7 Steps To Spiritual Healing and Victory In Life

Your Journey To Spiritual Healing

Are you tired of losing the battles of life? For you to experience victory in life, spiritualhealthyou must be healthy spiritually. The challenge is that we all have had to deal with events that have hurt us. This creates spiritual wounds that require spiritual healing.

But you may be asking yourself: “Why do I keep getting beat up by my circumstances?” “If God is for me, why do I feel like I’m always swimming upstream?”

If you are tired of losing and not seeing God working in your life, we invite you to carefully consider the following 7 steps and look for some special instructions in step #4.

1) Salvation in Jesus:

The first step towards spiritual health and experiencing true victory in every area of life STARTS through salvation in Christ Jesus. This relationship sets us apart as His adopted sons and daughters and we become His heirs.

As His children, we have a  new focus, a new destiny, and a new passion to seek His kingdom first and give Him first place in our lives. We also receive the remedy to our spiritual blindness as our spiritual eyes are opened.

2) Agape Love/Unconditional love:

The love that our heavenly Father has for us is so great and it beings the process of spiritual healing in our wounded lives. His great grace gives us access to a victorious life.

Commit daily to making love the foundation of all that you do. This also opens the door for us to enter into a loving relationship with our Father in heaven.

His fountain of love becomes available to us as we love Him with all our heart, soul and strength. His favor and grace is not earned but freely given to us. His  love then allows to know what spiritual wellness really is.

3) Faith in His Word:

Putting our faith in His Word is like the daily dose of medicine we all need to secure our spiritual healing. It is our FAITH in His promises that gives us access to the Lord’s bountiful blessings.

Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word which comes from the mouth of God. Spend daily time in Scripture and listen for God’s voice. You must exercise our faith for it to grow.

4) Follow God’s Calendar:

God created time and it is one of the most precious gifts we have been given. How we manage our time is crucial. He has shown us how to organize time right down to the days.

He gave us His calendar so we would know how to make the best use of our time. His calendar shows us how to prioritize our time in the best way possible through observing the days, the weeks, the months, the years, and especially His annual times of feasting.

Do you know some simple steps to introduce God’s calendar in to your life?

5) Speaking Life:

Our words direct the course that our lives take. We must learn to control our mouths. Jesus purposed to speak ONLY what He heard from His Father. It is vital that we train our tongues to speak life, not death, and to speak blessings and not cursings.

Two Final Steps For Spiritual Health:

Here are last 2 steps to create an atmosphere for the Lord’s glory to dwell in your home and produce victory:

6) Make a Joyful Noise/ Releasing a Heavenly Sound:

We are the Lord’s mouthpieces and we need to use our mouths to release praise and create an atmosphere of blessing and love in our homes and everywhere we go. Sound is a powerful force and sound changes things: words spoken in love or bitterness strongly influences those who hear them.

As His agents here on the earth, it is our calling to release God’s sound from heaven. The shofar releases such a sound. Study the use of the trumpet or shofar  in Scripture and join with the heavenly host as you blow the shofar.

7) The Holy Spirit/The Menorah:

It is not by our might or strength that we overcome our challenges. It is by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The menorah is a visual reminder that we have the promise of the Holy Spirit working in our lives ( Isaiah 11). This is very much like Abraham having the stars to look at to remind him of his destiny in the Lord.

As His children, we invite you to consider the spiritual guidance that we have shared with you here.


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