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Devotional Shevat 3, 5780 – Only Believe

As Believers in Christ, we are supposed to faith people who live by faith every day. Faith isn’t something we try out when things get tough. It is our way of living, no exceptions and definitely no excuses.

Ohh, I believed for for that promotion and ended up  getting laid off. I prayed and believed for my cousin to be healed of cancer and they still died. These kinds of things should not shake us. Psalm 62: 6 says, “He is my Rock, my salvation, my place of refuge, I will not be moved.” Have you ever heard of tough love? Well maybe there is such a thing as tough faith.

Real faith is not wimpy, but can stand when those storms come and try to beat down your house. Jairus was in such a huge struggle when he discovered his daughter was ill and dying. It looks like the importance of this passage was not lost with the gospel writers since 3 of them include an account of this in their writings.

Jairus has asked Yeshua to heal his girl and receives the news that his daughter has died. That message must have been a tremendous blow to him. Yeshua’s response to this news is even bigger when He tells Jairus to: “ONLY BELIEVE”. He was telling him not to give up and not to lose faith.

We need to scream these simply 2 words to ourselves on a regular basis like scripture says in 1 Sam 30:6 when David encouraged himself in the Lord after learning that his group had lost their families and possessions. ONLY BELIEVE should be the Christian’s motto.

Never lose faith in God’s promises no matter what the circumstances are telling you, no matter what the report is from the doctor or the bank. Our faith is what keeps the portal open to our blessings. Yeshua has completed His work here and paved the way for us to have victory over every obstacle.

Keep standing and ONLY BELIEVE in His promises.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer



Devotional Tivet 25, 5780 – Increase Our Faith

Increase Our Faith

Increase our Faith – has this been the cry of your heart? If not, you are missing out on a huge part of your walk with the Lord and fulfilling His will for your life. Your faith can’t be something you place on the back-burner of your life. It must be front and center.

As blunt as this may be, you can’t fulfill your destiny in the Lord without your faith continuing to advance, moving from faith to faith. In other words, this is not going to happen without your faith increasing.

Yeshua had just spoke to His disciples in Luke 17 about forgiveness and it was a bit much for them to take in. They had a good response, though: “Increase our faith”. Did Yeshua just place His hands on their heads and say, ” Let their faith grow”?

NO – He basically said for their faith to grow they had to start SPEAKING correctly ( 4 times this is mentioned in the 5 verses of His answer to them.) AND, the heart of the matter regarding both their faith and our faith to increase, was to put the faith we have to work for us.

In other words, start applying it to situations in our lives by speaking the action we want to see accomplished. Instead of moaning about how difficult or impossible things are, we need to speak the result we are seeking from a heart that is rooted in the Word and our Father’s will.

So, let’s say that we want to have a Rolls Royce because our neighbor just bought a Mercedes Benz limousine. We start speaking and directing our faith for that car to come into our possession since the word says that our Father gives us richly all things to enjoy (1Tim 6:17).

In this example, we are exercising our selfish desire, not faith, for a favorable outcome. We are using God’s Word to satisfy our wants. This is not faith since it was not birthed from the heart of God. If the Lord had a purpose for you to have a RR so that you could minister to this neighbor and if He has released this word to you, it’s time to increase your faith.

We will recognize the will of Yahweh more easily as we spend consistent time in His word and listening for the voice of His Holy Spirit and His prophets. From that foundation, we can speak life, blessing, healing, and prosperity into our circumstances and watch His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Devotional Tivet 26, 5780 – Cheerful Giving

Cheerful Giving

Have you ever given a gift or donated money but felt like you were forced to do it? It is one of the ugliest places to find yourself in when you give without joy in your heart. How about being in a situation that you were taken advantage of ? You got robbed and what are you going to do about it?

We’ve been in all these situations before and it is possible to turn that resentment or anger into joy by bringing God’s heart of love into the transaction. 2 Cor 9:8 says that Yahweh loves a cheerful giver. What an incredibly powerful statement that is!

How do we bring the Lord’s heart into our giving if the cheerfulness is not there?

  1. We can remind ourselves that we are the children of a giving Father,
  2. We can stand on the truth of sowing and that the reaping is coming,
  3. Trust in Yah’s promise that He is able to make all grace abound toward us.

