owners of the production operations located in the country of Turkey. This enables them to eliminate the transfers costs beginning with the mining process all the way to distribution of the final product to wise buyers all over the world.

Here at Family Life Winners, we are making KI even more special by paying for your first 1/2 gram of gold.

Wise buyers of gold want safe options for the physical possession of their precious metal assets. Karatbars has 2 simple and secure paths for customers to take. Whether buyers want one gram of gold or several grams, they can have their purchase held in secure storage vaults at no cost for an unlimited amount of time. Vault holdings are audited on a periodic basis.

The other option for customers is to have their gold bullion bars shipped to their home. Delivery of small quantities are processed for shipping under careful video security and shipped by Federal Express. What more could you ask for? One of the things that made me fill so safe was being able to track my shipment by internet all the way from Europe.

Another vital service that this company provides to its clientele is a gold asset resellers program. At any time, customers have the option of selling their gold acquisitions back to Karatbars International. This is an important service by the company since it gives the gold bar owners a guaranteed buyer for their product. I’m not sure who would want to exchange their gold purchases back into a paper currency when our currencies keep losing their purchasing power day by day.

What Other Benefits Are Available to Those Who Take Advantage of This Chance to be the Owners of 1 Gram of Gold Over and Over Again?

There are several product choices including the classic black and gold Karatbars item. There is a 1 gram American eagle/Statue of Liberty packaged product that customers from the USA will surely appreciate. There is also a special collector’s limited edition item commemorating Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee for our dear brothers and sisters in the UK. Another special edition item is the Pope John Paul II 1 gram gold card.

All of these items are 1 gram of gold with an official stamp and certification. They are assayed or scientifically determined by the prestigious London Bullion Market Association to be 99.999% pure 24 kt gold, and encased with a security-enhanced hologram image in a laminated protectve covering.

Is There a 1 Gram of Gold Affiliate Program?

If that isn’t enough, KI provides another immense benefit to its valued customers. There is a FREE affiliate program that enables any registered buyers to receive handsome commissions from sales generated by their referrals. This could very well provide you with an excellence chance for extra income as a home-based business.

If you decide to become an affiliate, you will have access to your own website that potential customers can visit and make their own purchases. You will then receive commissions on these purchases.

You don’t have to figure out a way to get real 24kt gold in your pocket any longer. If you are interested, look around our site to gain more information about exchanging your paper currency to obtain 1 gram of gold every week or every month, or whenever you want. Remember, our paper currencies continue to lose their value day after day.

What Is Wealth Distribution According To The United Nations?

What Is Wealth Distribution?

What is wealth distribution when our beloved United Nations figures out of a way to play the global Robin Hood? We call it global socialism and they are knocking on America’s door. What Is Wealth Distribution

It is not surprising at all that the U.N. is trying to play the part of the global financial police.

What is wealth distribution? They have lots of interesting ways to dip their hands into the wealth of America and its sovereignty.

What makes things even more sickening is that there are many members of our Congress that are seriously looking into the possibility of these measures for wealth distribution in America.

The plan is to implement several global taxing proposals in a global wealth distribution scheme that would funnel some of the wealth of America’s citizens to much poorer nations.

What Is Wealth Distribution
UN Style?

What is wealth distribution in the eyes of the UN? They have a comprehensive 8 point plan that will turn your stomach.

1) Global Wealth Tax – The U.N. World Economic and Social Survey thinks it would be wise to levy a 1% tax on every billionaire on the planet.

2) Financial Transaction Tax – This proposal would draw .005% from financial transactions involving the banking systems and possibly more. Of course, the poorer nations would be exempt.

3) A Climate Tax? – This tax has already been lauded by UN officials as a way to redistribute wealth globally. Understandably, our President Obama has already suggested introducing a climate tax levied upon travelers going overseas in such a way to bypass approval by the U.S. Congress.

4) A Social Injustice Prevention Tax – This would be money in the pockets of UN overseers responsible for correcting social injustices internationally.

5) An Internet Tax – This could easily be levied upon consumers when they purchase their internet provider plan. Think of the money this would generate for the UN.

