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Redeeming The Time For Your Inheritance in God

Redeeming The Time For Your Victory

Did you know that every Christian has an amazingly abundant inheritance? Redeeming the time we have is vitally important for us to be able to walk in that overflowing inheritance. Enjoying the fullness of our inheritance in Christ depends on it. The Timing of God

We do have an eternal inheritance that became ours when we gave our lives to Jesus Christ by faith and our confession.

We also have an inheritance that is available to us right now through the promises of God in Scripture.

What is This Heritage?

Every Christian’s heritage inheritance includes the “shalom” of God. This translates into happiness, health, wealth, authority, and God’s limitless love and mercy.

Are you experiencing all of these blessings on a regular basis, or at all?

God’s Timing

What does God’s timing have to do with our inheritance? God placed us in time to see what we would do with it. The timing of God is an important key.

He gave us a choice to follow His standard and His calendar or make up one of our own? The concept and the operation of time is huge because it surrounds us and shapes everything we do.

Paul even gives us an instruction to redeem the time. To redeem means to get something back to its original intent or purpose or back to its true owner. Do you believe God is the owner of time? He did create it.

We must stop taking the gift of God’s perfect timing for granted. Our complete inheritance is a stake. He shared His gift of time with us through the seasons and organized it through His calendar, the Biblical calendar.

God’s Calendar

His calendar is not a bunch of meaningless names and numbers. God’s calendar can be found in the Hebrew calendar and is identified by the different months and years based on the moon’s cycles.

Don’t get offended with me bringing up the moon. Who set the moon in its exact position and set its schedule to rotate around the earth every 28 days? This has nothing to do with astrology.

The months and the years of God’s calendar have significant meanings which give us clues into getting deeper into God’s cycles of blessing. The Jewish months are not the names of a group of mythological and false gods like the Roman calendar.

Months and Years of the Biblical Calendar

The names of the Jewish months are obviously formed  from the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Even the letters of the Jewish alphabet have specific meanings and their letters also represent numbers. As a result, the years and months of the timing of God have specific meanings and significance.

Don’t Buy This?

Let’s quickly look at the year of 2005 in the Roman calendar. In the Hebrew calendar it was the year of 5765. The number 65 is derived from one letter that has a rounded shape called the “samech” and another letter that looks a bit like a window lattice called the “hey”.

Together they referred to a whirling wind. Do you realize that 2005 was a record year for hurricanes both in strength and numbers? The weather forecasters ran out of English names and had to start using Greek letters to give them names.

God’s Will and His Wisdom

God is still in charge of time and expresses His will and desire through His calendar. God’s purpose to His creation is revealed through His calendar. Contrary to what a lot of people think, God does not want us running around in the dark without a clue.

He expects us to seek out His will and His wisdom.  The Bible highly values wisdom and His desire is that we walk in His wisdom so that we can be in agreement with His will and receive our full inheritance both now and in eternity.

To help us get positioned for this to happen, He gave us His calendar so that redeeming the time we have on this earth would be possible.

Our Purpose

What is the purpose of man put in very simple terms? The answer is to be in agreement or alignment with God Almighty. Our inheritance in Christ will be opened more fully to us when we follow God’s perfect timing.

We have put together an easy and enjoyable way for your family to start redeeming the time. Let God have His perfect way in you starting today.

What Does Passover Mean For Christians?

What Does Passover Mean If You’re A Christian?

Passover began almost 3500 years ago for the Jewish people to commemorate God delivering them from the slavery of Egypt. It is an awesome story but what does Passover mean for Christians?

You are about to discover the amazing spiritual blessings that will be released into your life when your family begins to celebrate the Passover feast. We even have a simple and delicious guide to help you do it. 

Passover is the first of the Biblical feasts mentioned in the Old Testament. God instructed Israel to celebrate this feast to help them remember how powerful He was and that He had awesome plans for their lives once they were free from Egypt.

That’s fine for Jewish people but what does Passover have to do with Christians receiving blessings from God? Bear with us please and we will answer the question of whether there is any significance of a Christian Passover.

Passover Meal

The central element of this feast is the Passover or seder meal. We will not attempt to cover how to celebrate Passover here. There are three items, however, that I will mention that deserve special attention.