One of the tings that we have learned to do is to make sure that the cheerfulness is in our hearts before we give by thanking Him for the opportunity to be like Him and be a giver. When we give only from a sense of duty or habit, we are missing out on a lot. Heavenly things are set in motion when we give with a cheerful heart.

His great grace begins to flow freely and a divine confidence that all our needs are sufficiently met builds up and surrounds us and preserves our sense of peace and being cared for. The temptation to start worrying about how our needs will be met is squashed.

Then, an expectation for abundance to come to us takes over so that we can rise to the occasion and see that every good work that we are called to do is finished. We have now set the wheels of multiplication in motion and harvest time has come upon us.

Where does all this bring us? Cheerful giving brings grace, which produces faith in our loving Father, which results in our needs being met and then moving beyond to multiplication and good works being accomplished, all coming to a glorious conclusion of thankfulness to El Shaddai (All Sufficient), Yahweh Yireh (Provider).

What an indescribable gift!

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Devotional Kislev 27, 5780 Hanukkah Your Word Is Light

Hanukkah 4th Candle 

Light is something we tend to take for granted. For us, it’s just the flip of a switch. Only when we have a power outage, do we find ourselves dependent on candles or lamps and experience the simple wonder and beauty of a flame.

And when the power comes back on, we celebrate. Light is something to celebrate, especially the light that the Word of God brings. With the Roman  calendar, we are celebrating Christmas, Yeshua, the light of the world. While we have no issues whatsoever with the value and meaning of Christmas, we do take issue with the accuracy of its timing. This is not, however, the topic of our discussion. We do wish you a very blessed Christmas.

When you light the 4th Hanukkah candle or lamp, go to Ps. 119: 105, 130.  Verse 105 says: ” Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Now how many times are we faced with decisions and not sure how to proceed? Every day we make decisions that affect our lives in some way, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in big ways.

We can find the direction to take through the wisdom of scripture as we search it out. We should also be making daily journeys in God’s Word so that its life, its light can get established in our hearts. So as we celebrate Hanukkah this 4th night, let’s remember the value and light that His word brings to our lives and helps us from stumbling.

Verse 130 says:” The entrance of Your words gives light, it gives understanding to the simple.” Don’t you just love children at the age when their favorite question is why. Understanding why things happen or don’t happen is an important need that we all have.

We live in a very complex world and many times we can get overwhelmed. Going to God’s Word can help us keep things simple. His Word brings understanding to us as we face the challenges of each day, if we take the time to quiet ourselves and let His Word settle in our spirits and minds.

We wish you a glorious Hanukkah!

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Glory Ambassador Journey Keys

We believe one of the biggest challenges that Christians face to be effective Kingdom ministers is ACCOUNTABILITY. As a result, we believe that self-accountability and self-motivation must make use of some type of vehicle to help us advance towards our identities as ambassadors of Yahweh’s Glory and as His overcoming Kingdom sons and daughters. Our vehicle is a tracking worksheet which you will find below.

Just as a note, as you can see to the left, there is no cost to join us on this journey. We are honored to be a “LAUNCHING” resource for you and to spur one another on in love and good works. You are free to make a donation if you like to Hope N Him Ministries by clicking the image.


Below is the Tracking Sheet to help hold yourself accountable and to give access to some fun and practical rewards. There are 12 Victory Keys that you will be tracking for yourself. Is this a lot to track ? Yes, but the culture of death is working against us 24/7 and we can’t be half-hearted about this!

Remember, it’s time to successfully RESIST the death flow that has been robbing us, our children, our families and communities of God’s life-giving Glory and abundant blessings. We cannot accept anything but victory in this journey AND have fun doing it.

This sheet is to serve as a guideline and a reminder, and maybe even as a planner, but NOT as a taskmaster. Seek the Holy Spirit’s direction on what areas to focus on. Do not use this worksheet to beat yourself up with. Use to deepen your relationship with the Lord and enjoy your ambassadorship.