6) International Monetary Fund Manipulation – This door would be opened by replacing the dollar with an international monetary system governing international trade.

7) Resource Sustainability Tax – This has already been documented in the U.N.’s Agenda 21, which seeks to tax and regulate American consumption of resources related to private transportation vehicles, property ownership, the availability of travel choices, and population control.

8) A Firearms Tax – This ploy is deceptively referred to as a small arms Treaty which would implement global regulations upon the ownership of firearms. This directly attacks our Second Amendment constitutional rights.

What Is Wealth Distribution – A Response

What is wealth distribution using socialistic principles? Individuals must fund the global state’s agenda. Does all this sound unrealistic and far-fetched to you?

Nothing would surprise us after what we have seen these past 4 years.

Delegates from the Republican National Convention are looking at measures geared towards rejecting the United Nations efforts at wealth distribution.

This is a sad day indeed when legislative efforts need to be introduced to preserve American freedom and stop American tax dollars from going into the UN coiffures.

Michael and Charleen


How To Work From Home and Make Money in These Challenging Times

How To Work From Home
and Make Money

You can learn how to work from home and make money now. This is a growing movement  across this nation. How To Work From Home and Make Money

We invite to take a good look at how you can home and see your dreams come to pass.

The great news is that discovering how to work from home and make money just got much easier.

Families all over this world have been looking for ways to make a good living and leave the grind of working in the office downtown.

If you have made a go at developing an online business or some other type of home-based business, you know that it is not as easy as it sounds.

Watch Out for Those Sinkholes

There are many pitfalls out there just waiting to use up your precious time and drain your bank account. The important thing is not to give up.

You can work from home and make money without having to run off to the office and leave your family behind every day.

How To Work From Home
and Make Money Principles

Here are some ideas for you to consider in learning how to work from home and make money in a successful home-based business of your choice.

Is This How You Feel?

Stick To Your Passion

Always stay with what you are passionate about. You want this passion to be obvious to every person who comes into contact with any of your marketing efforts (website, blog, advertising, etc.).

This will draw customers to you and it will provide you with the focus and determined energy you will need to get your home business off the ground.

With your passion and practical information coming out in your marketing, you will be a resident expert to your audience. You have a dream and a destiny to fulfill. Stick to what you know and to what you feel  strongly about.

What Is The Purpose of Your Business?

Look Beyond Yourself

Most people have bought into the lie that the American dream is all about the big bucks. The real American dream is about freedom and opportunity to raise a family.

If your purpose is just about making a lot of money, then you are missing out on the best part.

Look beyond yourself. As you learn how to work from home and make money, you will be able to help others do the same.  Helping others and forming relationships to improve people’s lives is the real American dream.

Before you finalize your business plans, ask yourself a question. How will my business improve the quality of other people’s lives and create a stronger community?

If you don’t have a strong answer to that question, I urge you to take a second look at what you are doing.

 Be Wise As You Step into New Territory

There are people who are making a lot of money online with their home-based business. If you are new to striking out in the home business field, there is a lot to learn.

Discovering how to work from home and make money is worth the effort. It would be wise, however, to start on a part-time basis and gain some much needed experience and part-time income.

You can make a lot of money online but it won’t happen overnight. The successful internet marketers have acquired a lot of skills and a lot of experience.

How To Work From Home and Make Money
Requires a Solid Marketing System

A crucial key to finding out how to work from home and make money is using a solid marketing system that will give you the training required to be successful.

Look for a program that is cost effective but can also bring quick returns. With wise direction and plenty of persistence, those monthly checks can replace your regular income.

We have found such a system that gives you free training and support and provides a marketing platform with 3 income  generating business opportunities.

One of these allows you to start generating a small amount of income immediately with no investment necessary. Awesome!

All of this is available to you at an unbelievable zero cost.  We didn’t believe it was possible until we checked it out ourselves.

We invite you to do the same now.

Michael and Charleen

P.S.  Learn HOW TO WORK FROM HOME AND MAKE MONEY with no risk involved. Follow the link above to get your grand introduction.

1 Gram of Gold Can Be in Your Pocket Next Week

1 Gram of Gold

1 gram of gold is the ticket that allows anyone to purchase their own gold. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to protect you and your family from these uncertain times.