These three items of the Passover meal are the roasted lamb, the matzo (unleavened bread), and the grape juice or wine.

The Lamb

An unblemished lamb was to be kept by the family for four days and then killed and roasted. Its blood was placed on the doorposts of the house so that the
angel of death would “pass over” the house.

As you know, Jesus was referred to as our Passover and the lamb many times in the New Testament.

Our Heavenly Father’s plan from the start was for the male lamb, with no blemish, to represent the Jesus in the Passover, who would come to our rescue about 1500 years later .

There are many unmistakeable connections between Passover holiday and the person of Jesus. It is about Jesus the Lamb of God, shedding His blood, so the penalty of our sin could pass over us. This truth is amazing!

The Matzo

The matzo is the unleavened bread that must be used in this feast. It is broken into 3 pieces which represents the tri-une God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The middle piece is wrapped up in a napkin or cloth and then hidden for the children to find. Does this sound familiar?

The Juice/Wine

The Passover celebration also has 3 instances in which juice or wine is consumed. Together with the matzo, they form the central items used during the Last Supper which Jesus celebrated with His disciples.

These two items became the centerpieces of every Christian’s covenant with Christ which is referred to as communion in many Christian circles.

Passover History

Celebrating the Passover holiday opens the doors of God’s grace in some awesome ways. Here come some amazing things that you probably are not aware of.

The early Christian church celebrated Passover throughout the Roman empire until the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. Yes, the early Christians observed the Passover celebration for almost 300 years. It was here that the Emperor Constantine prohibited the observance of Passover by Christians.

A study of early church history reveals that the occurrence of miracles and wonders ceased close to this time. This time basically lines up with the start of the Dark Ages. Is this a coincidence? I think not, since these kinds of miraculous signs and wonders are becoming more commonplace in the modern Church as Christians are beginning to recognize the significance of Passover.

St. Patrick?

Let’s quickly move to Ireland and Britain where the Christian Celtic Church was established shortly afterwards. More church history records document powerful men of the Lord such as Patrick and Columba.

The Lord continued to use these men for numerous miracles such as healings and people being raised from the dead. How could this happen? The Celtic Church was able to stay isolated from the restrictions of the Roman Church for quite a while.

But guess what happened in 664AD? The Council of Whitby convened and outlawed the observance of Passover. The Church died in Britain shortly afterwards. Is this just another coincidence?

Our Personal Experience

Finally, let’s move to the year 1994AD. That is when our family started celebrating Passover. We were invited to an event conducted by a group called the Jews for Jesus. I’ll never forget how moved excited I was afterwards. We have observed Passover ever since.

Eighteen years later, we are a family of 12. Our children never get sick and we never have doctor’s bills. All our physical needs have been met and more. We are regularly able to help others and generously support Godly ministries.

We are far from perfect but we are experiencing God’s awesome blessings in so many ways as we enjoy the fun of this Passover holiday and follow God’s calendar and His cycles of blessing.

Jewish Cookbooks Contain Treasure That You Never Imagined

Jewish Cookbooks Contain Treasure?

treasureEveryone has one or more cookbooks in their home. They provide instructions on how to prepare meals and dishes that your family will enjoy.

Did you know that there is HIDDEN TREASURE to be found in Jewish cookbooks meant for your family to enjoy? We have made it as simple as possible for you with our guide to the Biblical feasts for Christians cookbook.

If you have ever looked at Jewish cookbooks before, you know they are not the traditional Betty Crocker types. Don’t get me wrong – I have found Betty Crocker to be very helpful in the past.

You will find out quickly, however, that there is something very different about these cookbooks. They are not just a collection of recipes. Jewish food is closely tied with their culture and especially their holidays.

Where’s The Beef – Where’s The Treasure?

The treasure that will mean experiencing incredible spiritual growth and spiritual healing for your family is hidden in the Biblical feasts.

It is here that I firmly believe many Christians have been missing out on some very important opportunities. The Jewish feasts are awesome chances for times of powerful fellowship with the Lord and receiving more of His restoring grace.

What Are The Biblical Holidays?

Very briefly, these feasting times include the 3 major annual feasts: Passover, Pentecost, and the Feast of Trumpets and Tabernacles. The other times of celebration include the weekly Sabbath celebrations and the monthly Firstfruits celebrations.

So, as you turn the pages of Jewish cookbooks, you are actually opening the doors to celebrating our Creator. He established these times of feasting thousands of years ago.

My Family

From the moment I began looking over one these culinary treasures, an exciting adventure began in my heart. As a Mom of 10 children, I love to find new opportunities for family celebrations and delicious food.

But the Biblical feasts are much more than fun and good food. They are special times that God has asked us to celebrate His presence in our lives “FOR ALL GENERATIONS”.

As our family began this spiritual adventure, I found myself looking forward to these times of the year more than any traditional holiday. I knew in my heart that we were learning about the truest forms of celebration and devotion to our Heavenly Father.

What About The Treasure?

So what is this treasure and how can your family experience it? God has placed within each of His Biblical festivals a powerful spiritual key. They contain spiritual keys meant to unlock the fullness of God’s favor and blessings for us to celebrate and experience year after year.

The 3 Annual Feasts

Passover is a time of cleansing and renewal. This is vital so that we come before the Lord boldly with a clean heart with our prayers.

Pentecost is a time of harvest celebration thanking God for our abundant provision of the past and strategies for our future inheritance.

The Feast of Tabernacles celebrates the joy and blessings of God’s presence and glory in our lives.

Sabbath Celebration

Modern culture has basically discarded this special time of rest. This  is a time of rest from work, a time to give of ourselves to the Lord at the beginning of each week. A modern example of the blessings of the Sabbath is the great success that Chick-Fil-A has experienced by honoring the Sabbath.

Monthly Firstfruits

This time coincides with the beginning of each month. This is an chance to honor the Lord by giving the firstfruits of our labor and blessings to him each month. By doing this, we are making the whole month holy and positioning ourselves for our Heavenly Father’s great favor and prosperity.

Getting Started

To begin this awesome journey for your family, you have 2 options:

1) Find a basic guide on the Jewish feasts from your library or the internet, or

2) Get my Biblical Feasts Cookbook for Christians, which gives you the basics of these feasts and lots of delicious recipes.

Don’t get too caught up in the details and KEEP IT FUN!

You won’t find a more sure-fire guarantee anywhere when it comes to enjoying the treasures of God’s kingdom. Join us now as you uncover the treasure for yourselves found in Jewish Cookbooks.

7 Reasons Christians Should Follow The Jewish Holiday Calendar

 The Jewish Holiday Calendar For Christians?

What possible reason might Christians be interested in the Jewish holiday calendar?
The simple answer is that our Heavenly Father established these times of feasting to help us live “the abundant life” by experiencing His great blessings. The Biblical holidays are all about celebrating God’s great grace and His desire to be an intimate part of our lives.
My Jewish Cookbook
We have the perfect guide to help you discover the life-changing treasures found in the Jewish feasts. To help you and your family enjoy these exciting events every year, we created this Jewish cookbook for Christians.
Watch your family change as you begin to observe the Biblical feasts.They truly are an extension of the presence of Jesus who brings life-giving power. Here are 7 convincing reasons you should want to make them a lasting part of your existence.