We also want to support you on your journey by sending you text messages to encourage you. 2 Peter 1 makes a powerful statement about stirring up one another with reminders. We hope you will allow us to do this, but obviously it is optional. If you want to receive our brief  Glory Ambassador texts, sign up here:


The big question is: How can I know if I am really moving from “glory to glory”? You will know this if you are advancing in your Christian walk, seeing more evidence of His Glory in your life and in your family and in your contacts. This basically means living more by the spirit,  operating more in the gifts of the Spirit, true love flowing more freely from our hearts, and YES — miracles happening, supernatural events like healing, deliverance, and provision multiplication. WOW!

Take a look at the tracking sheet below with the written explanations. Videos will be coming soon. Please click the image below for a larger view and to print ( you may need to save image to your computer before printing).

The 2-week worksheet gives a place to write 2 specific goals, a Renewal Identity name for yourself, and 12 Victory Keys to track daily. You Renewal Identity name is very important for this journey ahead. We will explain in a minute, but here are the keys which are directed at our spirits,souls, and bodies being aligned together:

  1. Word Time/Fear Check – Word time is simply engaging in Bible reading/mediation/worship and checking for any spirit of fear that have gotten access
  2. Exercising Faith/Gifts – Growing in faith and our spiritual gifts need to be a way of life
  3. Speaking life/Blessings – Our words are powerful and we must tame our tongues
  4. Renewal Action Step – Take some specific action towards building up your awareness of the day-by-day renewal of your spirit man such as praying in the Spirit
  5. Breathing Focus – Deep breathing exercises will do wonders in combating stress/anxiety ( do not ignore this)
  6. Active Bodies – Simple consistent exercise of any type helps your energy levels
  7. God’s Timing – Aligning your days, weeks, months and years with God’s calendar positions you for an open portal of  heavenly blessings
  8. Healing Hands – Use the anointing for healing in your hands to dispel sickness
  9. Partner Contacts – Write your Glory Journey partner’s name and encourage them
  10. Reaching Out/Giving – A Glory Ambassador is to represent Kingdom authority and blessings wherever they go and look for chances to give of themselves
  11. Garden/Nature – Refresh your souls in a natural setting
  12. Natural Foods – Our bodies need the right building blocks to excel

Simply place a check for each key you have participated in and add up the daily totals. Take a picture of your sheet when it is completed and send it to so we can provide some fun rewards. Also send any comments or requests to this email.

Please keep reading:

Renewal Identity Name Explanation: When you became born again, a mechanism of rejuvenation was activated in your spirit man – something like the spiritual fountain of youth (2 Cor 4:16). This renewal mechanism is a huge key in resisting the death flow around us on a daily basis. When we stop rowing against the destructive forces trying to bring us to hopelessness and death, we will lose ground. That cannot happen – we are called as ambassadors to reflect God’s Glory wherever we go.

Is this daily renewal of our spirit man an automatic thing? Yes, but if our enemy can prevent us from tapping into this truth, we lose much of the benefit here in this life. Our part to play is to stay continually aware and trust by faith that this renewal process or transformation is happening. This is easily accomplished by:

  1. Asking the Holy Spirit what your “Renewal Identity” is to be called. In other words, what name or term best identifies what the expression of His Glory is to look like in your life. Write it on the tracking sheet.
  2. Thinking of yourself frequently using that name and make a simple commitment to act upon that awareness as the Holy Spirit directs.

We will have short videos explaining and encouraging you on this journey.

Victory Keys Explanations

Daily Word Time/Fear Check

  • abiding in God’s Word means relationship
  • no microwave short-cuts
  • start small but set aside a time you can stick with
  • treasure this time and let the Holy Spirit lead you
  • enemy will try to interrupt this time
  • complete a fear check to make sure no spirit of fear is operating
  • resist and command any spirit of fear to go

Exercising Your Faith and Spiritual Gifts

  • without faith it is impossible to please Yahweh
  • pleasing our Father is a top priority
  • don’t put up with puny faith
  • how to exercise our faith muscle: 1) seek out God’s Word for your situation, 2) declare that word over your situation/life, 3) thank Him for moving on your behalf, and 4) act upon any direction Holy Spirit gives you.
  • this is a growing process with hurdles to deal with
  • our job is to STAY in faith no matter what – “Only Believe”

 Speaking Life and Blessing

  • do your words make a difference?
  • we will be held accountable for our words – Matt. 12
  • set a guard over your mouth
  • we are prophets over our lives for good or for bad
  • your tongue is like the rudder of a ship
  • how are you impacted by a steady flow of harsh words ?

