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Skin Care Tips

Helpful Skin Care Tips For You

Skin Care TipsI am excited to share with you these helpful skin care tips. To begin this look into the depths of our skin, let’s first note that our skin is the largest organ in our bodies.  It must protect our internal organs, and remove any toxins that we may ingest. With today’s modern diet, that is easy to do.

It is an obvious fact that our skin is the part of us that gets the most exposure. Our skin has to deal with all of the outside lements such as the sun, the wind, and the cold. It also has to face the critical eyes of our co-workers, our family and our friends on a daily basis.

Therefore, we should want our skin to reflect the Lord’s glory, continually. Beautiful, radiant skin will bring Him great glory! To handle all this pressure, take a good look at my skin care tips below.

External Skin Care Tips

To get started with some tips about skin care, I want you to know that it is really rather simple to take good care for our skin. To maintain our skin, we must keep it clean from birth until death do us part.

Our part in this process is to be sure our bodies are cleansed daily. Natural chemical-free soaps and cleansers are a great start.

Our faces are much more delicate than the rest of our body. To ensure our pores are kept clean, we should wash our faces daily and use a moisturizer to avoid drying out our facial skin.

It is also important to keep our hands clean since we are constantly touching our faces. Dirt that gets on our face can easily clog up our pores and caue blemishes.

While it is important that we give our faces special attention, we must not neglect the skin care needs of the rest of our bodies. Again cleansers such as body washes and hand soaps should be free of harsh chemicals. I also suggest that you avoid these anti-bacterial hand cleansers because they also kill helpful bacterial on our skin.

Our skin needs to be protected because it protects all of the organs in our body. When our skin begins to fail, it opens the way for our insides to be compromised.

Because our skin can absorb chemicals and other things in the atmosphere, we need to be extremely careful about what we expose it to. Be cautious and use protective coverings when handling cleaning chemicals such as bleach and ammonia.

The queen of effective skin care is a steady supply of moisturizer for our skin. Depending on the type of climate you live in, you should take into account the climate you live in and your skin type.

Since skin tends to be much drier in the winter months, we must be sure to apply extra moisturizer during these months. We need to remember that our whole body needs moisturizing, including our feet.

Our skin can give us signs telling us whether we are caring correctly for our skin. If our skin becomes flaky, it is not getting the moisture it needs. If you are experiencing flaky or tight skin, add more moisturizing time to your daily routine.

Also remember, when your skin is dry, those wrinkles show up so much more obviously. Moisturizers and nourishing skin oils are worth the investment.

Internal Skin Care Tips

While what we put on our skin is extremely important, we have all heard the following expression, “You are what you eat.” This is an important aspect that many people have neglected. Your skin will reflect the consequences of your poor dietary choices. What we eat will show in our face and all over our body. A healthy diet will lead to heathy skin.

Some simple skin care tips related to your diet include drinking plenty of water on a daily basis.  Water is an essential indredient in beautiful, radiant skin, and tops the list for what we need to do for our skin.

How simple is that? I know you have heard this before, but make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Other diet related skin care tips include adding fresh vegetables and fruits to your meals as often as possible. Avoid the bleach processed foods and soda drinks if possible.

In closing, spend time with the Lord.  I love this song I used to sing with my kids when they were younger. “My body is a temple and Jesus lives within it. My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.”

Ultimately, our bodies are supposed to be temples of God! If we can keep this in mind, it won’t be hard at all to do everything necessary to keep our skin glorious!

I believe that you will see improvements in your skin if you follow these SKIN CARE TIPS.


What Is The Sound of Silence and How Can It Destroy Our Nation?

What Is The Sound of Silence?

Simon and  Garfunkel answered the question what is the sound of silence with their folk song written in 1964. I woke up the other morning with this song in my ears.

This was unusual because I hadn’t thought of this group since I was in high school. Let’s just say that was quite a while ago.  I asked the Lord what He was trying to say to me about this.

I went to youtube and listened carefully to the words. I began to receive the revelation I believe the Lord wanted me to hear as I listened.

What is the sound of silence? We are living in a very dangerous time in our nation’s history.  Our society can either self destruct, or learn to heed the voice of its Creator.

It is clearly a time of choosing.  Our choices will effect our nation, and the lives of our children and their children. Will we see God’s glory cover the earth or will we end up like Rome?

Many historians have agreed on the top 3 reasons for Rome’s demise. As you read these, they will sound very similar to what is going on in the United States of America today.

First was the undermining of the family and the value of life.  Second was higher taxes and spending of public money for free bread. The third reason was the mad desire for pleasure.