One ounce of gold is beyond most people’s budget. But 1 gram of gold every month is not  and it is available to you now.

Check out this short video and then we’ll show you how to acquire gold 1 gram at a time. It gets even better because we’ll then show you how you can make money sharing this opportunity with no cost to you.

Karatbars International has made 1 gram of gold a possibility for just about everyone. That includes you.

1 Gram of Gold Can Multiply

Not only will KI store for free your 1 gram certified and assayed 24 kt 99.999% gold bars, you also have the option of having them delivered to your doorstep whenever you want.

If you want to share this opportunity with others, your income and gold can increase dramatically. There is nothing to sell because gold sells itself.

Get you own Karatbars 1 gram of gold now and show it to your family and good friends. Buying gold bars is no longer just for the rich.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. To start getting your own 1 GRAM OF GOLD every month, we invite you to check out  our website at the link above. You’ll need to register before you can order your first gram of gold.

Do You Have Any Strategies to Getting Over Fear That Grips You?

Getting Over Fear

Getting over fear that tries to strangle the life out of you must begin now. There are ways to push the ugly head of fear out of your life. Choose now to put a stop to fear that keeps you tied up. Getting Over Fear

Fear will always be with you in some shape but you don’t have to let it run your life. Facing your fear will help you cancel its control over  you.

Fear is a feeling we get when we are unsure of what can happen or even afraid of what is going to happen. It is an expectation that something has and will go wrong.

For help in getting over fear, a good thing to remember about fear is that it’s normal to feel fear. It’s something we all have to face in different ways throughout our lives.

Some people have a fear of such things as spiders or snakes. This is usually because they believe these animals will do them harm. Many have a fear of getting sick or having to deal with something serious like cancer.

Sometimes a fear may be real and sometimes it is imagined. They both can do serious damage.

There are also fears inside you that are usually more powerful and can prevent you from reaching your goals in life.

Strategies to Getting Over Fear

Let’s take a look at some strategies to getting over fear that has you in its grip.

1) Getting over fear that hinders you starts with being able to identify what that fear is. There are very many possibilities here.

Your fear can be a lot like a noun because it could be connected to a person, place, or thing. Many people fear the possibility of failing at something. Another common fear is losing something. That can be a physical possession, a person, an accomplishment, a place of honor, or a feeling.

2) The most important strategy in getting over fear is very simple. You must decide to face your fears. The tough question is how to face your fears.

A big help with this is to decide what kind of protective shield you can use to help face your fear. Wearing a glove to handle a spider would be a simple example. An imaginary friend of your faith in God to preserve you are other examples.

3) The third strategy is to look to someone you can trust for support and encouragement. Make sure this person is patient because you may need to take “baby steps” towards getting over fear in your life.

Being afraid doesn’t mean you can’t fight back. You can take fear down by simply facing it. You see, fear is an emotion, but it comes attached to some ugly mindsets – thoughts like: I’ll be ruined, everyone will hate me, everyone will laugh at me, or I can never make a mistake.

Being brave doesn’t mean you won’t feel afraid. It does mean that you’ll face that fear and not let it take you down. What is the result of getting over fear? You are one step closer to freedom.

No matter what you fear, you are in position to defeat it by facing it. Even if something bad happens, you’ve won by facing your fear.

Getting Over Fear Example

Take for instance, the boy who has been getting hassled by a bully in the neighborhood every day he goes outside. He has become so fearful
of going out to play even though he loves being outdoors.

He is fearful of being beat up but doesn’t want to tell his mom. The bully keeps going after his target because he senses the boy is afraid. Finally, one day he decides that he is going to face that bully and fight back if necessary.

He does so and gets beat up. The next day he goes back outside but something is different. He isn’t afraid anymore. The bully leaves him alone now, though.

Life is full of potential dangers and fear will try to come up often. As you have more success in getting over fear, you’ll get stronger and more confident. That puts you on the path to freedom to become all that God has created you to be.


P.S.Many men are faced with a fear to achieve their destiny. On-line Courageous Men’s Destiny teams are forming now and they can help with