God’s Miracles In Your Life
1) Mighty displays of God’s miraculous power were common in the early Church UNTIL the fourth century. These occurrences began to fade away when the Roman emperor Constantine interfered.
He prohibited any relationship between the Church and following the Jewish feasts, especially Passover. This happened at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. I am suggesting there is a strong relationship between observing God’s appointed feasts and knowing God’s miraculous hand on your life.
God Has A Calendar?
2) I think almost all Christians would agree that the Lord indeed is the author of time. Taking this into consideration, does it sound unusual that He would have His very own calendar? He possesses one, and He revealed this calendar to the Hebrew people.
His method of keeping time is also available to you and me. The calendar we all familiar with is called the Roman calendar. Concealed in God’s calendar are many opportunities for us to experience the fullness of His blessings. Isn’t it time for you to make room in your life for the Lord’s calendar?
Many Chances To Start Strong
3) A strong start is vital to our success in life. A useful example of this is a house needing a stable foundation. We see it in how we make plans for any new assignment. The Lord knew that strong beginnings would be important for us and He gave us 12 chances each year to get things on track. They are called the Firstfruits Celebrations. Through them, you can tap into a new ability to begin strong and rise to the top.
Are Tired of Getting Beat Up?
4) Are you successfully dealing with the barriers you face in life on a continual basis? This may be shocking, but Scripture is full of commands for us to walk in supernatural power. The Bible calls us such outrageous things as “overcomers”, “conquerors”, and “dominion-takers.” Be prepared to see God’s life-changing ability thriving in your family as you do 1 simple thing. Adhere to the Lord’s command of keeping the Sabbath day holy. Isaiah 58:13-14
Family Time vs. TV Time
5) The Jewish feasts are indeed exciting times for your family to come together and be prepared for the challenges of these days. Today, our families are being undermined and divided by everyday hassles and demands.The average total of quality time a parent spends with their children daily is only 10 minutes.
Enjoyable family memories are waiting for you as you get involved in these feasting times. Families need to learn how to become teams again and have fun doing it. The family unit should be the springboard for our children to launch off into successful lives.
Do You Have A Thankful Heart?
6) If anyone has a reason to be grateful, it should be Christians. Can your friends and church family see the joy in your life? With all the destructive events taking place around us, we need more Godly opportunities to celebrate. The Jewish holiday calendar is full of times of feasting and chances to express our thanks for all that God has done and what He will do.
And what is an exciting party without memorable food? Discover some of the delicious Jewish dishes that are a big part of these festivals.
What Would Jesus Do
7) You’ve heard the powerful question in Church circles: ” What would Jesus do?” Maybe you even wore a WWJD bracelet at one time. Do you suppose Jesus celebrated the Jewish feasts? If you look at the Gospel accounts carefully, you can see that he did. One of the secrets to success and happiness in life is our commitment to imitate Christ.


When we align ourselves with His perfect timing, new anointing and grace is released to us. Our family of 12 have been enjoying these blessings for several years now and we are convinced that God’s times of celebration will be a vital key to overcoming the challenging times we are facing!
There’s an adventure waiting for you and your family. Some important hints: Keep this fun, involve your children in the process, and don’t make many rules..

What Is The Feast of Trumpets To Christians Everywhere?

What Is The Feast of Trumpets?

What is the Feast of Trumpets to believers all over the world who are looking for a stronger passion in their Christian walk? It is one of the Jewish feasts that is loaded with spiritual significance for the Body of Christ. What Is The Feast of Trumpets?

Quite simply, the Feast of Trumpets is the beginning of the Jewish festivals in the fall, which is characterized by the blowing of trumpets. The Jewish name for this feast is Rosh Hashanah.

What is Rosh Hashanah? It means the head or start of the year.

What are the Jewish feasts to Christians anyway? They are the high points of each year that God set us aside for us to remember and honor Him so that the doors of His great blessings would be opened to us.

What Is The Feast of Trumpets Value?

What is the Feasts of Trumpets? This is God Almighty’s celebration of New Year’s. Yes, God, who is the Creator of the universe, has His very own calendar. That really should not be very surprising since He is also the Creator of time.

God is very big on how we start things and this is a chance for us to start off the year focused on Him, not on getting drunk and dancing around a glittery ball.

By celebrating His presence in our lives, and honoring Him as the source or beginning of every good gift in our lives, we start the year off with a thankful heart.

What is the Feasts of Trumpets? It is celebrated by lots of great food and blowing trumpets or shofars. This sound is declaring our agreement with heaven and God’s purposes.

When we blow the shofar, we are saying we are in a covenant relationship with the Most High God. We are aligning ourselves with the God and His will for our lives and for the nations of this earth.

This sharp sound is released into our atmosphere as a sign of our submission to the advancing kingdom of God. We are taking a stand on His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

What is the Feasts of Trumpets? It is the releasing of a sound to advance. As Christians, we are always called to advance the Kingdom of God wherever we go. Are you fulfilling that call?

I usually don’t like my answer to that question either. The trumpet sounding is a wake up call. We are to be advancers of love, of forgiveness, of faith, of restoration, and of abundant provision.

This feast spurs us to ask ourselves a question. The question is whether our plans for the new year are about our Father’s business or our own business.

What Is The Feast of Trumpets For Your Family?