Do this not sound like the America of today? What is the sound of silence?

What Is The Sound of Silence
In The Church?

What is the sound of silence in the Church? It is a tragedy. I have noticed most Christians are so afraid to stand up for their beliefs.

These sounds of silence are hurting our society. The Church has been trapped in a place of fear of speaking what must be told.

I believe if we speak up we can see a change.  The Bible tells us in James 4:17 that if we know what is right and we don’t do it, that is sin.

Shouldn’t we speak up against the evil we see in our society? How many babies will continue to be murdered?  How many couples will live together in sin?

How many people will be duped into thinking homosexuality is okay? How many will die without knowing a Savior?

Did not the Lord give us a voice to speak up against injustice?  Other people have been speaking pretty loudly such stuff as:”If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”, and “if it feels good do it.”

How did Jesus handle injustice when He came face to face to face with it? He ruffled lots of feathers and His Words changed everything!  And when God spoke, “Let there be light!”, we have been enjoying that light ever since.

We were created in God’s image and when we speak as His ambassadors, our words are powerful, too. If this is so, why are so many of us echoing sounds of silence?

What Is The Sound of Silence Words?


Read over the words to this song, and let it resonate inside you:

“And in the naked light I saw ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share.
And no one dared disturb the sound of silence.

“Fools”, said I, “You do not know silence like a cancer grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you,Take my arms that I might reach you”
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence.”

This cancer of silence is killing us from within.  Our nation was founded on God Himself. How far we have come from His founding principles.

Father, forgive us for the sounds of silence you have heard from your children. Help us to hear Your Words, and heed them.

May we boldly speak, like Elijah and Esther, what must be spoken at such a time as this.

May we be silent no more.


P.S. WHAT IS THE SOUND OF SILENCE to a nation that is crumbling before our very eyes? Discover more exciting ways to draw closer to the Lord and see the Body of Christ rise up at the link above.

What Are Natural Cosmetics In a Chemical Laden Cosmetic Industry?

What Are Natural Cosmetics?

What are natural cosmetics when the cosmetics industry uses 175 known toxic chemicals in its products? It is a breath of fresh air and having chemical free skin. What Are Natural Cosmetics

The chemicals used in today’s cosmetics  are regulated by the “highly regarded” Cosmetic Ingredient Review Committee. Highly regarded in this case means it holds profits in high regard.

This committee is funded by the cosmetics industry which does 50 billion dollars a year. Studies have indicated that 89% of the chemicals used in cosmetics have not been tested for safety concerns.

What are natural cosmetics? It appears they are a preventative to some serious health concerns for women.

European studies have shown a pretty scary connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease  and breast cancer.

What are two chemical culprits in deodorants? Aluminum and propylene glycol or in other words, ant-freeze.

Here is the real scary statistic. Anti-perspirant and deodorant sales increased by 14000% during the span from 1945 to the year 2000. During this same period, breast cancer rates TRIPLED.

Why in the world would you want to cover yourself with toxic chemicals every day? Start using natural cosmetics and put these fools out of business.

What Are Natural Cosmetics
To Brad Pitt?

What are natural cosmetics against the huge cosmetics industry? We have a very very short Chanel video featuring Brad Pitt here. We think he may have been smelling perfume for too long.

Over 3000 chemicals have been identified in today’s perfumes and over 900 of those are known to be toxic. Women need to stop falling for these ridiculous ads.

What Are Natural Cosmetics?

What are natural cosmetics in this chemical world we live in? More companies are starting to use herbal ingredients. One awesome and exciting example of this is  Dead Sea cosmetics.

These cosmetics contain natural Dead Sea minerals that are so abundantly found in the Dead Sea sediments and water. These natural minerals are food for your skin and have become widely known as one the premier beauty treatments available.

We have put together three amazing Dead Sea cosmetic packages for your skin to enjoy.

Charleen and Michael

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Pamper Your Skin and Your Soul with Dead Sea Cosmetics

Dead Sea Cosmetics

Dead Sea Cosmetics

Choose from one of our exclusive Dead Sea Cosmetics packages which come directly from Israel and feature genuine Dead Sea minerals and natural herbal ingredients.

Please allow  approximately 15 business days to receive your items for they are coming directly from Israel and must go through customs. All packages are registered and insured to cover any damage, including a tracking number.

Please note that your signature is required for all packages. No PO Boxes are accepted. We cannot deliver packages without a signature. This is to protect us and you, the customer.

All sales are guaranteed for the quality and genuineness of ingredients according to the descriptions provided.

1) Dead Sea Cosmetics Complete Package:

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What Is The Roman Calendar – Why Should Christians Pay Attention?

What Is The Roman Calendar?

What is the Roman calendar and why should you be interested? The Roman calendar is the basis for the calendar that the western world lives by. Our current calendar is called the Gregorian calendar. What Is The Roman Calendar

Why should Christians be interested in this? Everyone lives their lives by calendars.

In fact, to a large degree, we are defined by how we view time. You learned about the days of the month and the days of the week when you were just a little guy.

We all grew up spouting off Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday along side March, April and May without giving it a second thought. Do you know where these names came from?

What is the Roman calendar? This calendar has been traced back to the mythical founder of Rome in 750B.C. who was Romulus. He and his brother Remus were the offspring of the god Mars.

According to the story they were abandoned as children and suckled by a she-wolf. Romulus later founded the city of Rome by legend and established a calendar with 10 months.

What Is The Roman Calendar –
Who Is The Real Author?

Let us step back for a second here. Who is the creator of time? Who established the first calendar?

What is the Roman calendar? It is a perversion of time. Someone wanted to pervert God’s creation of time and mankind’s opportunity to be in God’s timing.

The names of the months of the Roman calendar were names for 4 Roman gods: martius, aprilis, maius, and iunius. The remaining 6 months were taken from Latin terms for five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

The Romans later used their worship of the sun and moon and planets to name the days of the week. Later worship of several Norse gods were introduced like thor (Thursday) and frigg (Friday).

What Is The Roman Calendar – Does It Honor God?

Are we suggesting that Christians should stop using the Roman calendar and its terms which originate in the worship of false gods?

We are only asking you to take a look at this and ask the Lord what your response should be.

Is it being fanatical to want to honor the Lord in everything you do? Titles and names that we use every day to describe the days and months that we are living in are a simple way to bring glory to our Heavenly Father.

What is the Roman calendar? Is it just a bunch of silly names? Does a name hold any significance?

How would you feel if someone used a derogatory name for your dog?
You would probably be ready to fight.

Next time you have to say or write down a date, remember who the real author of time is.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT IS THE ROMAN CALENDAR to Christians who are surrounded by a pagan culture? Find out how you can “redeem the time” in a way that is fun and honors the Lord at the link above.

How To Be Good Grandparents When A New Life Comes Into The World?

How To Be Good Grandparents

Knowing how to be good grandparents when that beautiful new baby is born will serve your family well. Grandparents play a very unique and powerful role in the success of families. How To Be Good Grandparents

We have had the great pleasure of being grandparents for the third time now. The first time we became grandparents brought a mixture of feelings.

We were thrilled for our children but were also hit with the realization that we were getting up in age.

The second time was pretty much a confirmation of what we felt earlier. This last time we were able to enjoy the experience more freely and not be concerned with the age factor.

As a result, we found ourselves wondering what is a grandparent and more importantly, how to be good grandparents.

Our third grandchild is our beautiful 2-day old granddaughter who looks just like her father. It is amazing to look at that sweet innocent face of a peaceful child, nestled in the arms of Grandma or Grandpa.

The delicate toes and fingers and the curled up tiny hands near her sleeping face are indeed a sight worth a thousand words. That peaceful moment is soon interrupted by the initial gentle plea for food from Mom.

Those blessed new born grandchildren bring sweet memories back of years long gone. It is a time to savor since the feedings and the diaper changes for the next year are waiting for Mom, and maybe for Dad on occasion.

Grandparents and grandchildren – what an awesome blessing from the Lord.

If you know how to be good grandparents, your children and their children will be eternally grateful.

How To Be Good Grandparents Keys

1) The biggest key to being good grandparents is to always remain supportive of your adult children’s efforts at parenting. You still probably have the most influence over them, even though they would deny it.

2) Do not be afraid to speak the truth to your children in love. Don’t badger or harass them, though. Have your say and then put things in God’s most capable hands.

3) How to be good grandparents – Make sure you are respectful of your children’s wishes and never go behind their backs when it comes to their children. Never encourage your grandchildren to go against their parents either, even if you feel they are way off line.

4) Just as it is vital for parents to encourage their children, encouraging your grandchildren can be the spark to propel them forward.

5) Don’t avoid disciplining your grandchildren within the boundaries their parents have given you. Letting the little things slide is alright, but be very careful.

6) Always get permission before you decide to  act on those brilliant ideas for your grandchildren. Be spontaneous, but get approval.

How To Be Good Grandparents Results

Do you know how to be good grandparents? Expect good things to happen.

It is an indescribable joy to see your children succeed in their lives and their families and their spiritual walk with the Lord. The next best thing is seeing your grandchildren follow in their footsteps.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. It takes practice to know HOW TO BE GOOD GRANDPARENTS. To learn more ways to help your family become winners, join us at the link above.

What Is Serving Others When You Are Supposed To Be A King?

What Is Serving Others?

What is serving others when we have also been called to reign as kings? The answer is found in the life of Jesus Christ.

Jesus showed us what it means to serve others, and He spoke clearly regarding its meaning in the following Scripture about serving others. What Is Serving Others

In Matthew 20:27-28 Jesus said, “….whoever wants to be great must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be the willing slave of all – just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give up his life as a ransom for many.”

What is serving others? It is being like Jesus, but can we learn to serve like Him? I believe we can, and we should follow His example of a servant’s heart.

He loved intensely, yet He took time for Himself when needed.  He listened to the Father, and did only what His Father said. He always had plenty of provision as evidenced by the need for one of His disciples to mange their finances.

Let me mention one important point before we go any further.  I do not believe serving the Lord and others is meant to be completely at your expense.

 What Is Serving Others –
Becoming A Loser?

There are some amazing missionary stories of old that are moving examples of servanthood. Other accounts revealed some rather puzzling and sad life stories that did not depict the victory purchased by our Savior’s blood.

What is serving others – losing and getting beat up? We don’t have to utterly forget to care for ourselves, and deny ourselves the blessings Yeshua purchased by His blood on the cross.

He came so we could have life and have it more abundantly. Like most things, there is a fine line to walk in the area of being a servant.

I was a victim to this lie for many years. I felt like I should be worthless, expecting nothing from the Lord. My only thought was to see others being served.

This was false humility at its finest, and was pretty much destroying my self worth. My ability to be a good witness of our Lord suffered. The person He had created me to be was lost. Was this my Father’s plan?

He wants us wealthy, confident, blessed, healed, protected, and like Joseph, having all things redeemed! How do we serve, being a slave to all, and yet reign in life as a King?

What Is Serving Others As A King?

What is serving others while being a king? I believe the key here is to serve wholeheartedly, yet remembering and standing on the victory we have in Him! Here are some helpful keys in practicing how to serve others.

1) We do need to learn to deny ourselves, resist the temptation of focusing on ourselves, and still look to our Heavenly Father to see all our needs are met abundantly.

2) We must learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, by taking time daily to be alone with Him to hear His instructions.

3) We should learn to be patient with others finding ways to be pleasant at all times, but also know there may be a time to step away.

4) Set out each day determined to be an encouragement to others.

5) While we should not think you are better than others, we don’t have to see ourselves as less than others.

What is the serving others? Jesus mentions one of the awesome results of our obedience to serve in John 12:26. It says,”Whoever serves Me must follow Me; and where I am, My servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves Me.”

What an honor it is to serve our Lord and hear “well done, My good and faithful servant”.

Charleen Ecuyer

P.S. WHAT IS SERVING OTHERS when you are a king? Walking with Jesus day by day. Find out some awesome ways to do this at the link above.

What Is The Feast of Tabernacles To the Body of Christ?

What Is The Feast of Tabernacles

What is the Feast of Tabernacles to Christians who are not bound any longer by the law? Find out how this feast keeps us in God’s cycles of blessings and how Jesus connected Himself to this time of feasting. What Is The Feast of Tabernacles

We are in complete agreement with the fact that Christian believers have been set free from the observance of the law. The only problem is that observing the Biblical feasts is not part of the law of Moses.

God described in the book of Leviticus that there were particular times of feasting each year to observe. He said, “These are My Feasts.” We don’t know about you, but if God is throwing a party, we want to be there.

What is the feast of Tabernacles? It is really that simple. We don’t have to get into any deep religious discussions here. There are feasting times that God wanted to establish as an expression of who He is and His desire to share His glory.

Just as Jesus Christ is the ultimate expression of who God is to the world, His times of feasting are actually an expression of who Jesus was to be to the world.

Just because Jesus became the fulfillment of the Jewish feasts doesn’t mean they no longer have a place. Go back in the Old Testament and see what God said about His feasts. He said they were to be observed for all generations.

Specifically, what is the Feast of Tabernacles? It is a 7-day harvest feast which occurs on the 15th day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar called Tishrei. It’s name in Hebrew is Succot.

