Moms-Holding Our Children Dear



As a mom of 11 awesome children, I cannot thank the Lord enough for the blessing each one of my children has brought to me. As with all of God’s Creation, each so unique, so amazing, so full of wonder in just knowing them and their ins and outs, delighting in how precious each truly is! I loved every moment spent that truly blessed me in ways that are indescribable; yet, so deep I cannot imagine life without any one of them. It has been such an honor to be their mom and to be entrusted with their care. These gifts are so rare, so over the top, words do not adequately describe the blessing of children. I thank you Lord for the gift of them and the ability to know them! Times with them are to be held dear.

Homeschooling gave me the ability to hold these times dearly. Though I have good memories of school times with my children before homeschooling, I did miss out on cherished time I could have had. I loved being in the PTA, being room mom, field trips, and the like, but there were so many things I missed that I cannot get back again- But God! I missed seeing their cute faces throughout the entire day and enjoying their personality to the fullest. I missed spontaneous trips to the park in the morning because the day was gorgeous and we could school in the afternoon. I missed hearing their voice throughout the day, answering their endless questions, fun lunches, and holding them when they fell down during physical exercise. Playing games, laying down with them for naptime, seeing the light come on in different subjects, especially learning to read and write-all gifts to be enjoyed; yet missed before I knew of a treasure called “homeschooling”.

Yes, we have a Redeemer, and He lives, and He can definitely repair any loss to the full, but take time to consider the way He has prepared for you and do not miss out on His best plan! Without My Redeemer, I could not have homeschooled for 20 years, or actually done anything the past 61 years. As I officially retire this year as the last of my children graduate in May, I just wanted to say, “I recommend homeschooling very highly.”

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