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What’s In Your Kingdom Wallet?

Our declaration of faith in Jesus Christ our Savior is what has given us access into the Kingdom of God as His adopted children. As citizens of His Kingdom, we need to know how to operate successfully here since we are no longer of this world. Like any responsible citizen, we should have a wallet. Huh?

Our number 1 motivation to get full of faith for God’s Word is to please Him as we have already addressed. BUT, there is another huge motivation for us: the currency of God’s Kingdom is faith. Without faith in His Word and promises, we won’t be able to bear fruit or stand in victory over the forces of darkness or fully enjoy the abundant life that Yeshua came to give us.

When we expressed our faith in Christ, His blood cleansed us of all unrighteousness, and we became “just” or right in God’s eyes. So how are we to live in God’s Kingdom? The just shall live by faith as we are told in Hab 2:4, and again in Rm 1:17  and again in Gal 3:11. We are to live day-to-day by faith.

Wow, this is so important. Let this sink in. Next time you pull out your wallet or purse, think about your faith level. Faith is how we are to accomplish everything we do in God’s Kingdom. So, what’s in your wallet?


Devotional Tivet 24, 5780 – Husbands and Wives Built In Tension

Husbands and Wives Built In Tension

Our all-knowing Creator Yahweh built a tension into the male-female relationship that was designed to amazingly satisfy our emotional and spiritual and physical needs. This tension can only be brought to a place of fruitfulness and fulfillment when our relationship is submitted to the Lord. The husband-wife journey was designed to be the 2nd most powerful experience of renewal in our lives.

One of the obstacles we face in realizing the blessings of this tension is living in a culture that increasingly pushes us to ignore this tension and also to use it to engage in all-out war between the sexes. As a result, almost all marriages and relationships get stuck in an enticing but destructive dance of whereby both parties end up either injured or traumatized. Then the following years are spent on attempts to find healing and escaping the growing bitterness.

Where’s The Beef?

So what is this tension? A husband’s need to be respected and a wife’s need to be loved is described in Eph 5. This passage has so much truth built into it.  While both men and women have a need to be loved and respected, the foundations for a husband’s sense of fulfillment is through being respected and a wife’s is being loved.

We are not going to get into all the details of the “men are from mars and women are from venus” thing because we want to keep things simple. Relationships between men and women tend to get complicated all by themselves and our hope is to avoid this.

We are also not going to get into the definitions of love and respect – that is up to you. The best pictures of love and respect are found in scripture. We will say however that there are some aspects of love and respect that are the same.

In conclusion, we can enjoy some of the greatest blessings of renewal that our Heavenly Father has prepared for us by getting better at walking through this tension. Guys, simply ask yourselves, am I loving my wife in this situation? Ladies, simply ask yourselves, am I respecting my husband in this situation? If your answer is no, make an adjustment.

And if your differing views of love and respect are creating extra tension in your marriage, ask how you can be more loving or more respectful.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer



On-Going Construction Within

Have you ever heard that you are work in progress? That may not sound like much of a compliment but it is the absolute truth for all of us. We are just at different stages of construction in our lives with one master builder at work in us – the King of kings and Lord of lords.

The issue comes down to how well or how poorly we cooperate with the Master. Well, the real issue comes down to the fact that we can take great comfort and encouragement in that He is at work in us, renewing us, bringing us to new levels of advancement.

How are we to be advancing? Phil 2: 13 says that He is working in us to achieve greater levels of desire and ability to please Him. This is an amazing part of the renewal process that is on-going within us. We will see the fruit of this internal construction or renewing more as we embrace and celebrate His activating presence within us.

We do have a part to play in this – how well we co-labor with His Holy Spirit. We all have has issues with this in the past as we have foolishly thought we knew better or just let fear or impatience get the better of us. No matter the frequency of our lack of cooperation, He is there willing to welcome us back to a wise place of allowing His will to rule in our lives.

Are we living every day staying focused on what Yahweh’s will is for us and that our mission in life is for His good pleasure?

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer


Devotional Shevat 12, 5780 – Purify Yourselves

We have encouraged you to take action “day by day” through the renewal process (2Cor 4:16) that is going on in us because we must resist the growing flow, no a torrent of destruction pulling at all of us. We can’t give in to it if our confidence is to remain strong as ambassadors for Christ. One such example of a renewal action step from our Ambassador Victory Keys is found in 1 John 3:3.

He says:”And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.” By making and keeping a commitment to becoming the Glory ambassador of Christ we are called to be, we are engaging in a powerful action of purifying ourselves. Obviously, His holy word cleanses us also, as does celebrating communion.

Our need for continual purification creates a telling and motivating image of the challenging culture we live in. We are constantly having the sludge of perversity (pornography, greed, murder, envy, self-glorification, etc.) thrown at us. We can’t let any of this stick to us for a second and must keep ourselves purified.

Christ is coming for a spotless bride. What will He find when He returns? Let’s keep our hearts steadfast and focused in our pursuit of the things of Yah’s kingdom. As 1 John 2:28 says, abide in Him so that we may not be ashamed to stand before Him when He comes.

