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We believe one of the biggest challenges that Christians face to be effective Kingdom ministers is ACCOUNTABILITY. As a result, we believe that self-accountability and self-motivation must make use of some type of vehicle to help us advance towards our identities as ambassadors of Yahweh’s Glory and as His overcoming Kingdom sons and daughters. Our vehicle is a tracking worksheet which you will find below.

Just as a note, as you can see to the left, there is no cost to join us on this journey. We are honored to be a “LAUNCHING” resource for you and to spur one another on in love and good works. You are free to make a donation if you like to Hope N Him Ministries by clicking the image.


Below is the Tracking Sheet to help hold yourself accountable and to give access to some fun and practical rewards. There are 12 Victory Keys that you will be tracking for yourself. Is this a lot to track ? Yes, but the culture of death is working against us 24/7 and we can’t be half-hearted about this!

Remember, it’s time to successfully RESIST the death flow that has been robbing us, our children, our families and communities of God’s life-giving Glory and abundant blessings. We cannot accept anything but victory in this journey AND have fun doing it.

This sheet is to serve as a guideline and a reminder, and maybe even as a planner, but NOT as a taskmaster. Seek the Holy Spirit’s direction on what areas to focus on. Do not use this worksheet to beat yourself up with. Use to deepen your relationship with the Lord and enjoy your ambassadorship.

We also want to support you on your journey by sending you text messages to encourage you. 2 Peter 1 makes a powerful statement about stirring up one another with reminders. We hope you will allow us to do this, but obviously it is optional. If you want to receive our brief  Glory Ambassador texts, sign up here:


The big question is: How can I know if I am really moving from “glory to glory”? You will know this if you are advancing in your Christian walk, seeing more evidence of His Glory in your life and in your family and in your contacts. This basically means living more by the spirit,  operating more in the gifts of the Spirit, true love flowing more freely from our hearts, and YES — miracles happening, supernatural events like healing, deliverance, and provision multiplication. WOW!

Take a look at the tracking sheet below with the written explanations. Videos will be coming soon. Please click the image below for a larger view and to print ( you may need to save image to your computer before printing).

The 2-week worksheet gives a place to write 2 specific goals, a Renewal Identity name for yourself, and 12 Victory Keys to track daily. You Renewal Identity name is very important for this journey ahead. We will explain in a minute, but here are the keys which are directed at our spirits,souls, and bodies being aligned together:

  1. Word Time/Fear Check – Word time is simply engaging in Bible reading/mediation/worship and checking for any spirit of fear that have gotten access
  2. Exercising Faith/Gifts – Growing in faith and our spiritual gifts need to be a way of life
  3. Speaking life/Blessings – Our words are powerful and we must tame our tongues
  4. Renewal Action Step – Take some specific action towards building up your awareness of the day-by-day renewal of your spirit man such as praying in the Spirit
  5. Breathing Focus – Deep breathing exercises will do wonders in combating stress/anxiety ( do not ignore this)
  6. Active Bodies – Simple consistent exercise of any type helps your energy levels
  7. God’s Timing – Aligning your days, weeks, months and years with God’s calendar positions you for an open portal of  heavenly blessings
  8. Healing Hands – Use the anointing for healing in your hands to dispel sickness
  9. Partner Contacts – Write your Glory Journey partner’s name and encourage them
  10. Reaching Out/Giving – A Glory Ambassador is to represent Kingdom authority and blessings wherever they go and look for chances to give of themselves
  11. Garden/Nature – Refresh your souls in a natural setting
  12. Natural Foods – Our bodies need the right building blocks to excel

Simply place a check for each key you have participated in and add up the daily totals. Take a picture of your sheet when it is completed and send it to so we can provide some fun rewards. Also send any comments or requests to this email.

Please keep reading:

Renewal Identity Name Explanation: When you became born again, a mechanism of rejuvenation was activated in your spirit man – something like the spiritual fountain of youth (2 Cor 4:16). This renewal mechanism is a huge key in resisting the death flow around us on a daily basis. When we stop rowing against the destructive forces trying to bring us to hopelessness and death, we will lose ground. That cannot happen – we are called as ambassadors to reflect God’s Glory wherever we go.

