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What Do Christian Ministers Need Most From Their Congregations?

What Do Christian Ministers Need?

One of the toughest things for Christians to realize is that Christian ministers have needs just like us. They have a life outside of the Sunday service, too. They
have struggles just like we do. Christian Ministers

They need support and encouragement just like we do. As the leader and director of your church’s mission to the community, you do not want them operating out of an empty bucket.

While promoting Pastor’s Appreciation Week or Month is commendable, it is in no way near enough. Christian ministers have a give-and-receive relationship with their congregation.

Their source of support from you should be a steady stream throughout the year, not just one week or one month out of the year.

Please remember that your pastor is only as good as the support from his congregation. Do you want a good pastor or a fantastic, on-fire-for-the-
Lord pastor?

Christian Ministers Need This

While I am not a pastor, I have surveyed several men who have been working with Christian ministers for many years. They informed me of 3 main areas of
support that Christian ministers expressed a need for.

What is pastoral support about? It’s about:

1) The number one area of support for Christian ministers is in the area of prayer. I know this is a no-brainer, but also know that this is still a major
challenge to do on a CONSISTENT BASIS.

Prayer lifted up on behalf of your minister is the lifeblood of his pastoral ministry. Your pastors needs your prayers through out the week every week. You have submitted your family’s spiritual growth and direction to this person.

Your consistent and faith-filled prayers open the doors of anointing, vision, patience, and wisdom for your pastor to be an inspired and effective minister.

Prayers of protection and provision and peace and health for your pastor and his family are also vitally important.

2) The number two area of support for Christian ministers is the need for friendships. Your pastor spends the week preparing for his sermon and other details for the Sunday service.

Christians ministers are also very busy during the week ministering to both the common and emergency needs of the families and individuals that attend the

Rest and relaxation are important to us all. Pastors would like to have opportunities for friendship that don’t necessarily involve ministering. Pastors need social time in order to take off their minister’s hat.

3) The third top area of need for Christian ministers is honest and respectful feedback from the congregation. Your pastor would like to be able to evaluate
his ability to be an effective minister. This is extremely important for pastors.

Christian ministers want to grow and mature in their skills in relationship building and communicating and living out the Gospel.

Your respectful feedback gives them the chance to make adjustments and to do something about any potential blind spots they may be operating with.

Christian Ministers Action Steps

Now that you know what are the top 3 areas of needs, what are some simple steps you can take to give support for pastors at your church?

– Start the nickel defense prayer plan whereby you put a nickel in your pocket every day to remind yourself of the commitment to pray for your pastor and family, and then give that nickel to your pastor on Sunday.

– Invite your pastor and/or family to a simple lunch or social event periodically.

– Be willing to share your impressions with loving respect and honesty, in private if necessary.

Here’s to happy Christian ministers.

Michael Ecuyer