Day by Day Renewal Action Steps

  • we must resist the “death flow” around us
  • praying in the Spirit often
  • thought patterns and words connected to poverty and hopelessness limit us
  • inward man being renewed day by day – 2 Cor 4:16
  • direct effect on empowering us in resisting the death flow
  • how we can stay constantly aware of this truth will vary
  • learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He brings renewal
  • again, praying in the Spirit often

Breathing Focus

  • Yahweh breathed life into Adam and us
  • we take our breathing for granted, 25000 breaths daily
  • it is a complex biological function
  • simple act of focusing on our breathing
  • helpful when dealing with stressful situations
  • try it now for a couple of minutes

Active Body Benefits

  • body, soul and spirit mentioned in 1 Thess 5:23
  • all 3 need to work well together
  • a sick body is a big hindrance
  • Yeshua spent a lot of time healing
  • an active body promotes a healthy body
  • couch potato or active lifestyle
  • simple exercise examples

Alignment with Yahweh’s Timing

  • Yahweh created time and has His own calendar
  • Bible passages in Exodus 12:2 and Ps 104:19
  • days, weeks, months, and years function in cycles of time
  • enemy has tried to pervert this too
  • aligning with God’s timing releases new blessings
  • aligning with His timing honors our Heavenly Father greatly
  • Appointed feasts were designed to create a holy rhythm in our lives
  • times of rest and celebration
  • Jesus observed them in the Gospels
  • the early Church
  • not legalism but a heavenly invitation

Healing Hands

  • we’ve been given anointing to heal
  • big part of Yeshua’s ministry
  • expect to see miracles to happen
  • Only Believe the anointing is there
  • look for chances to lay your hands
  • expect a transfer to occur
  • healing is part of His Glory
  • stir up your faith and receiver’s faith, our job is to expect and keep expecting

Partner Contacts

  • find your ministry partner
  • give and receive encouragement
  • no set time frame or frequency of contacts
  • importance of accountability
  • avoid culture of isolation

Reaching Out and Giving

  • looking to the good of others is central idea to Christianity
  • we are to serve others as Yeshua did
  • laying down your life
  • giving of finances, time, prayer
  • finding balance in care for self and others
  • seek direction from Holy Spirit how to do this

Natural Foods

  • does our Father care about all areas of our lives?
  • processed foods are so common in today’s civilization
  • sweet tooth mania
  • consider some simple changes
  • chemicals here and there
  • all is lawful but not all is profitable
  • foundation of health is in the Lord

Garden / Nature

  • Yahweh’s natural creation brings relief and relaxation
  • our busy schedules work against this
  • cares of the world have a choking effect
  • make simple changes in your routine
  • quick getaways to a park or garden nearby

We are thrilled to be aligned with you all in Christ.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer  –




What Day Is The Sabbath – Does It Really Matter?

Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone over what day is the Sabbath? I bet that this discussion was not very productive. You started out trying to correct your brother or sister in Christ and ended up doing more harm than good.

There is one argument that the Sabbath day is the day that was established in the Old Testament as the 7th day of the week. This corresponds with the day of our Roman calendar called Saturday. 

Another argument contends that Sunday is the Christian day of rest since Jesus was resurrected on this day, the first day of the week.

I believe that both of these arguments are equally valid. I would, however, like to propose that there may be a more important issue at hand.

Are you truly honoring the Lord with the Sabbath day of rest? If you are genuinely bringing honor to our Heavenly Father on this day of rest, I’m not so sure that it makes much difference whether you do that on Saturday or Sunday. I realize that this may upset some people, but Jesus put much more value on what was going on in someone’s heart as opposed to outward observances of rules.

Instead of making a big issue over what day is the Sabbath, try to put more energy into keeping this special and powerful day holy unto the Lord.

There are a number of simple ways that you can do this: 

1) The 4th Commandment tells us to keep this day “holy”. That simply means to set it apart by giving it special significance in your life. One way to do this is to do your work on the other 6 days and keep it as a day of rest. I believe we will experience divine favor and blessing on the work of our hands if we do this. Look at Chick-Fil-A as an example. They are closed for business on Sunday’s to honor the Sabbath and they are very successful in the competitive fast -food industry.