This is a time to look ahead and ask God for direction for your family for the coming year. Families are simply getting swept aside by the busyness of life.  Families need an anchor or a purpose to be moving towards for the year.

We trust you will make room for this feast in YOUR(?) busy calendar this coming year.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT IS THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS to Christians? It is a God-ordained event that is worthy of your attention. Here are some suggestions on how your family can celebrate all of the Biblical feasts at the link above.

What Is Aglow and How Can It Transform Your Community?

What Is Aglow?

What is Aglow to communities all over the world that are struggling? It is a growing fellowship of believers that have a powerful message that is changing lives.

Aglow International  has positioned itself across 170 nations to transform local communities through the love and the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What Is Aglow Now?

The biggest shift that answers what is Aglow now is that it is no longer just a woman’s movement. It is a kingdom of God movement.

While Aglow International is still mostly made up of Christian women, it has gladly opened its doors to men also to become a part of their mission.

Don’t get the idea that this “kingdom movement” is some cult looking to control your life and empty your bank accounts. Jesus talked about His Fathers’ kingdom throughout His time on this earth.

The idea of kingdom moves beyond the realm of individual churches or denominations. The focus of the Kingdom of God is related to the Body of Christ working together and being committed to seeing God’s will done on the earth.

I am an absolute believer in the role of individual churches in ministering to the needs of families and local communities. More is needed, however. The Body of Christ must come together to counter the culture of death and perversion we see all around us.

What is Aglow committed to ? Over 4000 Aglow meetings take place every month across the globe seeking the Lord’s perfect plan to accomplish this task. Women and men gather, crossing over denominational boundaries, to empower each other through relationship building, giving Jesus first place in their lives, and worshiping the King of Kings.

In these gatherings, participants learn that they have been given every tool needed to be “Kingdom” overcomers. These tools are God’s Word and the prophetic spoken word, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the blood of the Lamb.

Aglow International meetings look to create an atmosphere of celebration, releasing of spiritual gifts, and restoration.

Anytime Christians assemble, there is reason to celebrate and this attitude creates a vibrant mood of worship. The Lord has placed gifts in each of His children, but many times those gifts need to be drawn out.

And finally, the ministry of healing always plays an important role to bring restoration to any emotional or physical hurts that one may be facing.

What Is Aglow Focused On?

There are 3 main areas that Aglow has committed to addressing as an organization:

1) To bring healing to relationships between men and women,
2) To bring truth to the Muslim people with the message of God’s love, and
3) To stand in loving support for Israel and the Jewish people, knowing that the Lord longs to bring His salvation to them.

What is Aglow’s beginnings? It  began in 1967 with four women who expressed a desire to meet together as Christians without denominational boundaries. After 45 years, they continue to reach out to women and men and families of every creed, color, and culture.

What is Aglow not? It is not a church, nor is it ever meant to replace your fellowship in a local church setting. To get more information about an Aglow gathering in your area, go to their website at

Michael and Charleen

P.S. WHAT IS AGLOW  to you? It is a chance to make a difference in your community. A great resource that goes along with can be found at the link above.

Do You Believe Timing Is Everything?

A Twist on Timing Is Everything

The truth of the saying,”timing is everything“, has the guaranteed ability to transform your life.

While this saying may not be an absolute truth, how you handle time is definitely crucial to your success in life. In other words, timing may not really be  everything, but it is a vital key to making the most out of life.

The real foundation for “timing is everything” is actually rooted in an obviously simple idea that hardly anyone talks about. God is not only your Creator, but He is also the Creator of time.

God’s Timing Is Everything

I’m sorry but man did not create time. We may have come up with several calendars like the Roman calendar, which most of the civilized world operates by today. Did you realize that God actually established the first calendar?

Yes, and you can find out all about it in several spots in the Old Testament. Leviticus 23 is a great place to get started. Following His calendar is a great way to easily get yourself aligned with His perfect timing.

Your ability or lack of ability to be aligned with God’s timing greatly determines your level of achievement in life. This is true for relationships, careers, and your finances.

The great thing here is that all it takes is for you to make a simple decision. Will you make the decision to learn all you can about God’s calendar and then follow it?

I’m sure you have experienced many times in your life when you missed the timing of a situation which resulted in a major disappointment in your life. You have also had those incredible moments when you had a “timing is everything” event that blessed your socks off.