Is this daily renewal of our spirit man an automatic thing? Yes, but if our enemy can prevent us from tapping into this truth, we lose much of the benefit here in this life. Our part to play is to stay continually aware and trust by faith that this renewal process or transformation is happening. This is easily accomplished by:

  1. Asking the Holy Spirit what your “Renewal Identity” is to be called. In other words, what name or term best identifies what the expression of His Glory is to look like in your life. Write it on the tracking sheet.
  2. Thinking of yourself frequently using that name and make a simple commitment to act upon that awareness as the Holy Spirit directs.

We will have short videos explaining and encouraging you on this journey.

Victory Keys Explanations

Daily Word Time/Fear Check

  • abiding in God’s Word means relationship
  • no microwave short-cuts
  • start small but set aside a time you can stick with
  • treasure this time and let the Holy Spirit lead you
  • enemy will try to interrupt this time
  • complete a fear check to make sure no spirit of fear is operating
  • resist and command any spirit of fear to go

Exercising Your Faith and Spiritual Gifts

  • without faith it is impossible to please Yahweh
  • pleasing our Father is a top priority
  • don’t put up with puny faith
  • how to exercise our faith muscle: 1) seek out God’s Word for your situation, 2) declare that word over your situation/life, 3) thank Him for moving on your behalf, and 4) act upon any direction Holy Spirit gives you.
  • this is a growing process with hurdles to deal with
  • our job is to STAY in faith no matter what – “Only Believe”

 Speaking Life and Blessing

  • do your words make a difference?
  • we will be held accountable for our words – Matt. 12
  • set a guard over your mouth
  • we are prophets over our lives for good or for bad
  • your tongue is like the rudder of a ship
  • how are you impacted by a steady flow of harsh words ?

Day by Day Renewal Action Steps

  • we must resist the “death flow” around us
  • praying in the Spirit often
  • thought patterns and words connected to poverty and hopelessness limit us
  • inward man being renewed day by day – 2 Cor 4:16
  • direct effect on empowering us in resisting the death flow
  • how we can stay constantly aware of this truth will vary
  • learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He brings renewal
  • again, praying in the Spirit often

Breathing Focus

  • Yahweh breathed life into Adam and us
  • we take our breathing for granted, 25000 breaths daily
  • it is a complex biological function
  • simple act of focusing on our breathing
  • helpful when dealing with stressful situations
  • try it now for a couple of minutes

Active Body Benefits

  • body, soul and spirit mentioned in 1 Thess 5:23
  • all 3 need to work well together
  • a sick body is a big hindrance
  • Yeshua spent a lot of time healing
  • an active body promotes a healthy body
  • couch potato or active lifestyle
  • simple exercise examples

Alignment with Yahweh’s Timing

  • Yahweh created time and has His own calendar
  • Bible passages in Exodus 12:2 and Ps 104:19
  • days, weeks, months, and years function in cycles of time
  • enemy has tried to pervert this too
  • aligning with God’s timing releases new blessings
  • aligning with His timing honors our Heavenly Father greatly
  • Appointed feasts were designed to create a holy rhythm in our lives
  • times of rest and celebration
  • Jesus observed them in the Gospels
  • the early Church
  • not legalism but a heavenly invitation

Healing Hands

  • we’ve been given anointing to heal
  • big part of Yeshua’s ministry
  • expect to see miracles to happen
  • Only Believe the anointing is there
  • look for chances to lay your hands
  • expect a transfer to occur
  • healing is part of His Glory
  • stir up your faith and receiver’s faith, our job is to expect and keep expecting

Partner Contacts

  • find your ministry partner
  • give and receive encouragement
  • no set time frame or frequency of contacts
  • importance of accountability
  • avoid culture of isolation

Reaching Out and Giving

  • looking to the good of others is central idea to Christianity
  • we are to serve others as Yeshua did
  • laying down your life
  • giving of finances, time, prayer
  • finding balance in care for self and others
  • seek direction from Holy Spirit how to do this

Natural Foods

  • does our Father care about all areas of our lives?
  • processed foods are so common in today’s civilization
  • sweet tooth mania
  • consider some simple changes
  • chemicals here and there
  • all is lawful but not all is profitable
  • foundation of health is in the Lord

Garden / Nature

  • Yahweh’s natural creation brings relief and relaxation
  • our busy schedules work against this
  • cares of the world have a choking effect
  • make simple changes in your routine
  • quick getaways to a park or garden nearby

We are thrilled to be aligned with you all in Christ.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer  –




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