2) Isaiah 58:13-14 gives us several keys and  a powerful promise. It talks about us NOT spending this day on just our own pleasures. Is it really too much of our Creator to ask that we set aside one day out of the week to devote to Him?

This passage also talks about focusing on speaking God’s words, not words from our own selfish hearts. We are to call His holy day a delight and a day of honoring Him.

It finishes with an awesome promise from God that if we do these things, He will cause us to come out on top of things. That makes us WINNERS!

Don’t get stuck on trying to figure out what day is the Sabbath. We invite you and your family to learn more about the Lord’s special days and His Biblical feasts  and watch the doors of God’s blessings open up for you to enjoy.

The Counting of the Omer – Only For Jewish People?

Are Jewish people the only ones who can benefit from the counting of the omer? You may be wondering what on God’s green earth is an omer and why should I count it.

Very briefly, counting omer refers to the counting of the 50 days between Passover and Pentecost. This was actually a command that was given by God to the Israelites found in Leviticus 23:15.

Quite simply, what is involved is “counting your blessings”, and this is an extremely important activity for Christians to engage in for several reasons.

1) The Passover represents freedom and Pentecost represents the giving of God’s Word and His Holy Spirit. What value does freedom have without a vital reason to exercise that freedom? The counting of the omer reminds us daily of our purpose, our destiny in the Lord.

2)  With all the craziness that is going on around us, we need to be reminded of what SETS US APART. What sets us apart is the availability of experiencing the awesome blessings of our Lord and King. This is accomplished as we set aside these 50 days to do just that.

3) Even the world around us seems to recognize the importance of countdowns. We see it with New Year’s and with rocket launches. As we participate in the “omer countdown”, an expectation to see God’s hand moving in our lives will build up in our hearts and minds. You see, His flow of blessings in our lives are regulated by our faith. That’s why Jesus could do very little in his hometown of Nazareth.

4) And finally, an unexpected benefit was realized as we observed this activity. It takes mental discipline to follow a 50-day countdown. I know discipline is a dirty word these days but we all need to find ways to cultivate this character trait back into our lives.

We invite you to take part in the counting of the omer and get closer in touch with all of the blessings available to us as children of God. Come join us and learn more about His Biblical feasts  and watch the doors of God’s blessings open up for you to enjoy.

Keep The Sabbath Or Ignore It

What happens if someone decides to keep the Sabbath?

The simple answer is that it will release blessings into your life, especially your business endeavors. It’s a rather simple concept.

It wasn’ that long ago, maybe 35 years, when businesses started to ignore observing the Sabbath. Or should I say business owners.

God is not against us having wealth. He is against wealth having us in its grips. He knows the result of this situation – ultimate ruin.

God instructed us to keep the Sabbath as a way to imitate Him, follow in His footsteps. Is that such a horrible thing?

Here’s a no-brainer folks – REST. We were created with a need for rest. When we ignore that need, when we ignore God, we will suffer the consequences. Your health, your family, and your pocket book may suffer. That is not God’s will for us.

What we do with our times of relaxation says a lot about us. It reflects what our priorities are, what we value. So, what’s really important to you?

The seventh day Sabbath is not complicated. The Jewish people were instructed to observe the Sabbath on a Saturday, every 7 days. Almost all Christians recognize Sunday’s as the Sabbath. Is it more than just going to a church service to you, though? We hope not. We encourage you to rediscover the power that can be released into your life as you keep the Sabbath.

Pleas forgive if we don’t stop here. There is also something called the Sabbath year. You guessed it. God introduced the coolest vacation idea in resting every 7 th year from your labors. We bet this one just blows you away.

What does all this have to do with?  It has to do with effective time management. People and companies spend lots of money on courses to teach them how to manage their time.

Our message here doesn’t cost you a dime, but just a little time.  Christians have no excuse when it comes to time to time management. We’re not saying we never complain about not having enough time.

We ‘re just saying that the Christian time management concepts above, will set you on a new path to success if you begin to put them into practice.

To get started, pick just one new way you can keep the Sabbath and ask the Lord to bless your efforts to honor Him. And expect His blessings to come!

Mike and Charleen