The main theme of this feast is building booths or temporary dwellings, which is symbolic of God dwelling with us. Christians obviously know that their bodies have become the dwelling place of the Spirit of God.

Allow us to ask you this question. How much of your life would you say you live in the full knowledge that God’s Holy Spirit dwells in you? We need all the help and all the reminders we can get.

We need these reminders to help break us out of the cycles of spiritual destruction or apathy that constantly swirl around us. God was aware of this and set up His annual feasts to keep us close to Him.

What Is The Feast of Tabernacles
and Jesus?

What is the Feast of Tabernacles and how did Jesus relate to it in the gospel of John? During this feast, the high priest would walk through the city with a pitcher of water to pour it out in the temple. The whole city would follow him and pray with anticipation for rain for future harvests.

During the last day of this feast, Jesus stood up in the midst of the crowd and declared Himself to be the source of living water. He attended His Father’s feast and invited the people to come to Him.

What Is The Feast of Tabernacles To Your Family?

This can be a time of thanksgiving and celebration of God’s glory and presence in your lives. We build “succots” in the backyard using canopies or tents. We decorate them with branches and lights and enjoy delicious food.

What is the Feast of Tabernacles? It is a chance to position ourselves to receive more of God’s abundant grace.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT IS THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES to you now? Get into God’s timing and the fullness of His blessings by celebrating all His feasts at the link above.

What Is Homeschooling? The Best Decision You Can Make

What Is Homeschooling?

What is homeschooling to society that has allowed its public schools to look like Gotham Academy? It is a breath of fresh air.

We invite you to enjoy the hilarious video above which provides  a look at some of the silly notions people have  about homeschooling families.

What is home schooling when school performance in America continues to decline year after year? It is a needed move towards excellence.

We have been involved in Christian homeschooling for the past 15 years. It has been an honor and a privilege to direct and provide our children’s education.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT IS HOMESCHOOLING? After the hard work is done, it’s time to celebrate with the Lord by following us at the link above.


What Is The Shema and How Can It Transform Your Life?

What Is The Shema?

What is the Shema to cultures all over the world that find themselves drowning in poverty, self-gratification, crime, human trafficking, and disease? The Shema is the door to the answers to all these problems. What Is The Shema

Does this sound rather dramatic and maybe a bit grandiose? Before we answer with details the question, what is the Shema, we would like you to know what it is not.

It is not some new age meditation program. It is not the latest dance craze that will alter your perceptions of your surroundings.

In fact, if you are a bit familiar with the Bible, than you already know what is the Shema.

The Shema is the prayer that Jewish people recite that contains 3 passages of Scripture. The first line of the first passage in Deuteronomy 6:4 tells Israel to be alert to the fact that God is one and “love the Lord God” we everything we have.

This is the foundation for life and success for anyone who walks on the face of this earth. It starts with recognizing that God is present and Lord of all and that our response to Him should be of the utmost devotion.

Obviously, someone who thinks they are an atheist would have a real problem with this, because they believe all things are random and life has no defined purpose other than survival.

Remove God from society and the resulting consequences are suffering and hopelessness. People become self-absorbed and eventually any type of behavior becomes justified. Society breaks down and people perish.

What Is the Shema To True Life?

What is the Shema when it comes to our happiness? The Shema points us to the fulfillment of our true purpose and happiness.

We have read the passage many times about loving God with all our heart, soul, and strength, and it has likely become common or unimportant to us.

Someone might ask – how can I love a Father or a God that I can’t see or touch? The Bible tells us one powerful expression of love is obedience.

The most frequent message God gave His people in the Old Testament was for them to obey His Word. And real obedience is given freely and not based out of fear.

What is the Shema to an existence without purpose or hope? We mentioned before that the Shema is the door to the solutions for every type of human suffering. If this is true, what does this Shema door open up to?

That is a great question. The Shema directs us to revolve our lives around God. Once we do that, we can come face to face with the greatest expression of God’s love for us. The door opens to His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

God sent His Son to be the physical expression of His written Word. It is through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we can have salvation from every ugly and painful expression of death that mankind faces.

What Is The Shema To Your Heritage?

God also told us that it wasn’t enough for us individually to walk in complete love with our Heavenly Father. The concluding section of the first passage of the Shema directs us to teach and give a daily example to our children how this is done.

One generation will not change the plight of mankind. Repeating generations walking in love for God and Jesus Christ will.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT IS THE SHEMA to your world, to your community? Discover some powerful ways that you can love the Lord God with all your heart at the link above.