Stay with us as we continue on this journey of victory as effective Glory Ambassadors for Christ.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Devotional Shevat 10, 5780 – No Infirmity Among Them

What is the most common challenge or concern, other than money, that people commonly have and spend a lot of time trying to resolve? It is our health and it may even be more of a wide-spread issue than money.

From aches and pains in various locations of our bodies, much of our attention goes to dealing with our health. As we get older, those concerns can become more serious when issues like diabetes, cancer, or heart disease begin showing up. Pharmaceutical companies are big business around the world and hospitals typically stay very busy.

Yahweh’s plan was and still is for us to enjoy lives free from these hardships that are continually trying to come against us. A big problem is much of the church believes it is just our burden to bear. When Elohim brought them out of Egypt, them being around 2 million people, “there were none feeble among them.” Ps 105:37

Two million people and none of them were sick or weak. These were abused people who had been mistreated for years and lived in poverty. Yet, the Lord made sure there would be no sickness or weak condition among them to start their journey to the Promised Land.

Are there any sick or feeble among us at church? Ouch, the answer is an embarrassing yes. Why? We believe mostly because Christians accept it and haven’t established faith for healing and continued health in their lives.

This must stop and the people of Yahweh need to realize they have healing hands and need to start calling upon that healing anointing as hands are laid upon the sick.

Start meditating on some healing scriptures and stop asking if it is God’s will that healing occur. Every time you touch someone, expect healing grace to be released. And don’t stop. You could hear people saying in your church that there are no feeble among us.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer


Devotional Shevat 3, 5780 – Only Believe

As Believers in Christ, we are supposed to faith people who live by faith every day. Faith isn’t something we try out when things get tough. It is our way of living, no exceptions and definitely no excuses.

Ohh, I believed for for that promotion and ended up  getting laid off. I prayed and believed for my cousin to be healed of cancer and they still died. These kinds of things should not shake us. Psalm 62: 6 says, “He is my Rock, my salvation, my place of refuge, I will not be moved.” Have you ever heard of tough love? Well maybe there is such a thing as tough faith.

Real faith is not wimpy, but can stand when those storms come and try to beat down your house. Jairus was in such a huge struggle when he discovered his daughter was ill and dying. It looks like the importance of this passage was not lost with the gospel writers since 3 of them include an account of this in their writings.

Jairus has asked Yeshua to heal his girl and receives the news that his daughter has died. That message must have been a tremendous blow to him. Yeshua’s response to this news is even bigger when He tells Jairus to: “ONLY BELIEVE”. He was telling him not to give up and not to lose faith.

We need to scream these simply 2 words to ourselves on a regular basis like scripture says in 1 Sam 30:6 when David encouraged himself in the Lord after learning that his group had lost their families and possessions. ONLY BELIEVE should be the Christian’s motto.

Never lose faith in God’s promises no matter what the circumstances are telling you, no matter what the report is from the doctor or the bank. Our faith is what keeps the portal open to our blessings. Yeshua has completed His work here and paved the way for us to have victory over every obstacle.

Keep standing and ONLY BELIEVE in His promises.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer



Devotional Tivet 25, 5780 – Increase Our Faith

Increase Our Faith

Increase our Faith – has this been the cry of your heart? If not, you are missing out on a huge part of your walk with the Lord and fulfilling His will for your life. Your faith can’t be something you place on the back-burner of your life. It must be front and center.

As blunt as this may be, you can’t fulfill your destiny in the Lord without your faith continuing to advance, moving from faith to faith. In other words, this is not going to happen without your faith increasing.

Yeshua had just spoke to His disciples in Luke 17 about forgiveness and it was a bit much for them to take in. They had a good response, though: “Increase our faith”. Did Yeshua just place His hands on their heads and say, ” Let their faith grow”?

NO – He basically said for their faith to grow they had to start SPEAKING correctly ( 4 times this is mentioned in the 5 verses of His answer to them.) AND, the heart of the matter regarding both their faith and our faith to increase, was to put the faith we have to work for us.

In other words, start applying it to situations in our lives by speaking the action we want to see accomplished. Instead of moaning about how difficult or impossible things are, we need to speak the result we are seeking from a heart that is rooted in the Word and our Father’s will.

So, let’s say that we want to have a Rolls Royce because our neighbor just bought a Mercedes Benz limousine. We start speaking and directing our faith for that car to come into our possession since the word says that our Father gives us richly all things to enjoy (1Tim 6:17).

In this example, we are exercising our selfish desire, not faith, for a favorable outcome. We are using God’s Word to satisfy our wants. This is not faith since it was not birthed from the heart of God. If the Lord had a purpose for you to have a RR so that you could minister to this neighbor and if He has released this word to you, it’s time to increase your faith.

We will recognize the will of Yahweh more easily as we spend consistent time in His word and listening for the voice of His Holy Spirit and His prophets. From that foundation, we can speak life, blessing, healing, and prosperity into our circumstances and watch His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer