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Do You Have Any Strategies to Getting Over Fear That Grips You?

Getting Over Fear

Getting over fear that tries to strangle the life out of you must begin now. There are ways to push the ugly head of fear out of your life. Choose now to put a stop to fear that keeps you tied up. Getting Over Fear

Fear will always be with you in some shape but you don’t have to let it run your life. Facing your fear will help you cancel its control overĀ  you.

Fear is a feeling we get when we are unsure of what can happen or even afraid of what is going to happen. It is an expectation that something has and will go wrong.

For help in getting over fear, a good thing to remember about fear is that it’s normal to feel fear. It’s something we all have to face in different ways throughout our lives.

Some people have a fear of such things as spiders or snakes. This is usually because they believe these animals will do them harm. Many have a fear of getting sick or having to deal with something serious like cancer.

Sometimes a fear may be real and sometimes it is imagined. They both can do serious damage.

There are also fears inside you that are usually more powerful and can prevent you from reaching your goals in life.

Strategies to Getting Over Fear

Let’s take a look at some strategies to getting over fear that has you in its grip.

1) Getting over fear that hinders you starts with being able to identify what that fear is. There are very many possibilities here.

Your fear can be a lot like a noun because it could be connected to a person, place, or thing. Many people fear the possibility of failing at something. Another common fear is losing something. That can be a physical possession, a person, an accomplishment, a place of honor, or a feeling.

2) The most important strategy in getting over fear is very simple. You must decide to face your fears. The tough question is how to face your fears.

A big help with this is to decide what kind of protective shield you can use to help face your fear. Wearing a glove to handle a spider would be a simple example. An imaginary friend of your faith in God to preserve you are other examples.

3) The third strategy is to look to someone you can trust for support and encouragement. Make sure this person is patient because you may need to take “baby steps” towards getting over fear in your life.

Being afraid doesn’t mean you can’t fight back. You can take fear down by simply facing it. You see, fear is an emotion, but it comes attached to some ugly mindsets – thoughts like: I’ll be ruined, everyone will hate me, everyone will laugh at me, or I can never make a mistake.

Being brave doesn’t mean you won’t feel afraid. It does mean that you’ll face that fear and not let it take you down. What is the result of getting over fear? You are one step closer to freedom.

No matter what you fear, you are in position to defeat it by facing it. Even if something bad happens, you’ve won by facing your fear.

Getting Over Fear Example

Take for instance, the boy who has been getting hassled by a bully in the neighborhood every day he goes outside. He has become so fearful
of going out to play even though he loves being outdoors.

He is fearful of being beat up but doesn’t want to tell his mom. The bully keeps going after his target because he senses the boy is afraid. Finally, one day he decides that he is going to face that bully and fight back if necessary.

He does so and gets beat up. The next day he goes back outside but something is different. He isn’t afraid anymore. The bully leaves him alone now, though.

Life is full of potential dangers and fear will try to come up often. As you have more success in getting over fear, you’ll get stronger and more confident. That puts you on the path to freedom to become all that God has created you to be.


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The Definition of Perseverance from A Writer’s Point of View

The Definition of Perseverance

If you are looking for Webster’s definition of perseverance, you have come to the wrong place. The meaning of perseverance for a writer takes on a whole new picture. Definition of Perseverance

Writing a book or a short story takes a lot of perseverance. This especially comes into play when you are dealing with the dreaded “writer’s block”.

It can be helpful to remember that you are sharing part of yourself to the world. The most important thing to keep in mind is not to get discouraged.

The definition of perseverance for a writer means you have the potential to impact the lives of many readers with every piece that you create. You will not
be moved from your mission. Your creation is one of a kind in the world.

Many writers get hung up on the idea that their writing has to be absolutely perfect all of the time. If the words aren’t effortlessly coming out, that is
understandable. The meaning of perseverance for a writer is knowing the right words will come.

Writers have moods, too. Those moods can get pretty nasty sometimes. If you are truly writing from your heart, your mood will affect the words you are choosing. Your writing should reflect your life.

One of the most obvious obstacles all writers face is dealing with the distractions. It is very important that you discover a way to stay focused. You must be able to push away those distractions and be determined to complete your task. The distractions will come without a doubt.

The Writer’s Definition of Perseverance Tips

The definition of perseverance means being able to stay focused and here are some helpful tips.

1) Do your best to eliminate the obvious distractions by choosing a quiet place. Music and other noises in your environment will usually keep you fromĀ  being “on your game”.

2) Some writers find using some visual image that is related to current project helps keep them inspired and focused.

3) There will also be internal distractions that can hinder your work. Thoughts about events that just happened can be very irritating. The definition of
perseverance might include incorporating those potentially distracting thoughts into your masterpiece.

4) Juggling life’s other responsibilities is an important skill for good writers. Make a list of what those are at least on a weekly basis and get them completed as soon as possible. That’s also part of the definition of perseverance for writers.

Don’t forget that family is not just one of life’s duties. Make sure that you are not neglecting those close to you and those supporting you.

5) Learn how to use the concept of a deadline wisely. Sometimes deadlines are real and you don’t want your work to be rushed. In these case, create smaller
deadlines for yourself to make sure this doesn’t happen. In other cases, a self-imposed deadline can be quite helpful in bringing you past writer’s block.

6) The definition of perseverance can mean writing through internal obstacles. Your work may not fit with you current project, but it may clear the way for you to get back on task.

7) Stick to what you are passionate about. Make sure your passion comes through in your material.

Writer’s Definition of Perseverance

What does perseverance mean for a writer? For a writer to persevere means to never treat a possibly good idea like it has no value. That concept on paper could change someone’s life.

The idea that you were about to throw in the garbage could be the creation that becomes your most notable work. The definition of perseverance for a writer is giving every idea an opportunity for life.


College Students – Do You Bother To Guard Your Heart Anymore?

In today’s word loaded with entertainment, have you considered the need to guard your heart? There’s such a huge variety of books, movies, and music to pick from. Your eyes and your ears are gateways to your heart.

Would you allow me to sound an alarm or raise a tiny red flag? Before you run off to indulge yourself in a good book, or movie or music CD, let’s take a look at how to guard your heart.

Are there things you should and should NOT read, listen to, or watch?

Guard Your Heart-Books

A piece of literary art can keep you in your room by yourself for hours. You probably don’t have a clue what’s going on around you.

That’s because your senses are so absorbed by your imagination being locked into your senses activated by the details of the story. You have been transferred to another place entirely.

By the time you finish the book, you feel groggy and maybe even disorientated. You take in your reality and wonder what happened to my time. You’ve been so indulged into your little adventure that reality slaps you in the face.

Another effect is that you can’t stop thinking about the book. It invades your thoughts, and soon you find that those ideas are influencing you. If you are like me, you start quoting the ideas and statements from the book.

The book has in fact become a part of you just like the steak and eggs you ate for breakfast. You are reading more than just letters on a page.

That writer had a purpose and the words they chose came from their spirit or soul. That is why the written word is so powerful. Did you forget to guard your heart?

Guard Your Heart-Music

Music is another form of media that rocks your soul in a very different way from a book. You will notice many people like to close their eyes when listening to music. This tends to increase the intensity of the impact it can have on you.

Have you heard the saying that music can soothe the savage college student? College is a rich time for young adults to explore their emotional natures.

Many will allow themselves to be drawn into different situations just to find out how it feels. Sometimes they get in over their ears. Music can also stir up the savage college student.

What do you think is the average age of concert goers? It’s twenty years. Young people long for and will chase after emotional experiences. Music can provide a potent and influential experience. Consumers spent over $6 billion last year for on-line music downloads alone.

Unless you are listening to an instrumental piece, you are listening to musical notes AND lyrics. The song’s writer had a message to convey and they were doing that from their soul. With headphones on, I ask, “Did you forget to guard your heart?”

Guard Your Heart-Movies and TV

Movies and television may exert the strongest influence upon its viewers of all the entertainment media. They engage your sense of sight and hearing. This creates twice the effect in a short period of time. The rampage murderer in Colorado painted himself up like the joker.

Before you try to get upset, I am not saying that Batman was the cause of that tragedy. The movie did plant an image in his mind that he chose to imitate in a very twisted way. Was this young man guarding his heart?

The question comes down to what kind of standard should you set in order to adequately guard your heart. That standard may be different for different people.

Whether you are reading a book, listening to a music CD, or watching a show, I strongly suggest that you take the time to draw a standard for yourself.

Draw the line somewhere and commit not to step over it. Violence and sexual themes are two no-brainer areas that you will want to address.

Also, ask yourself what value this piece of entertainment has that can make you a better person.

Would you put rocks in your coffee grinder? Your heart, the core of who are becoming, is most valuable. Consequently, above all else, guard your heart.


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