Timing Is Everything – Good or Bad

A personal example of great timing in my life was how my family ended up in our new home. We had been looking for a larger home for our large family. We had also been praying for something nice and relatively new.

My husband got a call one morning from a real estate agent that had been keeping a lookout for a potential home for us. He was able to get an appointment late that morning to see the house before 2 other prospective customers later that afternoon.

He gave a deposit to the owner on the spot and we moved in about one month later.

A gut-wrenching example of horrible timing occurred several years ago while our family was moving into another part of Louisiana. We had made lease arrangements for a condo for our big family and started to pack up our rental moving truck.

The evening before we were scheduled to move out, the condo representative called to say the owner had changed his mind and didn’t want that many people living in his property.

We had to move, though. By God’s awesome grace, we stayed several nights at a local church before moving into a brand new home.

Wouldn’t you rather have God’s supernatural timing working in your favor? DO you believe this is even possible?

His timing, His calendar is like a conveyor belt moving you down a seasonal cycle of blessings and success. It is YOUR choice, however, whether you hop on or not.

Are you tired of trying to juggle all  the different aspects of your life, hoping somehow that it will all work out? You can enjoy God’s rest and favor by getting onto His conveyor belt destined for awesome results.

I can say this with full confidence: God’s TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

I invite you to learn more about the God’s timing, His calendar, and the Biblical Feasts at the link above.

Charleen Ecuyer

P.S. I invite you to share with us your thoughts about the Biblical feasts and God’s timing.





The Jewish Calendar Feasts in the Fall Are A Must For Christians To Celebrate

Each year the Jewish calendar feasts bring Christians another important chance during autumn to celebrate a new start in their lives. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the upcoming Jewish feasts beginning September 29th, 2011 or 1 Tishri 5772(of the Jewish calendar). God Himself set these times apart for His children to enjoy.

How can you do this? The fall feasts get started with  Yom Truah which is Hebrew for the Feast of Trumpets. Many refer to this time as Rosh Hashanah which means head or beginning of the year. If you broke all of your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a chance to start again by celebrating a God appointed time of new beginnings.

During this feast day, you may want to try some Jewish honeycake which is a delicious part of the traditions of this feast, and see a sweeter year ahead. Also, find a horn and release a loud blast announcing your time of making a fresh start.

 The next part of the fall feasts in the Bible are 10 days of serious reflection called the Days of Awe. Set aside a brief time each day to examine your life and check your heart for any bitterness or selfish desires. The best thing about God’s new year celebration during these autumn Jewish calendar feasts is that He gives you a chance for a new start. If you haven’t made the best use of this opportunity, you have 10 more days to get it right.

 This is a great picture of the grace we can continually delight in through Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

The final day of these 10 days is called the Day of Atonement. I suggest spending time writing down things you discovered during those Days of Awe. There may be things you thought you had cleared up, but as you checked your heart, you discovered some stubborn unforgiveness or an area where you have been lacking in faith.

Many times, we are so busy with our daily responsibilities, and we end up missing an area of sin. This time of reflection can help bring those things into the light. Those tricky logs in our eyes that were well hidden earlier can now get exposed.

Remember that this is a time that the Lord specifically asks His children to evaluate themselves, and He wants us to be set free from any hindering burdens. Doesn’t this holiday remind you of the great atonement paid by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ?

After this time of reflection and repentance, the final part of the fall feasts of the Bible begins. It is called the Feast of Tabernacles and would be on October 12th of 2011 or 14 Tishri 5772. This is my favorite time of the Jewish calendar feasts in the fall. Many Bible scholars agree that this is the actaul time when Jesus was born. 

An exciting time for the whole family starts now. In the Jewish traditions, a sukkah (a tarp, tent, or covering) is assembled and decorated with branches, leaves, flowers,or fruit. It is a beautiful setting where family and friends can gather to eat and drink with thankful hearts as we recall the Lord’s goodness and celebrate His faithful presence in our lives.

 A sukkah was most likely the birthing place of Christ that the Bible speaks of. In Leviticus 23:33, the Bible tells us to celebrate this feast for 7 days unto the Lord. Will one day spent at church each week ever be enough time worshipping our Savior after 7 days of “tabernacling” with Him?

Instead of letting your fall days bring thoughts of pumpkins, treats, and pagan traditions, let this October bring you into a new beginning. Let God order your times and seasons. Experience first hand what it means to celebrate God’s very own appointed feasts.

We have learned that God designed these Biblical times of feasting for His good pleasure and His children’s enjoyment. You can grab hold of additional details on how to start celebrating the  Biblical Feasts and experience some delicious Jewish recipes.

What Day Is The Sabbath – Does It Really Matter?

Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone over what day is the Sabbath? I bet that this discussion was not very productive. You started out trying to correct your brother or sister in Christ and ended up doing more harm than good.

There is one argument that the Sabbath day is the day that was established in the Old Testament as the 7th day of the week. This corresponds with the day of our Roman calendar called Saturday. 

Another argument contends that Sunday is the Christian day of rest since Jesus was resurrected on this day, the first day of the week.

I believe that both of these arguments are equally valid. I would, however, like to propose that there may be a more important issue at hand.

Are you truly honoring the Lord with the Sabbath day of rest? If you are genuinely bringing honor to our Heavenly Father on this day of rest, I’m not so sure that it makes much difference whether you do that on Saturday or Sunday. I realize that this may upset some people, but Jesus put much more value on what was going on in someone’s heart as opposed to outward observances of rules.

Instead of making a big issue over what day is the Sabbath, try to put more energy into keeping this special and powerful day holy unto the Lord.

There are a number of simple ways that you can do this: 

1) The 4th Commandment tells us to keep this day “holy”. That simply means to set it apart by giving it special significance in your life. One way to do this is to do your work on the other 6 days and keep it as a day of rest. I believe we will experience divine favor and blessing on the work of our hands if we do this. Look at Chick-Fil-A as an example. They are closed for business on Sunday’s to honor the Sabbath and they are very successful in the competitive fast -food industry.

2) Isaiah 58:13-14 gives us several keys and  a powerful promise. It talks about us NOT spending this day on just our own pleasures. Is it really too much of our Creator to ask that we set aside one day out of the week to devote to Him?

This passage also talks about focusing on speaking God’s words, not words from our own selfish hearts. We are to call His holy day a delight and a day of honoring Him.

It finishes with an awesome promise from God that if we do these things, He will cause us to come out on top of things. That makes us WINNERS!

Don’t get stuck on trying to figure out what day is the Sabbath. We invite you and your family to learn more about the Lord’s special days and His Biblical feasts  and watch the doors of God’s blessings open up for you to enjoy.

The Promises of God in the Bible – Can You Afford To Ignore Them?

The promises of God in the Bible give us hope to live each day with great expectation. Is that how you are living? I’d be willing to say that 99% of Christians, including myself, have failed to do this consistently. I think we tend to only focus on His promises when some challenge happens to come along.

We cannot afford to ignore His promises because without them we are left to create our own alternatives. The promises of God in scripture are there for us to depend upon and live by. And we can depend on them fully because  the Bible tells us that God is not a liar. It also tells us countless times to put our complete trust in Him and in His promises.

The following passage in Hebrews 11:6 should get yout attention:”… for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Did you get that? Our Heavenly Father wants to reward us and that’s a promise!

If that concept is a bit of a stretch for you, let me ask you this. Do you get excited about opportunities to reward your own children?

I believe that the church is in such a weakened state because we have failed to put our faith in the Biblical promises of God. You see, our level of faith determines whether we experience the blessings of His promises or not.

Another key from this passage is our need to diligently seek Him. God gave us a built-in way to do this starting about 3500 years ago. He simply invited us to join Him by celebrating His feasts and getting in line with his timing.

These aren’t rules and regulations to follow but they are His way of getting us positioned to receive the fullness of His abundant blessings. Through this, we can enter our own promised land, which is the destiny He has for each of us.

Since God is the One who created time, I think it is understandable that He would have His own calendar with His own special times of feasting. As we celebrate these times to honor Him, His promises of blessing found throughout the Bible are unlocked for our benefit and for His glory.

If you choose to ignore His special events, I believe you are also choosing to ignore the promises of God in the Bible.

We invite you and your family to learn more about His Biblical feasts and watch the doors of God’s blessings open up for you to enjoy.